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Since 1992, the friendly folks at Planet Fitness have been striving to create a workout environment for the average person. A place where anyone at any fitness level can go to relax and get fit at their own pace without the fear of being judged or made to feel inferior. With low gym fees, a clean environment, and a bevy of machines and classes; Planet Fitness is a favorite amongst American’s who want their gym experience to be stress free.

Are you interested in finding a Planet Fitness near me? Simply browse Planet Fitness near me on the map below and find a location in your area. Need a bit more information on Planet Fitness? Read on for facts, trivia, and useful information on this fun fitness center.

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Planet Fitness Near Me – Planet Fitness Trivia

What year did Planet Fitness begin franchising?

If you’re searching Planet Fitness near me, you may be wondering when this gym first began franchising in the United States. Planet Fitness began franchising in 2003. The brand started in 1992 when Michael Grondahl first acquired a struggling gym. His goal was to offer low membership prices in order to compete against better known gyms and to cater to first time or fledgling gym users. Since then, Michael has formed a community of gym goers who support and raise one another up instead of judging or comparing.

planet fitness near me

Planet Fitness truly believes that a fear of judgment is one of the reasons Americans stay away from the gym. Their “no critics” policy makes a trip to the gym a painless experience.

True or false: Every Planet Fitness location holds a pizza night.

While one might not think of pizza when considering going to the gym, Planet Fitness knows how important it is for steady gym goers to treat themselves and let loose every week. That’s why every Planet Fitness location offers a weekly pizza night to reward members for their hard work. The gym also offers a weekly bagel morning and Tootsie Rolls for members looking for a small treat. Each gym also includes the now famous “Lunk Alarm” which is used to discourage behaviors such as grunting, dropping weights, and talking down to others.

Where did the first international Planet Fitness location open?

If you find yourself north of the American border searching for Planet Fitness near me, you’re in luck! In 2014, Planet Fitness opened its first international location in Toronto, Canada. The franchise now currently operates over 1000 locations in the United States. There are are an estimated 6 million planet fitness members in over 48 states in the US. The brand is also continuing to expand internationally and opened its second location in Canada in 2015.

True or false: Planet Fitness sponsor’s the show The Biggest Loser.

True! In 2012 Planet Fitness partnered with NBC to sponsor their weight loss reality show “The Biggest Loser.” The contestants on the show worked out with Planet Fitness equipment and even utilized Planet Fitness locations in their hometowns in order to maintain their fitness levels after the show. The brand also partnered with rapper 50 Cent to help promote his line of energy drinks.

Planet Fitness Near Me – Planet Fitness Facts

A Judgement Free Zone

While searching Planet Fitness near me, you’ll be happy to know that Planet Fitness is one of the few gyms in America that prides itself on offering a judgement free zone. While Planet Fitness is known for a lot of things, they pride themselves in their positive environment and commitment to protecting the rights of their members. Every Planet Fitness member is treated with respect and dignity and are expected to do the same for the fellow members. At Planet Fitness, creating a safe place to work out and get fit is goal number one.

Membership Types

At Planet Fitness, potential gym goers are offered two membership plans to choose from. Customers have a choice between a $10 monthly membership or a $19.95 Black Card Membership. $10 monthly members have access to unlimited fitness training, unlimited home club benefits, and a free t-shirt. Black Card members get all of the above in addition to access to the tanning beds, use of all franchise locations, unlimited guest privileges, unlimited use of massage chairs, and ½ price cooler drinks. Some locations even give Black Card members access to free haircuts, unlimited total body enhancement, and access to the hydromassage centers.

Giving Back

If you’re searching Planet Fitness near me, then you’re probably eager to know just how much Planet Fitness does for the community. The good news is, every Planet Fitness location has a commitment to giving back. The brand is currently partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America in addition to Stomp Out Bullying. Planet Fitness also prides itself in it’s commitment to helping to empower teens and youth in believing themselves and embracing their imperfections. Planet Fitness knows that it is our little differences that makes us who we are and that of the things we like least about ourselves are the things others find the most endearing. By helping communities to find common ground and embrace the positive, Planet Fitness is cultivating a culture of acceptance and positive body image.

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