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For decades Super 8 Hotels have been offering road weary travelers, business people, and families an affordable and comfortable place to stay after a long trip. With excellent prices, clean rooms, and an authentic commitment to pleasing everyone who passes through, Super 8 Hotels are more popular now than ever.

Are you interested in finding a Super 8 hotel near you? Simply browse Super 8 hotel near me on the map below and find a list of Super 8 hotels located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Super 8 Hotels? Read on for interesting facts, trivia and more!

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Super 8 Near Me – Super 8 Trivia

True or false: Super 8 was conceived at a coffee shop in South Dakota.

Every chain, business, brand and product comes from a single idea that someone hatched and latched onto. Super 8 Hotel is no exception. As you search Super 8 near me consider these interesting origin facts. The idea behind the original Super 8 chain was first conceived at a coffee shop located in the small town of Aberdeen, South Dakota back in 1973. On this early morning, Dennis Brong along with several of his acquaintances got together for a cup of coffee and some commiseration. Brown as a lawyer who had spent much of his time working for the IRS out on the West Coast. During his time at the IRS, Brown noticed the booming business and profit margins of a budget priced Motel 6 chain. He noticed that business people were flocking to Motel 6 locations, which seemed to offer more consistent room rates and quality than their small time Mom and Pop counterparts. Many business travelers couldn’t afford a stay at a high end hotel, so Motel 6 was the safest and cleanest alternative. Brown first attempted to transplant this idea to the Midwest in 1972. This is when he signed up a few independently owned motels in North and South Dakota for a referral service that operated under the banner name of Super 8. After running into some trouble getting owners to pay their fees, Brown had no choice but to dissolve the service and try something new. Brown describe his trials and errors over coffee at that shop in Aberdeen, immediately catching the attention of Ron Rivett, a banker turned insurance and real estate salesman. Brown and Rivett began to talk and as they left the coffee shop, Rivett suggested that Brown build his own motel. Brown asked Rivett if he’d like to take part and Rivett excitedly agreed. That afternoon, the two met one more time. Brown brought with him a stock certificate for the newly founded Super 8 motels which was jointly owned by both men. The rest is Super 8 motel history at its finest.

super 8 near me

A traditional Super 8 exterior.

Super 8 Near Me – Super 8 Facts

An Accidental Design Plan

Every hotel or motel follows a design plan that all other franchises or locations are then set to follow. It’s the consistency that can often bring weary travelers comfort in choosing a particular chain above the rest. The first Super 8 was reportedly designed it what can only be described as an accident, without the aid of an architect of formal design team. The rooms themselves were modeled on those of the local Holiday Inn, something that the Holiday Inn was surely not aware of at the time. Stucco was chosen for the exterior of the building simply because Rivett’s father in law was a stucco layer. This meant the duo could save a few dimes on the buildings walls. In order to make the property stand out from the pack, cross-hatching was added to the outside. This provided a faux Tudor look that soon became synonymous with many Super 8 motel locations. The duo also added the iconic yellow Super 8 highway sign which was meant to beckon road weary travelers in from the perils of going on for another few miles. With these touches, the first Super 8 motel was complete. With 60 total guest rooms and an accidental design, the motel officially opened in September of 1974. As you search Super 8 near me, consider how often times it is the accidental moments in life that can eventually lead to the greatest number of breakthroughs.

Consistent Service And A Memorable Price

If goes without saying that if you’re searching Super 8 near me then you’re already aware that one of the hallmarks of every Super 8 is their consistent friendly service and clean budget friendly rooms. Early on, every Super 8 room cost just $8.88 for a single room (thus the reason for the chain’s name) and $10.88 for a double room. Every room included beds, a bath, direct dial phones, and a television set. In other words, rooms included just the basics that a business traveler really needed and none of the fluff that would raise the price of the room itself. Another great benefit of Super 8? The brand took credit cards. This was largely unheard of at most hotels during this day and age. Although business was pretty slow at that first Super 8 during the winter months, occupancy quickly jumped to 80 percent in the spring of 1975. This is when the motel began to reap the benefits of repeat business from satisfied customers. Soon Brown and Rivett began to expand, opening new Super 8s in the several South Dakota towns in 1975. In October of that year, the company launched superline. Superline was an innovative centralized, toll-free reservation system that made booking easier than ever.

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