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If you’re in the South, Midwest, or Southeast, then you know that Hardee’s is the place to go for biscuits, thickburgers, and amazing milkshakes! Whether you have a hankering for fries or just want to get your hands on a Hardee’s chicken sandwich, you’ll never be disappointed in the fast food offerings from this yummy chain.

Are you on the lookout for a Hardee’s near you? You’re in luck! Simply browse Hardee’s near me on the map below and find a list of Hardee’s locations in your area. Need a bit more information on Hardee’s? No problem! Read on for mouth watering facts, tasty trivia, and so much more!

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Hardee’s Near Me – Hardee’s Trivia

What kind of odd jobs did the Hardee’s founder have before starting the chain?

Like so many entrepreneurs, Wilber Hardee probably didn’t know he’d one day own a thriving fast food chain when he was just a young man. Born in a very rural region of North Carolina in 1918, Hardee grew up on his family’s corn and tobacco farm. In between doing farm chores and helping out with the family business, Hardee had big dreams of traveling the world and exploring distant lands. Unfortunately, the Great Depression hit and put a damper on Hardee’s larger than life dreams. After the stock market crash, Hardee had no choice but to work as a dishwasher and soda fountain clerk in Miami. He earned a modest paycheck of $4.50 per week. After saving up a little bit of dough, the young Hardee took to riding freight trains from coast to coast. He would play his guitar, sleep with the hobos near the train tracks, and enjoy all that this great country had to offer. Hardee was a ramblin man with little in the way of set plans. After riding the rails, he visited New Orleans and Washington D.C., eventually working in bowling alleys and pool halls throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Hardees odd jobs had little to do with the food business, yet they taught a young man about resilience and experience. Two things that many young entrepreneurs lack. Consider this back story as you search Hardee’s near me!

hardee's near me

Hardee’s can now be found in nearly every east coast state and is prominent in the south!

When was Hardee’s started?

Given Wilber Hardee’s nomadic ways and free spirited personality, it’s hard to imagine him settling down to open a steadfast business. Despite his early transience, Hardee quickly adapted to regimented life when he fought in World War II. The war taught Hardee a lot about what was truly important in life and how to survive in even the harshest of conditions. After World War II, Hardee decided to open and restaurants and inns in North Carolina. Businesses such as the Do Drop Inn and the Silo Restaurant were popular, but didn’t earn Hardee the kind of money he dreamed of having. Inspiration struck Hardee when he saw how much money the McDonald’s located in North Carolina made by selling cheap 15 cent hamburgers to hungry customers who wanted a fast food fix. With this inspiration in mind, Hardee opened Hardee’s Drive-In in Greenville, North Carolina in 1960. He quickly admitted that the restaurant was largely modeled after McDonalds, right down to the 15 cent hamburgers. As you search Hardee’s near me, think about how this entrepreneur changed the hamburger game!

Hardee’s Near Me – Hardee’s Facts

Set Apart from the Pack

Though Wilber Hardee may have looked to McDonald’s for inspiration in opening the very first Hardee’s restaurant, he also realized that he would have to quickly set himself apart from the pack if he’d want any kind of real longevity. Consider these moves as you search Hardee’s near me! Wilber worked to distinguish the brand from McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants by creating a unique design for all of the Hardee’s buildings. Rather than having a regular square shape, all of Hardee’s locations were built in a unique hexagonal shape with a pointed roof. Some of the Hardee’s burger patties were even hexagonal rather than round. In terms of his iconic burgers, Hardee didn’t want to serve up the same kind of patties as McDonald’s. Rather than steaming burgers or grilling them on a flat top, Wilber went for “charco-broiled burgers.” These were burgers that were cooked on charcoal broilers. According to customers, the burgers tasted juicier and smokier than a McDonald’s burger. They also had a tendency to retain more flavor and dry out less quickly on the warming racks.

A Poker Foil

Given all that Hardee had endured in his life and his adventurous nature, it might seem crazy that he would have lost it all in a poker game, but that’s how the cookie crumbled. Back in 1961, Wilber Hardee decided to join forces with a businessman named J. Leonard Rawls and a Salesman named Jim Gardner. The three men quickly became partner’s and a plan was put into motion to open several Hardee’s locations across the south. Hardee trusted the two men, but the trust was largely misplaced. He later admitted that one of the greatest mistakes of his life was believing the duo to be honorable businessman. In 1963, Wilber found himself drinking and playing poker with his new business partners. He lost the game, and with that losing hand he also lost a controlling stake in his beloved company. When Hardee realized that Rawls and Gardner were now the proud owners of 51% of the company, Wilber thought it best to sell his remaining 49% to them for $37,000. It was a decision Hardee would regret for the rest of his life. Would you have ever imagined that a poker game changed this man’s life? Sound off as you search Hardee’s near me!

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