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Are you on the road and looking for a place to get some fuel? Maybe you are in need of some good food? Whatever you reason for hunting for a truck stop, you will be able to find them below. Just check out the Truck Stop Near Me map below. It will show you the locations of all of the truck stops in your area. Each location marker will provide you with the name of the truck stop, the address for it, if it is available or applicable the hours it is open and a phone number that you can get some more information.

For some locations, you will also find reviews from past users and in some cases even a website. But, most importantly, with just a few clicks, you will be able to get directions from where you are, so you can get their quickly and easily.

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Background of Truck Stops

A while rest stops and truck stops are similar, they are not always one and the same. The thing that really distinguishes a truck stop is that it has a source of diesel fuel. Diesel engines for trucks and automobiles was uncommon in the first half of the 20th century. So, you didn’t get as many gas stations selling them; however, the large shipping trucks became more common in the 1940s, and these required regular access to diesel. With this growing need, and the development of the interstate network following the Second World War, a series of truck stops that had diesel for the growing trucking network started to get created. The new interstates and the truck stops allowed for the quick growth of shipments by trucks, so that companies were not completely reliant on the trains. This new network also allowed for the growth of companies like UHaul and the rapid expansion of UPS, which also was starting to be developed during this time. Finally, you also saw a growth in the recreational vehicle(RV) business that saw a lot of changes during the 1950s. With the changes in the number of industries that saw a lot of growth in the use of the newly created Interstate system, the truck stop industry started to see rapid and quick growth and competition.

truck stop near me

Love’s Truck Stop is one of the largest chains of truck stops in the United States.

In the beginning, the truck stops that you found were rather simple. They just were filling stations that you could get fuel. The biggest convenience was that these stations were along the new Interstates, so the trucks didn’t have to pull off into towns to get their fuel; however, they started to offer other services, such as hot food from restaurants, showers for drivers who had been on the road for extended periods of time and places to sleep, so they didn’t have to sleep in their trucks. Today, when you search Truck Stop Near Me, you will find even more elaborate truck stops. You will find places that have lounges, restaurants, entertainment centers and places to relax and game. Some are even upwards of fully fledged resorts that you can visit.

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Truck Stop Chains and Franchises

Like any large successful business, truck stops have developed their own sets of chains and franchises that have spread across the country. You will find some more regional and others that can be found coast to coast. These truck stops have become competitive and offer a full set of amenities and services for customers. Here are some of the largest and most popular chains.

1. The Pilot Flying J

This chain has become an international success. Having over 550 locations between the United States and Canada. With over 60 years of business, you will find food and drink in a casual dining setting. They offer reserved parking, showers, and even free wifi services. For larger companies, they offer fleet services that can lock in prices to help budget and save you money. They also have special RV services so you can dump your waste and even at some locations park overnight.

2. TA Petro

This is one of the largest full service truck stop chain in the United States. It markets itself as running travel centers that offer a wide range of services. You will find small convenience stores that sell snacks and groceries. In addition, you have the regular fuel providers to fill up your vehicles. If you are looking for a slower meal, you will have a couple of restaurant choices. Some have a casual family style restaurant and others even have buffets. If your vehicle needs a bit of work, you will have fully fledged maintenance and repair services. If you can’t get to the travel center, they also have a towing service that you can call for, called Road Squad Connect. Finally, they even have a rewards program that you can turn in for special purchases and services such as showers. With around 250 locations in the United States, you are likely to find one near you when you search Truck Stop Near Me.

3. Love’s

This national chain of locations can be found pretty much everywhere. It has over 400 locations across the United States. It offers you 24 hour access to fuel, snacks, electronics, travel supplies and restaurants. You will also find tire services, basic maintenance and even road side assistance if you can’t make it all the way to your nearest Love’s.

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