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Life can often be unpredictable. One day you’re happily married, the next you’re seeking a divorce. You can go from driving to the grocery store to suffering from an accident induced injury due to negligence. When life takes a turn, you may need a well trained lawyer to help you navigate the ups and downs. Whether you need a great divorce or attorney or a personal injury lawyer who can get you the reparations you deserve, there’s always a lawyer near you that’s right for the case you have in mind.

Ready to find a lawyer in your local area? Simply browse lawyer near me on the map below and find a list of great lawyers near you. Need a bit more information on the law? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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What is the average starting salary for a lawyer?

Lawyers are known for taking home a hefty salary, but it not be quite as much as you think. While many of us are poised to think that every lawyer is a millionaire, that’s simply not the case. What is the average starting salary for a lawyer? Consider this as you search lawyer near me. According to statistics, the average salary for a lawyer is $160,000 a year. For lawyers starting out at a new firm or who are fresh out of college, that may be significant lawyer. For lawyers working at larger firms or who have made partner, that salary can be much higher. Much of what a lawyer gets paid also depends on location and the type of clients they deal with on a regular basis. Obviously a lawyer in New York City dealing with finance law is going to make more than a small town lawyer dealing with estates.

lawyer near me

A great lawyer can help you navigate the intricacies of any legal case you may have.

How much education does a lawyer need?

Much like a doctor, earning a law degree takes many years and a lot of hard work. Patience is a virtue for fledgling law students, as the road to success is not always easy. As you search lawyer near me, consider just how much work actually goes into becoming a lawyer. To start, becoming a lawyer generally takes around 7 years of full time study post high school. There are 4 years of undergraduate study to be completed. Good grades and a high GPA must be maintained in order to enter into law school. Once admitted, a law student will undergo three additional years of law school. Many will then take internships or positions as law clerks before striking out on their own. Most states and jurisdictions require lawyers to complete a JD (Juris Doctor) degree from an accredited law school affiliated with the American Bar Association.

What is a pro bono case?

Every now and then, lawyers donate hundreds of thousands of hours of their time to work on what is known as a “pro bono” case. A pro bono case is a case that is done without compensation out of concern for public good. When a lawyer takes a case “pro bono” it is because they believe in the case and want to help in anyway possible. Often times, those who are innocent or in need of legal representation or those fighting a big business or

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The Daily Life of a Lawyer

What does a lawyer do day and day out? Probably a bit more than you think! On a daily basis, lawyers work to interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for both ordinary everyday folks and large businesses. They also analyze probably outcomes and lend their legal knowledge to a variety of cases. One of the main responsibilities of a lawyer is to study all of the statues, decisions, regulations, constitutions, and ordinances that may determine the outcome of a case. A typical day for a lawyer looks like this:

-Provide legal advice and counsel to clients.
-Identify implications for cases
-Research relevant legal materials to help with decision making.
-Identify implications for legal precedents and other legal information.

Of course, every lawyers day will look a little differently based on the type of law they practice. For example, a trial lawyer will typically have a more hectic day to day grind than someone practicing real estate law. As you search lawyer near me, consider the day to day life of the lawyer you may want to hire.

Paying A Contingent Fee

If you’re searching lawyer near me, keep in mind that you may need to pay a contingency fee for any work your lawyer does for you. What is a contingency fee? A client is forced to pay a contingent fee to their lawyer only if the lawyer is successful in handling your case. In general, a lawyer will only use this arrangement in a case in which money is being claimed, such as a personal injury lawsuit or a workers compensation claim. In this type of arrangement, you and your lawyer will agree on a fixed percentage to be taken by the lawyer once the amount is fully paid to the client, should you win the case. If you win the case, the fee comes directly out of the money that has been awarded to you. If you lose your case, neither you or your lawyer will get any money. The silver lining? You won’t be required to pay your attorney for the work they have done on their case. A lawyer will not typically agree to this type of arrangement unless they are almost certain you will win your case.

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