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Whenever you are chowing down on some summer staples like burgers and hot dogs, do you ever wonder where the idea of cooking food over open low heat came from? Barbecue is a tradition in the US marked by celebration and sunshine, but where did this culturally start?

From Haiti to Spain, BBQ has become one of the oldest cooking methods used and has planted itself in the US as a symbol of summer fun, family, and backyard parties. Not in the mood to cook some yourself, but want that authentic smoky flavor? Look for some BBQ near me!

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True or false: Barbecuing and grilling are the same thing.

False. Grilling and Barbecuing are both heavily used here and are also popular in the same time of year, but they are different in regards to cooking method. Barbecue is the style of cooking that uses hot coals or wood chips to cook meats and veggies in an open flame. Grilling is cooking foods over high heat, but there is relatively low smoke. BBQ is essentially using the smoke to produce a particular smoky flavor.


A selection of sausages and Burgers being Barbecued

Did you know?

The holidays that we eat BBQ the most on are July 4th, Labor day, and Memorial day! In the mood for some grilled or BBQ delights? Try “BBQ near me.”

Cool tip: Barbecuing corn on the cob wrapped in it’s husks is a great way to prevent it from burning, while steaming it into a juicy bite to eat. try it!

True or False: President Carter had a Pig Pickin event at the White house.

True! The Carters were very fond of BBQ and had over 500 people at these events. Many presidents were very avid fans of the barbeque trend, including Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson, and even George Washington! Obama also had a grilling party on the White House lawn with celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

Did you know?

Grilling doesn’t have to be about meat! Many stores are selling specialty items for BBQ and grill masters and one such tool is the grill wok. Using the grill wok allows you to smoke and caramelize, or even add those lovely grill marks to a variety of veggies that would fall into the grate of a grill.

Cool Tip: Grilling salmon or fish on a plank is an amazing trick to get perfectly smoky and slightly charred fish. Use cedar for the best flavor with salmon, but if you can’t go for maple which adds a sweet mesquite taste that everyone will go nuts for. There are several different types of wood to use in plank grilling, so pick whichever seems to add the most flavor to your dish.

BBQ is pretty serious in South Africa. The Braai, as it is called, is a pit with firewood where everyone gathers around to grill food. It’s a big family tradition there, very much like it is in the US.

BBQ Near Me – BBQ Facts

There are many theories about where Barbecue came from, but the word stems from a variety of different cultures. The word sounds eerily similar to the Spanish word “Barbacoa” and a lot of culinary techniques they once use, we use today in the US. Some would also say the Caribbean pirates that came to Florida brought the word with them. During the Barbacoa, meat is put inside a pot that is buried in a hole in the ground, so they can retain the juices or broth. It takes several hours to make and the main fire source is coal and leaves.

BBQ is both the type of food served and also the cooking style, so don’t worry about using the term incorrectly since they are both right! Looking for tasty eats near your house? Check out “BBQ near me” Right now!

No one can deny a good spread of chicken, fish, and veggies on a summer night, but down south, there is nothing like a barbecued pig to appease your smoked needs. In the 19th century, Pigs were the most abundant and easy to catch when food was desperately needed, which is why pork is a major staple during southern barbecues.

In many states, the sauce is the key ingredient that sets barbecue as unique to its location. North Carolina is particular to vinegar based sauces, Alabama and Georgia love the sweet tomato kind, and South Carolina likes the ketchup based kind. They are all tasty no matter what you reach for, but a good old fashioned spice rub makes it all so much better!

Smoking is the process of use smoke produced by wood to create a smoky flavor to meat. Many people prefer to naturally smoke meat over kindling, but if your in a rush you could by liquid smoke. Liquid smoke can be pretty over powering, so it is important to really know how to use it well. people also use beer or smoked beer to flavor a BBQ meat and that doesn’t need as much time or effort.

If you like more exotic fare, Korean BBQ is quite delicious and many restaurants of grills built into the table so that customers can do it themselves. One popular Korean BBQ dish is called, Bulgogi, and it is a beef steak marinated in soy sauce and garlic.

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