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Getting a great haircut or trim doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, it shouldn’t. Great Clips believes that every citizen has a right to good hair. With well priced cuts, coloring services, and even treatments: it’s no wonder Great Clips is one of America’s most popular chain salon retailers.

Are you interested in finding a Great Clips location near you? Simply browse Great Clips near me on the map below and find a list of Great Clips locations in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Great Clips? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of information!

Great Clips Near Me – Find it on the Map

Great Clips Near Me – Great Clips Trivia

Who founded Great Clips?

Great Clips was founded by David Rubenzer and Steve Lemmon in September 1982. The unique premise behind their hair salon dream was to develop a system for delivering well priced, high quality haircuts to women, men, and children without the hassle of making an appointment. When Great Clips first opened in 1982, David and Steve could see a bright future in discount haircuts. Not every individual was in need of a fancy designer cut for $50, sometimes it was best to just stick to the basics and give people a bit of simplicity.

With hard work, solid business practices, and the right people on their team, Dave and Steve revolutionized the hair care industry and the way people view discount hair salons. The visionary duo were joined by Ray Barton in late 1982 after opening several successful salons. With a team of three, they sought out to expand the concept through franchising. In 1983, Ray contacted friends Roger and Marylu Ledebuhr. Every night for one month, he hounded them to open a Great Clips franchise in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. In an attempt to get Ray off of their backs, the Ledebuhr’s and their partner Mary Lou Barton agreed to open the very first Great Clips franchise. The franchise officially opened its doors on July 16, 1983. Consider these facts while searching Great Clips near me.

great clips near me

Great Clips is the best option for a budget friendly haircut!

How many Great Clips salon owners are there?

If you’re searching Great Clips near me, you’re likely interested in getting a great well priced haircut without the hassle of making an appointment or long waiting times. The company began franchising in 1983 and now boasts more than 1,000 salon owners throughout the US. Great Clips markets now operate in more than 140 locations throughout the US and Canada. The chain currently employs more than 25,000 stylists and serves more than 1 million customers every week of the year. That’s a lot of great haircuts!

Great Clips salons are currently open 7 days a week, including nights and weekends. With those hours, Great Clips hopes to accommodate every type of customer. The brand realizes that not every American is on a fixed schedule that is easily accommodated by typical 9 to 5 business hours. People lead busy lives. With kids, work, and obligations: fitting in a haircut isn’t always simple. That’s why Great Clips seeks to make the process as painless as possible.

Great Clips Near Me – Great Clips Facts

Great Needs, Great Deeds

If you’re searching Great Clips near me, you may be interested in finding out that Great Clips currently helps several amazing charities. Through their Great Needs, Great Deed campaign, Great Clips currently helps the Children’s Miracle Network, Locks of Love, Ronald McDonald House, and The Minneapolis Heart Foundation.

The Children’s Miracle Network is a network of more than 170 premiere children’s hospitals across the US and Canada. IF a child is stricken with a life threatening or serious condition, he or she will often be transferred to a children’s hospital for proper care. Great Clips has been a supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network since 2004. Each year, Great Clips salons are invited to sell paper miracle balloons during the Great Needs, Great Deeds month in October. Great Clips has also been a very vocal supporter of Locks of Love, a service that takes donated hair to create hair pieces for those suffering from Cancer or other illnesses that cause hair loss. If you have 10 inches or more of healthy hair, Great Clips will cut your hair at a discounted rate in order to donate to Locks of Love and help those in a bad situation see the light that can come from good deeds.

Scoring an Even Better Deal

Sure, the haircuts at Great Clips are already fabulously priced, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to save a little more. How can you get even better savings on your next chop? Visit the Great Clips website and click on the promotions and discount tabs. Often times, Great Clips runs seasonal and weekly promotions that can take a few dollars off of your next haircut. Often times, your local Great Clips will even give you coupons for discounts on your next haircut should you come in under a certain number of days.

Great Clips appreciates customer loyalty and satisfaction above all else. Because of this, they’re willing to to the extra mile to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your cut or color. Next time you’re searching Great Clips near me, try and discover new potential savings opportunities.

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  1. Scott Lovelace says:

    I’m just looking for the check in page. You might think of putting it Easter to find

  2. T.G. Fisher says:

    For years I just walked into a Great Clips and got a haircut. Now when I walk in I see five people are ahead of me because of your email scheduling. They are not there. They are just ahead of me. Your email scheduling sucks. Whatever happened to the friendly barber shops?

  3. Martha Tollefson says:

    I have an appointment at 12:26. I need to cancel. I will call in after 2:00 to set up a new appointment for later today. Thank you.

  4. Sherri Nester says:

    I went to the Nampa Karcher Mall next to best by yesterday. The man who cut my hair did not look at notes nor listen to me when I tried to let him know how I wanted my cut. I was given a man’s cut and therefore feel I was assaulted. I won’t be back and if I ever see this man again I won’t go there either.

