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Want to improve the performance of your car? How about increasing your overall gas mileage? A trip to the tire store might be just the ticket to helping you get the most of your vehicle. Good tires not only aid in handling and performance, but they help your car to get better gas mileage and maintain proper traction.

Looking for a tire store in your area? Simply browse tire store near me on the map below and find a list of tire stores in your area. Need a bit more information on tires and tire stores? Read on for facts, trivia, tips and more! You might just find everything you need to know right in one place.

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Tire Store Near Me – Tire Store Trivia

Are cheap tires as good as expensive tires ?

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to tires. Are cheap tires that much different than their expensive counterparts? Read on as you search tire store near me. According to many experts, cheap tires are not as good as expensive tires for several reasons. The most important being “compounding.” The biggest differentiator between value tires and premium tires is in the compounding process. This is where most of the technology in tires is happening. Compound works to establish the war rating, dry grip, wet, grip, and snow traction in your tires. One feature you’ll only find in expensive tires is called NanoPro-Tech. Carbon black is one of the most important components in rubber and it enhances the overall wearability of the tire. Under a microscope, you’ll see that historically speaking carbon is often clumped together, rubbing up against itself. This creates heat, which is often the sole enemy of wearability and can create unnecessary resistance. NanoPro-TEch works to help evenly distribute the carbon in the tire so that this process never happens. Compounding is also more environmentally friendly and lowers rolling resistance.

tire store near me

Great tires can help improve your cars overall performance!

Do high performance tires last the longest?

As you search tire store near me, you’ll be confronted with a lot of tire options. When you hear of high performance tires, you might think that means you’re getting the best bang for your buck. After all “high performance” is right in the name. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. High performance tires are very soft tires. They might be good for F1 cars and Indy Cars, but they’re also the reasons you’ll see big chunks of tires flying all over the place during a race. High performance tires are meant for short term use and are not generally recommend for the average driver. Instead, you may want to opt for an all season tire. All season tires are more geared towards having a long life span and are more in tune with regular road conditions.

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A Safety Feature For All

Sometimes those of us without a big bank account don’t get all of the bells and whistles in terms of safety features on our vehicles. After all, you probably won’t enjoy the same safety features on a Toyota as you might on a high priced Mercedes Benz. Luckily, the greatest safety feature on your car isn’t something that needs to be built right in- it’s your tires. Consider this as you search tire store near me. Airbags and safety ratings are important, but nothing affects your car’s performance as much as the tires you choose to put on it. Your tires affect how well your car accelerates, how it takes corners, and brakes. These are the only things your car can do. People like to think that crash ratings are the only measurement of safety, but if your tires, steering system and breaks are doing their job, you won’t be getting in an accident in the first place. You need to get the right tire for your car and you’re driving needs. Every car come pre fitted with a specific type of tire for the speed rating and load capacity. They’re pretty standard but you may want to take your tires a bit further. Once the basics are met you’ll want to get a tire that works with you as a driver. Don’t cheap out and make sure you’re getting the best for the amount you can afford.

How long can winter tires last?

There’s a common misconception amongst folks searching tire store near me that winter tires are only good for one season. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. Winter tires typically last 3-4 seasons, even longer if you’re not someone who drives every single day. When winter tires are brought to the table, lots of people are shocked at how much they cost. Well, that’s not the cost per year. That’s the cost for at least four years of usage. You may be spending a couple hundred bucks at the beginning, but you’re increasing your safety and helping to give your car valuable traction in slippery conditions. When you factor in the amount of years of use you’ll get, the safety benefits, and the peace of mind, you’re not really spending that much in the long run. Make sure you take your winter tires off once the weather begins to warm up. Switch them out for a summer or all season tire. This way you’ll maximize the use of both sets of tires and get some major use out of both. There’s no need to spend hundreds every year on new tires. Just do some proper maintenance and you’ll be good for a few years to come. Go you!

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