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For book lovers, few things can bring as much relaxation and peace as browsing the shelves of their local bookstore. Visiting a bookstore not only gives a reader the opportunity to peruse and read excerpts from books prior to purchase, but it can be a leisurely way to find your next favorite book. Most bookstores also include in house coffee chains to make the book buying experience even more delightful to the senses.

Looking for a bookstore in your area? Simply browse book store near me on the map below and find bookstores in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on books and bookstores? You’re in luck! Find facts, information, trivia and more by reading on below.

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Book Store Near Me – Book Store Trivia

What is “show rooming” in a bookstore?

When you think of the word “showrooming” what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, your thoughts immediately drift to the floor of a car dealership or a furniture store. Showrooming might be common when you’re looking around for a new ride or the perfect end table, but it is also used to describe a practice that takes place in bookstores. What exactly is showrooming in a bookstore? Consider these facts as you search book store near me. Thanks to massive online retailers such as Amazon, physical brick and mortar book stores have seen a sharp decline in sales over the past 10 or more years. Since Amazon can afford to offer books at a lower price, many customer sill browse for books they look in a bookstore, only to buy the book online at a later time. This is called “showrooming.” A customer will come in, look around, and use their phone to take a picture of the cover and barcode of the book. They then use the information to look up the price on Amazon, where they’ll most likely buy the book. Bookstore owners don’t exactly appreciate the act and tend to look unfavorably upon those who choose to showroom instead of just buying the book in person.

book store near me

A book store might just hold your next favorite title!

Why are coffeeshops in the back of bookstores?

If you’re searching book store near me, then you know there’s nothing better than walking into your favorite shop and being greeted by the smell of fresh roasted coffee and pastries. You’ve probably also realized that most coffee shops seem to be located all the way in the back rather than near the front where they might rightfully belong. According to experts, this isn’t a coincidence. Many bookstores, particularly large chains such as Barnes and Noble have incorporated in house cafes to give shoppers even more incentive to stick around. They place the coffee shops in the back of the store rather than at the front so that customers are forced to walk through several rows of books and displays before getting their caffeine fix. By exposing customers to racks of best sellers and recommended new novels on the way to the cafe, they’re more likely to linger and spend a bit more time perusing before leaving.

Book Store Near Me – Book Store Facts

Prime Book Real Estate

When it comes to physical brick and mortar stores, displays and catching the eye can be everything. With so much competition coming from online juggernauts such as Amazon, businesses are looking for ways to draw individuals into certain books or genres. In fact, in stores such as Barnes and Noble, publishers actually pay the store for top not placement. This means that big publishers will dole out a lot of dough to make sure their authors and books are ending up on front tables, end caps, and in window displays. This is not unique to bookstores. When you visit a grocery store, you must keep in mind that brands such as Kellogg’s and even Unilever are buying space for their products. As you search book store near me, consider if you’ve ever been tempted to buy a book simply by where it was sitting in the store? Do these kinds of displays actually catch your eye?

The Most Stolen Book

As a book lover searching book store near me, it might seem unfathomable that someone could steal a book and rob the author of due royalties. Sadly enough, books are stolen all of the time and the practice is fairly common, especially since books are often small enough to be discreetly tucked into pockets, pants, or handbags. Have you ever wondered what the most stolen book in the world is? It’s not Harry Potter! According to statistics, the most stolen book in the world is the Bible. The holy book is actually the number one stolen book of all time and is lifted in countries big and small. Other commonly stolen books? Japanese comics known as Manga are often the target of thieves. This is likely due to the fact that those reading the series are often younger and may not have a dependable source of income just yet. Teens and young adults also tend to gravitate towards Manga. Expensive medical books are also targeted by thieves due to their relatively high resale value and shockingly high price tags. Strangely enough, works by author Kurt Vonnegut are also very commonly stolen. There doesn’t really seem to be a rhyme or reason, but one explanation may be that his books are typically published in a very small and compact format. Books by author Haruki Murakami are also targeted by thieves. So much so that some book store owners won’t even put his works out on the shelves. Copies are reserved for those who ask to buy them. Why do you think so many books are stolen every year? Is it the price, the size, or simply a lack of morality? Sound off below!

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