  5. Donovan Feist says:

    when could we (2) get haircuts?

  6. Donovan Feist says:

    It seems like my comment has disappeared. My husband, Don and I would both like a haircut. (2)

  7. Donovan Feist says:

    I want to check in

  8. ELEANOR FORD says:


  9. phyllis cohen says:

    Need to find the great clips hair salon near me in
    Chesmar Plaza in the Chestnut Shopping Center
    In Newark, Delaware 19713

  10. Margie fetter says:

    Walked up to venue I normally visit and was told I had to go online to make an appointment. IMPOSSIBLE to find the Great Clips I usually visit on line! IMPOSSIBLE to make an appointment! Maybe Fantastic Sam’s will be more accommadating.

  11. Patricia Hawes says:

    Just want to know if MY Great Clups is open. I NEED a haircut!

  12. Charlie heil says:

    when is G C Concord village expected to re-open?

  13. Kim Brucken says:

    Making an appointment…???

  14. Herb Smith says:

    How can I make an appointment ?

  15. Michael says:

    I would like to make an appointment for a haircut. for today May 11th

  16. dora spotts says:

    when is great clips in Greenville Ohio opening and do you need an appointment

  17. Beverly J Clark says:

    when you open again after this virus how will you working if the rules are by appointment only

  18. Mary Jo Mueller says:

    When will stores open

  19. Mary says:

    Never left unhappy. ..

  20. Cynthia Frothingham says:

    Cynthia Frothingham
    When will be open in Rome ,ga

  21. Urban Rump says:

    When does G. C. on Hickory Flat Hwy. Canton, GA. going to open.?

  22. d. trump says:

    use to be nice and simple to check in, now impossible!! your improvements suck

  23. Gary Hager says:

    Are you open?

  24. william k terry says:

    Can not find a phone number for great clips on Winton Road Cincinnati Ohio

  25. Rita Saugstad says:

    great clips at 5050 E University Dr. Mesa AZ
    want to check in

  26. Marva Baldwin says:

    The Great Clips in Conifer, CO is NOT listed.

  27. Diane Butler says:

    Address for Van Dyke Washington Mich

  28. patsy ruch says:

    I need to make an appointment.

    Patsy L Ruch
    11830 civic circle Mooresville
    317 831 5467

  29. Edwin McMurry says:

    I need to make an appointment to get my hair cut

  30. Jimmy says:

    I don’t need history. Just need to set appointment at Camp Lowell in Tucson, AZ. Too much garbage on internet. Help

  31. Gage Vaughn says:

    I just had a hair cut at the east gate location and I told her to do a one on sides and three on top she made my head on top and sides a one I have to return to school soon and look like this

  32. Christine Senner says:

    I had my hair cut on sat. I had a coupon for 7.99, the girl who cut my hair checked me out, she just asked me if 9.00 was o.k. for change. I never put 2@2t\ together,she took out a 3.00 tip never asking if that was o.k. with me then I gave her 2.00 tip, she never said anything. plus she gave me a bad cut. Shame on her for doing what she did.

  33. James Scorzelli says:

    Would like to check in at rignhart

  34. Patricia Greenwood says:

    Your map is too dark to make out. I’m looking for the Great Clips that moved from near to the Walmart on Madison St. to Sango. Can you help me find it.

  35. Robert Gonzales says:

    schedule a haircut

  36. David Young Karen Young says:

    need appointment

  37. Kenneth Gilliam says:

    Walk in is Best

  38. Richard says:

    4/19/19—Just left the Great Clips location in Warwood,WV. When I entered the business my name was taken and that I would be next. While waiting 2 different guys walked in and where moved ahead of me for haircuts . When I asked why the guys were moved ahead of me an employee told me they had signed in “on line”.—–This is a lousy way to run a business, if in fact they did sign in “on line” why should that matter if someone is already waiting for a haircut. How is a customer supposed to know if someone has signed in “on line” and how far down the list they may be.For what it may be worth I don’t believe these 2 guys had signed in “on line”, I have gotten haircuts at Great Clips before with no problems but I will never use the business again.—I don’t believe your business will continue to prosper due to how you treat your customers.

  39. Bill Welychko says:

    I went to the shop in Palm Bay, FL.
    The good – I can get a good hair cut at a reasonable price.
    The bad – I want my hair cut by a specific individual but as I stand in their store I can’t make an appointment and I need to do it on line which doesn’t meet my needs. Your business model is flawed when you begin to think that your time is worth more than a paying customer that wants to show loyalty. There are only a few hundred places in the near area to get a hair cut don’t be so arrogant with your policy that you think you can afford to chase people away.

  40. Barbara Hyatt says:

    Is Laurie J still with you?

