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Gun Stores have proved an important part of the American lifestyle since the advent of guns hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, they remain hubs for gun enthusiasts, hunters, and those looking for protection to buy a gun while gaining valuable information on gun ownership, gun safety, and classes available to be taken in their area.

Are you interested in finding gun stores near your current location? Simply browse gun stores near me on the map below and find the nearest gun store to your current location. Need a bit more information on gun stores? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on guns in the US!

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Gun Stores Near Me – Gun Stores Trivia

What year was gunpowder first introduced to the world?

If you’re searching gun stores near me, this fact may just blow your mind. According to historians, the first recorded mention of gunpowder came in the year 142. During the Han Dynasty a man by the name of Wei Boyang was the first to write anything about gunpowder. He cited that a mixture of three powders could “fly and dance” rather violently. In the year 300, a scientist from the Chin Dynasty named Ge Hong wrote down the ingredients involved in gunpowder and described the nature of the explosion. The prevailing academic theory is that gunpowder was discovered in the 9th century by Chinese alchemists searching for an elixir that could potentially guarantee immortality, even though the Chinese were manufacturing firearms with the use of bamboo tubes and stones as projectiles in 904.

gun stores near me

Gun stores are your best bet for getting high quality firearms from a knowledgable and helpful sales representative.

What year was rifling invented?

According to many historians, rifling was invented in 1498. The first rifled gun barrels were made in the 1400s. This early date may come as a surprise to anyone searching gun stores near me, however, it makes sense when one takes into consideration that arrow makers had learned to angle the unique fletchings on an arrow’s shaft to make to make it spin as it went through the air, which afforded it a greater degree of stability. This technique was quickly carried over to firearms. Rifled barrels were rare until the improvements in manufacturing in the early 1800s made them easier to fabricate.

True or false: The NRA helped Great Britain in the 1940s.

This fact is true! According to historians, the NRA’s call to help arm Britain in 1940 resulted in the collection of more than 7,000 firearms for Britain’s defense against the potential invasion by Germany. Until then, Britain had virtually disarmed itself with a series of gun control laws that were enacted during World War I and World War II. Without the firearms provided by the NRA, the British soldiers would’ve had no way to protect themselves against a well equipped and innovative German Army. Especially since the German’s were known for their innovations in weaponry.

Gun Stores Near Me – Gun Stores Facts

Choosing a Firearm

If you’re searching gun stores near me, then you’re likely on the market for a firearm of some kind. When choosing a firearm, the first step is to choose what you like. For example if you’re looking for pistols you have two choices: semi-automatic or revolvers. Revolvers are the simplest to use. You just point and pull the trigger. This is the most recommended gun for someone who has never shot or owned a gun before. Semi automatic weapons require working the slide to push a round into the breech, which enables you to disengage the safety. This can often lead to jamming. The rule of thumb for beginners is practice, practice, practice. You need to practice arming the weapon, clearing a jam, and aiming. Do plenty of research on your own before going to a gun shop or a firearm. Once in eh store, ask the salesperson about your preferences for a gun style. They can lead you in the right direction as far as weight, caliber, ammunition, capacity, size, and reliability are concerned. After you purchase, practice with your firearm a lot. Don’t be pushed into buying a larger pistol than you want and need.

Owning a Gun

If you’re searching gun shops near me, you may be wondering why exactly people want to own guns in the United States. The number one reason many individuals seek out guns is because of family legacy. If a parent or grandparent owns a gun, you’re more apt to want a gun as well. The second biggest reason is for hunting or target shooting. Many hunters take a great deal of pleasure in getting a great gun that can aide in the thrill of the hunt. The third reason is because of social matters. Many gun collectors get together with other gun collectors to shoot or simply share their enthusiasm for guns. The fourth reason is for self defense. Many individuals feel as if we live in a tumultuous world that demands protection. With the chance of assault and robbery, many individuals own guns to protect themselves and their families from a potential issue.

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