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Hairstyles tend to come and go each year, which is why hair salons tend to be so popular. Whether you just need a slight trim or totally drastic look, chances are you will leave it to the professionals. There’s plenty of things that may go wrong if you attempt to work with your hair at home.

Just because you’re going to a salon, it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you feel like you’re due for visiting a salon, just search “Hair Salons Near Me” in order to find the perfect one to refresh your look and make your hair healthy.

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What Percent Of The American Population Is A Redhead?

While it’s getting rather popular to dye your hair a shade of red, not many people are actually born with a natural shade. Red hair is one of the most beautiful hair colors and it also happens to be a color that’s rather rare. It is estimated that only two to six percent of the US population is redheaded. That’s not many of you count all the brunettes and blondes that must live in the United States.

hair salons near me

Let the professional handle your hair if you’re just too scared.

Who Has The Highest Number Of Strands?

You’ve actually probably thought that everyone has the name number of strands, but you’d actually be quite wrong. Redheads have on average, 80-90 thousand strands while blondes actually have about 140 thousand. Brunettes usually tend to fall somewhere in between those two numbers. The average amount of strands on the human head tends to be around 120 thousand.

How Often Do 80% Of Americans Wash Their Hair?

You may know the answer if you’re in the 80% but most Americans wash their hair at least twice a day. If you don’t wash your hair twice a day, there is nothing wrong with that at all. The frequency at which you wash your will depend on your hair type and how oily your strands may get. Washing your hair too often may actually strip it of its natural oils and your hair may not be as healthy as possible. Your hair may need to be washed right away or you may be able to get away with a few days of not washing. There’s no perfectly correct way to take care of you because everyone’s strands are unique and may need different care.

Does Hair Grow Longer When Cut?

Contrary to popular belief, your hair does not actually grow longer when you get it cut or trimmed. The rate of growth may be sometimes influenced by the length of your hair. The shorter your hair is, the faster it may grow. Hair growth seems to slow down once it reaches around ten inches. Hair will rarely grow once it reaches around two feet. Once your hair reaches around the two-six year period, it will stop growing and instead start falling out. If you feel in need of a trim, don’t forget to search “Hair Salons Near Me” in order to book your appointment!

Hair Salons Near Me – Hair Salons Facts

Shaving Does Not Make Hair Thicker

It’s quite a common myth that when you shave your hair that it will grow back thicket or more coarse. That myth is actually a false one as much as you may not believe it. It may feel thicker or more coarse as it’s a shorter and stubby piece of hair. Your hair wouldn’t feel as coarse of the hair happened to be longer.

The Standard Tip Is 10%

While you may not actually be aware of the fact, it’s considered polite to tip your hair stylist. It’s a polite gesture for someone who’s taken care of your hair and tried to make it look it’s best. It’s common to tip about 10% of the price of the cut, but a colorist may be tipped about 10% to 18%. The person who shampoos usually receives a $3-$5 tip while the salon owner is usually not tipped.

Higher Priced Salons May Offer You More

A hairstyle salon usually is only a place to go when you need a quick trim or to change up your look, but did you know some may offer extras? Higher salons may offer services such as facials and massages, changing rooms and coffee or champagne. Some others may provide dating services or even a business meeting where you and your coworkers can get your hair styled.

It also helps to be a steady client because many salons will provide free trims to those that are. There are also salons that will look after children! Depending on the salon, some may have a little play area or even a whole other room dedicated to looking after your children while you get your styling session.

Woman Generally Pay 20% to 40% More

While men may come into salons to get their hair done, the majority of clients that hair salons see are usually women. Most men just want a simple cut or trim, but very few want something as extravagant as some woman may want. Not all salons prices are the same, but the majority of them happen to be. The general price for a styling session for a man is anywhere from $6-$150 while women pay around $10-$250. If you’re interested in getting a styling session, search “Hair Salons Near Me” to find the closest hair salon to book a session.

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