  41. Connie Angeski says:

    i called great clips in altoona, pa to see if my operator was in tomorrow and they would not tell me this is a bunch of bull crap that is making us make a special trip to great clips and if they won’t tell us if the operator we want is going to be in this is going to hurt your business because we will go else where and find someone that will tells us when the operators are in . I have been a customer for many many years very disappointed in your new procedure. please change it back. thanks

  42. winton says:

    I went to great clips today and only one lady was waiting and she was waiting on her child. The lady asked me if i had sign in online. I said no, and she told me there were 4 people ahead of me. I asked why I had to wait when no one was there yet. She said they may walk in any minute. I told her I was not waiting on someone that was not there and walked out and went to another place. I will not go back every again. just lost my busy.

  43. Troy Gravil says:

    I cannot sign in for apointment

  44. Brian Adams says:

    I was just at the great clips in Salisbury, MD where I’ve been going the last 5 years, however when checking out I showed my Retired Military ID Card to use the discount, like I’ve done in the past, and was informed that only Active Duty service members get the military discount now. I would like to know why it changed, military retiree pay is not much, depending on the rank you held, and a military installation is not close for some, like me, closest is Dover AFB, about 1.5 hours away, but of course you would use more gas. I like great clips, friendly staff, close to where I live, I don’t want to change but the discount does help, every little bit helps.

  45. Glenn E. Huiett Jr. says:

    On a recent visit to the Great Clips located In Keizer Station I was a little taken back by the amount I was charged. On one visit I was told my price, then was asked if I am a Veteran, and a senior. All in all I paid under $ 10.00 dollars. But now on my most recent visit again I was told the price, and explained to the lady that I was a Veteran and a senior, and the cost was $ 17.95. How was this possible when the price before had been adjusted. I get a great haircut and enjoy the people working there, but what kinda sliding scale do you base your rates on? Some help on this would be greatly appreciated, unless I need to find another barber salon.

  46. terri says:

    I went to a great clips in Belleair Bluffs, FL and it was not a good experience. First off, had a terrible hair cut. When got the bill was too shocked to complain. I was miss informed on the pricing of a haircut as opposed to a style. So it cost me $20 to have a 3 min hair dryer pass over my hair. This was in addition to cost of hair cut. Returned next day for a clarification and was just fluffed off. Told to complain to corporate.

  47. el says:

    do I need to come in with washed hair from that day?

  48. gerald bucher says:

    I am trying to locate the Great Clips shop in Tucson, AZ where Jenifer is the manager.

  49. William Redd says:

    Will I like getting the same person but they are always moving on so than I have to start over I’m getting tired of this next i can’t download the app that bites also made be its time to start looking elsewhere

  50. mary mason says:

    where can I find great clips in mcdonough,ga

  51. Cathy says:

    I agree with Connie Scotchie. This format is much harder to understand. The old format was spot on. Who sold you this one???

    I live in Florida and I’m getting info from Kansas and Missouri.

  52. Corinne Geller says:

    MoVed Station is awesome. I’m from NYC and accustomed to the best. Kendra and Anthony are!!! Oh, definitely worth waiting for!

  53. Sandra Anderson says:

    I don’t want to download the app, so my phone # doesn’t work, and I don’t have a password. I guess I’ll just have to wait inline for Yanni!

  54. colleen webb says:

    how do i make an app. would like 2 apps. at 10am

  55. Mary Ellen says:

    I can’t sign in on this website

  56. connie scotchie says:

    i cant even pull up my preferred location

  57. connie scotchie says:

    i really dont like this new way – i liked great clips cause i could just walk in. i may have to shop around for a walk in salon

  58. Jerry Walton says:

    I’m a senior. Are there coupons available for seniors at Great Clips?

  59. sister joyce dropps says:

    How can I get a coupon for a haircut. I am a senior. Thanks, sr. joyce

  60. Kay Martin says:

    I was at the Morse Road Easton salon. Angel was the person who waited on me. Great haircut. Just what I asked for . In & out in less than half an hour.

  61. Curtis Boone says:

    Yesterday, this lady BUTCHERED my hair. She made my hairline go an inch above where I asked. She didn’t want to show me the back and when I finally seen it, I found out why. It looked like a broken egg shell. She didn’t talk the entire time which is fine, I can’t imagine how bad she would’ve done if her concentration was divided.

  62. Paula R Holt says:

    I went to the piney flats, tn. location for a hair cut. I told the lady I wanted a pixie, and even showed her a picture. She glanced, rolled her eyes, and said mm hmm. Well I walked out with a little boys hair cut. Not satisfied, not going back!

  63. Bruce says:

    Customers follow stylists. When you move her between three locations which are 20 miles apart, you destroy the integrity of your service.

  64. Mitch Lawrence says:

    Appt.haircut today may 4 – 1200pm

  65. Cecil Craft says:

    Ill be there at 8 this morning to see Amanda