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Papa John’s Pizza is a restaurant chain in America. It is the third-largest pizza delivery and takeout company in the world. Papa John’s is headquartered in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, where it controls operations across the country and also the world. The restaurant has a presence in many countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia. The company was founded by “Papa” John Schnatter in October, 1984.

Schnatter serves as president and CEO today. The company has over 4,700 locations and employs over 27,000 people. Papa John’s earns around $100 million in income each year, and has assets worth a total of $460 million. The company uses a franchise business model for most of its locations. If you’re having a craving for some pizza, search “Papa John’s Near Me” to grab some food!

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Papa John’s Pizza Near Me – Papa John’s Pizza Trivia

What type of food does Papa John’s serve?

In addition to pizza, some Papa John’s locations serve other types of food. Some serve family-sized chocolate chip cookies, chicken wings, cheese sticks, potato wedges and various types of soft drinks. Each location around the world tends to serve different types of food, based on local culture. For example, in Australia they serve burgers and parmigianas, which are typical Australian takeout foods.

papa john's pizza near me

This is just one of the many locations scattered around the world.

Who is Papa John?

Papa John is the nickname of the founder, John Schnatter. In 1983, he was working in his father’s tavern in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He served his pizzas from inside a broom closet, and sold his car to buy equipment to make them with. In 2009 he offered $250,000 for his car, and was able to buy it back. Today Schnatter owns 25% of the company, which is publicly listed.

How many Papa John’s are there?

Papa John’s has 4700 restaurants worldwide. It has a location in all 50 states, and also in 37 other countries. It has operated in the United Kingdom since 2001, and currently has 300 stores there. All of the former locations in Portugal have either closed or changed names. In Ireland, there are over 50 locations. There are also mobile units around the country. Papa John’s supplies all of the pizza in the Six Flags theme parks, since they made a deal together in 2006. In September 2012, the company opened its 4000th location, in New Hyde Park, New York. To celebrate, they gave away 4000 pizzas for free to customers all around New York City.

Does Papa John’s sponsor any teams?

Papa John’s is the official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL, in America, Canada, Mexico and the UK. It has also sponsored three Superbowls – XLV, XLVI and XLVII. The company also has naming rights to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium in Louisville, Kentucky, which is used by the University of Louisville’s football team.

Who are Papa John’s competitors?

Papa John’s restaurants face competition from many other takeout companies in their many locations around the world. Some other takeout companies, like McDonald’s or KFC, also have many locations in many countries. In terms of pizza takeout companies and restaurants, Papa John’s faces competition from Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza, who are the number one and two take-out pizza restaurants. Outside of America, the company has competition from other pizza and takeout chains in other countries.

Is Papa John’s takeout only?

No. Papa John’s usually offers both takeout and delivery. Some locations may also have tables and chairs inside the restaurant, so people can eat inside too. It depends on the particular franchise and store location. To find a store location, remember to search “Papa John’s Near Me”.

Papa John’s Pizza Near Me – Papa John’s Pizza Facts

In order to set up the business, John Schnatter sold his 1971 Camaro and bought $1300 worth of equipment. He later bought back the same car for $250,000! Schnatter earned a $1.6 million salary in 2014.

Franchise owners pay a 5% royalty to Papa John’s on their net sales. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning owns 21 Papa John’s franchises in Denver.

In 2002, the company became the first national pizza takeout chain to offer online ordering to every customer in the US. Most other companies have since followed suit, and today it is fairly standard for takeout companies to accept phone and internet orders.

Delivery drivers tend to make around $7.50 an hour, or approximately minimum wage. Shift managers make a little more; they earn about $10 per hour, with managers earning approximately $20.00. If you’re thinking about a job, search “Papa John’s Near Me” to head to the store and see if there’s any places near you hiring.

In 1997, Papa John’s aired commercials that compared the ingredients of their own pizzas with Pizza Hut’s, and those of other competitors. Pizza Hut took them to court for this, and won the suit, however the decision was overturned when Papa John’s appealed it later.

The company’s stock symbol on the NASDAQ stock exchange is PZZA. Papa John’s company slogan is Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.

The company has been taken to court on a few occasions over claims it has underpaid its workers.

Papa John’s is the official pizza supplier for the Olympic Speedskating Oval in Calgary, Canada.

Schnatter took out an insurance policy on his own hands. They are insured for $15 million.

The dough used for the pizzas isn’t made on-site. Instead it is made in central locations and delivered to the restaurants twice a week, frozen. This means that franchises are cheaper to open, as they do not need to buy dough-making equipment. The ability to keep costs down meant that Papa John’s was often cheaper than its competitors, which is one of the reasons for its success. Papa John’s also claim that the dough is vegan-friendly, so vegans can order meat- and cheese-free pizzas to enjoy.

The company holds a world record for the most people tossing pizza dough at the same time. They organized the event to celebrate the opening of the 300th store in the UK. Schnatter and 337 people participated, breaking the previous record of 278 dough-tossers.

The Papa John’s company donates money to the Boy Scouts of America, and also to Junior Achievement.

One franchise made t shirts referring to NBA player Lebron James as a ‘crybaby’, during the 2008 NBA Playoffs. As an apology, the company offered pizzas for 23 cents (23 is Lebron’s number). Some people queued up to three hours to get one of the cheap pizzas!

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