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Food can be the gateway to a different world. If you can’t travel or see each new country, you might as well get to know their cuisine! Though not often talked about, Australian restaurants can offer you a one way ticket to a world of flavor and variety. Whether its meat pies of fairy bread, you’ll find something interesting to eat an an Australian restaurant.

Ready to find a great Australian restaurant near you? Simply browse Australian restaurant near me on the map below and find a list of excellent Australian restaurants in your local area. Need a bit more information on the food of Australia? Keep reading for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Australian Restaurant Near Me – Find it on the Map

Australian Restaurant Near Me – Trivia

What is modern Australian cuisine?

Cusine, what comes to mind? Is it a hearty serving of kangaroo? What exactly does Australian food entail? Keep reading for the answer as you search Australian restaurant near me. Modern Australian food (much like what you’ll find at a restaurant) is a unique blend of different cuisines, including the native Aboriginal and “bushfood” style of cooking.

These styles are blended with the influence brought from English settlers and other settlers from regions such as Asia. Australia definitely sees itself as a melting pot of global cooking styles. You’ll find influences from Thai cuisine, Lebanese, Greek food, Spanish, and of course traditional English foods. You’ll also find a variety of curries and more standard recipes such as fish and chips or kebabs.

Australian Restaurant Near Me

From pavlova to grubs, your taste buds are in for a treat!

What is the most common food you’ll find in an Australian restaurant?

Go to any Australian pub or restaurant and you’re going to find one standard thing on nearly every menu. In fact, it is a dish that is also very common in most US restaurants. What is the most common food on an Australian restaurant menu? Consider this as you search Australian restaurant near me.

Though it may not be particularly Australian, the most common food you’ll find in an Australian pub or restaurant is Chicken Parmigiana. That’s right, this Italian staple is also a beloved dish down under. You’ll even find that may restaurants hold a “parma” night where you can grab a plate of chicken parma along with a beer. In Australia, chicken parma is basically just a chicken schnitzel topped with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

What is the most famous Australian dessert?

If you’re searching Australian restaurant near me, make sure you save plenty of room for dessert! What’s the most famous Australian dessert? Pavlova of course! Pavlova is a delicious meringue dessert that boasts a crispy outer crust, a soft cloud like inner, and a topping of cream or fresh cut fruit. Another popular dessert in Australia is Lamington, which is a cube shaped sponge cake that’s coated with a yummy chocolate icing and coconut. Which will you choose after you find the perfect Australian restaurant?

Australian Restaurant Near Me – Facts

Try Exotic Meats

One of the most exciting parts of searching Australian restaurant near me is getting to sample some of the exotic meats not available in the US. What kind of exotic meats can you expect to find at an Australian restaurant? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the most highly ordered exotic meats is the kangaroo. These can be consumed in the form of steaks, burgers, or in any fashion you choose. Other popular exotic meats at Australian restaurants are crocodile, emu, and even snake. In traditional Australian style, you can expect most of these meats to be prepared on a barbecue grill or “barbie.”

A Side of Veggies

No meal is complete without a side of veggies, but what can you expect to find at an Australian pub or restaurant? Vegetables and fruits in Australian cuisine are often chosen based on seasonal growth. This means that the veggies available one day may not be available a month or two later.

So what are some common Australian vegetables? Keep reading as you search Australian restaurant near me. At any pub or restaurant, expect to find sides such as artichokes, peas, zucchini, and sweet potatoes. When it comes to fruit, Australian restaurants are a treasure trove of options. You’ll find everything from strawberries, bananas and grapes to native fruits such as kiwifruit, riberry and quandong.

Don’t Bug Out

Really want to test your food limits? You may want to try a Witchetty Grub at your next Australian restaurant experience. While you won’t find many bugs on the menus of US restaurants, Australians love to embrace the Witchetty grub for a proper Aussie Bush Tucker. These little grubs taste just like chicken and contain as much protein as an entire steak.

For years, Aboriginal Australians are Witchetty grubs for the nutritional benefits and taste. All you really need to do now is overcome the gooey texture. Would you ever try a grub or any other types of protein packed bugs? Sound off below as you search Australian restaurant near me. You might just be on your way to the taste adventure of a lifetime. After all, you only live once, why not make it an experience!

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