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When the night is winding down and you just want to calm down and think about your day, what’s one of the best places to do so? Well if you were thinking of a bar, you’d be totally correct. All bars have different types of atmospheres and sometime it may take a bit of trial and error to find the right one for you.

Once you find the perfect bar though, chances are you will keep coming back for years to come. If you’re in need of finding a good bar, just search “Bars Near Me” in order to find one just right for you.

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What Is The Longest Bar In The World?

If you’re looking for a bar where you can squeeze in a few friends with still enough space, then you should check out the New Bulldog bar in Rock Island, Illinois. The bar is about 684 feet long, definitely long enough to squeeze in a couple of your friends and still have room. While there are other bars in the world that happen to be almost as long, none can quite compare to the bar in New Bulldog.

bars near me

Many bars have a delightful atmosphere such as this one.

Why Were Bar Rooms Called Speakeasies?

During the 20s, the prohibition was in law, but obviously people still wanted alcohol. That’s where speakeasies come in. It was an establishment that was used for selling and drinking alcohol in a way that wouldn’t raise any suspicion. The term comes from how a patron would order alcohol. When ordering alcohol, a bartender would tell the patron to be quiet and speak easy.

A former speakeasy still exists in New York City. There are no indications that the inside holds a bar and restaurant and is actually quite a well hidden area.

What Is The Official Drink Of The United States?

This use to actually be thought of as a myth, but it’s definitely known to be true now. By an act of Congress in 1964, Bourbon was named an official native liquor of the United States. Because of that, many people believed it was the official spirit of the United States when it wasn’t actually. It was finally pushed forth to make it official in 2008.

If you’re looking to try some of the United States official alcohol, make sure to search “Bars Near Me” so you can head out to get some alcohol!

Where Did The First Cocktail Party Happen?

The first cocktail party actually happened in St. Louis Missouri in 1917. A woman by the name of Mrs. Julius S. Wash invited 50 guests to her home one afternoon to have a cocktail party that only lasted about an hour long. The news of the cocktail party soon spread and as soon as it hit the newspapers, it became an instant success. Cocktail parties soon starting popping up all over St. Louis within the next few weeks.

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There Is A Difference Between “Whiskey” And “Whisky”

Chances are you probably didn’t even know that there was a difference. You probably just assumed it was two different spelling, but there is in fact a difference! It depends on how you use either, but both are correct. Whisky denotes Scotch and Scotch-like liquor while whiskey denotes Irish and American liquor.

The spelling only became an issue when American copy writers decided to go with the American version of the word no matter the spirit. Now everyone prints both versions of the word not depending on which spirit they’re talking about.

Alcohol Lowers Your Temperature

It’s a common misconception that alcohol raises your body core temperature when it in fact does the opposite. This myth most likely started because when you drink alcohol, you start to feel warmer as your blood levels begin to rise.

Distilled Spirits Are Completely Clear

You’re probably use to seeing distilled spirits with color, but the truth happens to be that distilled spirits are actually clear. They get their colors and hues from the aging process in oak barrels.

There’s No Worm In Tequila

It’s a common myth that there’s a worm in tequila. It’s not actually a worm, but a mezcal that is derived from a different plant. The worm actually happens to be a butterfly caterpillar known as a gusano. If you want to see for yourself or you’re just in the mood for some tequila, remember to search “Bars Near Me”

The Strongest Alcohol Is 190% Proof

No alcohol can go above 190% proof, at least it doesn’t seem possible. Alcohol that is 190% proof is about 95% alcohol. The higher the proof of the alcohol is when it begins to draw moisture from the air and self-dilutes.

The Grain Determines The Whiskey’s Body

It depends on the grain when you’re determining the body or lightness of whiskey. The larger the grains are, the lighter the whiskey will be. If you make whiskey from corn you will get a lighter whiskey as opposed to if you made it with rye, you will get a full-bodied whiskey.

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