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Nursing is a work of heart. It takes compassion, drive, and a whole lot of hard work to make it in nursing. If you have what it takes- you’ll find a rewarding job with great salary prospects and amazing benefits. The first step in becoming a nurse of any type is to get your nursing education. This can be a two year associates degree or a four year bachelor’s degree. Some nurses choose to go even further in their education to obtain a masters of pHd.

Finding the right path for your educational journey is key. Start by searching nursing education near me and look into local colleges that are currently offering nursing education programs that suit your life right now. Need a bit more information on nursing and nursing education? Keep reading for facts, trivia, and more!

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Nursing Education Near Me – Nursing Education Trivia

Where was the first nursing school established?

Few career paths are more respected than that of a nurse. In fact, nurses are often seen as some of the most trustworthy people. We’re almost ingrained from birth to feel comfortable and at ease talking with nurses. Since nursing is such a big part of life, when was the first nursing school established? As you search nursing education near me, consider the history of this important profession. In the United States, the very first nursing school was the Bellevue Hospital School of Nursing in New York City. It was the first school of nursing and was founded on the principles established by Florence Nightingale. The school continued to operate at Bellevue hospital until closing its doors in 1969. The iconic Johns Hopkins school of nursing was founded in 1889 in conjunction with the hospital of the same name. It was one of the earliest hospital-based nursing schools in the US. Florence Nightingale was once again consulted on creating the program of education.

nursing education near me

A great nursing school prepares you for whatever life throws your way!

True or false: There are more female nurses than male nurses.

Here’s something interesting to keep in mind as you search nursing schools near me. When it comes to gender, who dominates the field of nursing? Well, if this were the early days, the answer would be men. Back when nursing was first established, men dominated the field because they were viewed as more pure than women. Today, women statistically hold first place in the field. Now, only 5.8% of all nurses in the US are male.

True or false: Nurses are named as the most trusted profession.

There are many trustworthy positions in the world, but few hold the clout that nurses do. But are nurses really named as the most trusting profession? Most people seem to think so! According to annual Gallup poll, nursing was named as the highest trusted profession for a whopping 14th year in a row. Nurses are viewed as having high ethical and honesty standards by around 85% of the public. Not too bad when you consider all of the other professions in the world!

Nursing Education Near Me – Nursing Education Facts

How many years do you spend in nursing school?

If you’re searching nursing education near me, you may be wondering just how many years you’ll need to devote to achieving a nursing degree. Well, that depends on many factors. First things first, decide your educational goals. You can easily earn an associates degree in nursing in as little as two years. For a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you should plan on spending four to five years in school. Know what you have in mind when it comes to nursing. You can achieve an LPN in less time than an RN and an RN in less time than an NP.

Multiple Nursing Certifications

As you search nursing education near me, consider going for multiple nursing certifications. The reason? You’ll find a wider breadth of job opportunities and quickly go up a few notches on the pay scale ladder. With a bit more education, there are several different certifications that you can earn after becoming an RN. If you choose to go for a graduate degree, you can become a nurse practitioner. If you decide to become a nurse practitioner, you can earn certification in one or more of the six patient population focus areas: primary care, pediatrics, family/lifespan, neonatology, women’s health, or mental health. Nurse practitioners can also choose to become certified in special areas specific to practice setting or disease type. There also many other advanced practice roles that you can take on, such as a nurse midwife or a certified nurse anesthetist. Aside from finding a great range of job security, you can also expect a higher salary. Nurse practitioners can easily start at $80,000 a year and go up quickly from there.

True or false: You don’t need a masters to become a nurse practitioner.

Speaking of becoming a nurse practitioner, what kind of degree do you need in order to make that job goal a reality? First things first, you absolutely need a masters degree. That’s a non-negotiable fact of becoming an NP. Start by earning your Master of Science in Nursing. This will allow you to become a nurse practitioner. According to statistics, around 94% of all active nurse practitioners earn a median salary of $82,000 per year. Earning your MSN is mandatory if you’re hoping to work in advanced practice nursing, as a nurse practitioner, as a nurse midwife, or a nurse anesthetist. If you’re searching nursing education near me and currently hold an associates degree in nursing or a nursing diploma and are hoping to earn a graduate degree, you can try to enroll in an RN-MSN bridge program at your local university with no BSN requirements to hold you back.

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