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Since 1966, Best Buy has been the biggest name in the electronics and music game. What once was record players and stereos has since grown to include sound systems, TVs, appliances, gaming consoles, laptops, and any other kind of technology one could possibly want.

Are you interested in finding a Best Buy near you? Simply browse Best Buy near me on the map below and find a list of Best Buy locations in your area. Need a bit more information on Best Buy? Read on for facts and trivia on this epic entertainment chain!

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Best Buy Near Me – Best Buy Trivia

Who founded Best Buy?

Best Buy was founded by Richard Schulze in 1966. At the time Schulze founding what is now Best Buy, his business was known as the Sound of Music. That’s because at this point in time, music was the name of the game. In 1983, Schulze made the decision to change the name to Best Buy, hoping to entice new customers into a changing world of electronics and technology. Currently Best Buy has 1,400 locations nationwide including Best Buy Mobile Stores. The company currently employs more than 125,000 people. As the store continues to grow, there’s no telling where the future and Best Buy will potentially go. Who knows what technology Best Buy will get behind in the future?

best buy near me

A typical Best Buy storefront includes blue concrete walls and the big yellow logo.

What state did Best Buy start in?

While searching Best Buy near me, you’ve likely assumed that Best Buy started in one of the nation’s major tech hubs such as New York or Los Angeles. Not so. Schulze founded Best Buy in 1966 in Saint Paul, Minnesota as an audio speciality store. Within a year of opening, the brand opened two more store in Minnesota. In 1979, the company ushered in a new age of home entertainment by introducing laserdisc equipment. In 1981, a few of the Best Buy stores were struck by tornadoes which lead to the introduction of “Tornado” sales at many Best Buy locations.

True or false: Best Buy is the largest retailer of consumer electronics.

True! While searching Best Buy near me, rest assured that when shopping at Best Buy, you’re shopping at the largest retailer of consumer electronics in the United States. While Best Buy didn’t always hold the top spot, the bankruptcy of several other electronics companies after the 2008 recession (ie: Circuit City) left the door wide open for Best Buy to officially keep and maintain the top spot. Best Buy is currently valued at around 20.5 billion dollars and has an average annual revenue of 40 billion dollars. Best Buy now sells electronics goods, appliances, home office products, entertainment consoles and software, and other related services such as Geek Squad.

Best Buy Near Me – Best Buy Facts

The Microsoft Partnership

If you’re searching Best Buy near me then you know just how competitive the consumer electronics scene can definitely be. The one thing that gave Best Buy an edge over their competition was their partnership with Microsoft in 1999. Not only did this boost the company’s [profile, but lead to the first global sourcing office in Shanghai, China in 2003. Because of this Best Buy opened its first retail store in Shanghai in 2007. Stores in Mexico and Turkey soon followed.

The First Seller of DVDS

In a superbly digital age, it’s hard to recall just when DVD’s actually hit the market and who sold them first. Unsurprisingly, Best Buy was the first retailer to sell DVD hardware and software in 1997. Ten years later it became the first retailer to call it quits on the analogue television market and sell only digital products and televisions. Often dubbed the Big Blue Box, this warehouse style store has always been on the forefront of technology.

Not Immune to Controversy

While searching Best Buy near me, you’re probably more focused on the deals you’re going to score than the controversies that this box store has been embroiled in. While Best Buy hasn’t had many controversies in its long run, it did meet some criticism in 2006. When Walmart decided to center their holiday marketing around only “Christmas” instead of the other holiday’s preceding it, Best Buy pounced by saying they were going to continue to use the term “holiday” instead of “Christmas” as there are several holidays that take place during the month of December. Best Buy felt that by excluding the other holidays they would also be excluding the customers that celebrated those holidays. While many saw Best Buy’s position as rather noble, some were not so pleased. The result was several anti Best Buy campaigns by Christian fundamentalist pressure groups. Since 2006, many stores have aired on the side of caution by choosing “holiday” campaigns over “Christmas” campaigns in order to be politically correct in the modern age.

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