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Every US state mandates yearly car inspections to ensure that your car is safe, reliable, and up to certain standards of the road. There are many aspects of car inspection to consider, including the overall condition of the car, emissions, and any recalls or hazards your car may potentially possess. Of course, any certified mechanic can give your car a thorough inspection and make sure that your vehicle is road ready.

Are you interested in finding a car inspection near you? Simply browse car inspection near me and find a list of certified mechanics and garages that can give you a quality car inspection. Need a bit more information on car inspections? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Car Inspection Near Me – Car Inspection Trivia

What is checked in a car inspection?

The reasons car inspections exist is to maintain safety standards and ensure that all cars present on the roadways are in proper working order and don’t pose any threats to the driver of the vehicle or those sharing the road. Of course, every state has their own mandates on inspection and you’ll have to look up your state’s inspection site for the exact details. Despite differences that you’ll find in many states as you search car inspection near me, there are some inspection items that every state looks for. For one, every inspection will check if your horn works, if your windshield wipers are doing a proper job, if your mirrors are in working order, and if your steering wheel is inadequate condition. Seat belts will also be checked to ensure that they hit in the proper places and are in proper working order. Other aspects of your vehicle that will be checked includes: brake system (parking- beginning with 1960 models), tires, wheel assembly, exhaust system, exhaust emissions systems (beginning with al 1968 models), beam indicators, tail lamps, licence plate lamps, and headlamps. This is only a partial list of what will be inspected during your visit to the local mechanic. As previously stated, different states require different things. What must meet inspection partially depends on where you live.

car inspection near me

Getting your car inspected is a necessary part of car ownership.

What is done during an emissions test?

One new aspect of passing a car inspection that you’ll find while searching car inspection near me, is that most cars will need to pass an emissions test. An emissions test is conducted on all vehicles to check for pollutant emissions that may be produced by the engine of a car. There are specific standards that a vehicle must pass in order to be cleared for an emissions test. If you find that your vehicle fails an emissions test, it can be for a number or reasons that don’t have anything to do with the model of the vehicle itself. For example, many vehicles can fail an emissions test is they have a faulty oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor within a vehicle measures the amount of oxygen found in exhaust gas. A faulty or defective sensor is not uncommon and can be caused by many things. Whatever the cause of a faulty sensor, it can lead to problems that include overheating, higher emissions, and loss of acceleration power. Many mechanics know what to look for if a newer car should fail an emissions test. If you feel as if your car has unrightly failed, make sure you inquire as to why your car may have failed. It might not be the vehicle itself, but a faulty part.

Car Inspection Near Me – Car Inspection Facts

Car Inspection Costs

One factor to consider when searching car inspection near me is the overall cost of a car inspection. While many garages will perform a car inspection for a flat rate, that doesn’t rule out any repairs that might have to be done in order to have your car pass the inspection. If you suspect that your car may have some underlying issues, be prepared to pay to have those issues fixed in addition to paying the price of the car inspection itself. The cost of a car inspection also varies wildly based on where you live and the garage providing the service. Some states require you to visit state mandated inspection centers, while others will allow an inspection sticker from any certified mechanic or garage. The price of inspection does not always include an emissions test either. Sometimes a garage will advertise a flat rate of $29.99 for inspection, only to add on an addition $30 for the emissions test. According to many inspection sites, some garages can charge upwards of $100 for an inspection and emissions test. This does not include any repairs or extras such as an oil change or tire rotation. On average, you will pay around $60 for a state inspection at a certified garage, though some chain stores can offer inspections for as low as $40.00. Know your cars needs and where you’re at financially. Ask upfront about any additional costs or hidden fees. It might be a bit awkward at first, but it will definitely spare you some headaches in the long run.

When To Get Your Inspection Done

One thing that often puzzles car owners is when exactly they’re supposed to have their inspection performed. As you search car inspection near me, consider that your vehicle must pass an inspection by the last day of the month in which the inspection is due. To find out when your inspection is due, look at the inspection stickers that are located on the lower driver’s side corner of your windshield. These stickers will notify you as to when you must have your inspection completed by. Of course, some people like to get their car inspections out of the way early, long before the deadline. Though you can get your inspection done early, you can only do so 90 days before the final deadline. The best rule of thumb to follow is that you can get it done at any time not only in the calendar month in which the inspection is due, but anytime in the two months prior. THis means if your vehicle is due for an inspection in July, you can have your inspection performed as early as May. You cannot get your inspection done earlier than two months in advance. Check your local state inspection website for details on inspection and as to when or how you should go about getting your car properly inspected. In the case of inspections, knowledge truly is power.

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