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While lunch might seem like something you grab on the go, the act of sitting down to a proper lunch is quickly gaining footing in the United States. Now more than ever, restaurants solely dedicated to serving up lunch are popping up and taking over urban and rural areas. Whether it’s that food truck on the corner by the office or the small lunch buffet place downtown, there are plenty of places serving up lunch in your area.

Need to find a lunch place near you? Simply browse lunch places near me on the map below and find a list of lunch places located in your area. Need a bit more information on lunch places? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Lunch Places Near Me – Lunch Places Trivia

Is a “working lunch” bad for your health?

In America, it’s common for one to take what is known as a “working lunch.” The phrase implies that one keeps on working while eating lunch at their desk rather than stepping out for a dedicated lunch. Can taking a “working lunch” be bad for your overall wellness? Consider this as you search lunch places near me. According to science, one of the most counterintuitive ways to completely ruin an otherwise productive morning is try and work through lunch straight to the afternoon without a break. You might think you’re getting more work done and staying productive, but in reality, you’re actually hindering your performance and putting a strain on your mental health. Skipping lunch and not taking a dedicated lunch break can actually exhaust your cognitive capacity. When you’re hungry, your brain is also telling you that you’re in need of a rest. By listening to those hunger pangs and taking a dedicated break, you’re alleviating stress and potentially boosting your afternoon productivity. Lunch always win!

lunch places near me

Stepping out of the office for lunch can actually boost both mood and productivity!

True or false: Four out of five Americans eat lunch at their desks.

Now that you know that working lunch isn’t exactly good for your health, you might wonder just how many American’s are eating lunch at their desks. Well, the answer is, way too many. According to statistics, four out of every five Americans end up eating at their desks. While it’s great that their eating and refueling, not taking time away from work can actually be doing more harm than good. Science suggests that the best way to feel recharged and reinvigorated (other than through a cup of coffee) is by simply getting outside of the office or home office during a lunch break. The stagnant environment can often lead to a reduction in creative thought and higher levels of stress. Luckily, by searching lunch places near me, you’re looking to step outside of your home or office and go someplace new. Not only is that good for your mental health, but it can actually boost motivation.

Lunch Places Near Me – Lunch Places Facts

Average Amount Spent on Lunch

Lunch isn’t often seen as an expensive meal and in many ways it isn’t, but sometimes Americans can’t help but spend a little too much on lunch every week. Consider this as you search lunch places near me. The average American currently spends around $18 on lunch every week. That’s around $1,000 a year just on eating lunch out at a restaurant rather than packing a lunch from home. If you’re looking to save money, you’re way better off bringing your own lunch and putting your cash towards homemade lunches. You’ll save dough and likely eat healthier than if you were to dine out. Of course, the occasional treat or lunch out is great for mental health, just don’t make it an everyday occurrence!

Go Ahead, Sweeten the Deal

From the time we’re in elementary school, we’re often taught not to eat dessert at lunch, yet sometimes it feels as if the brain is hardwired to crave something sweet after a meal. If you often get the urge to snack on chocolate or pastry after lunch or dinner, you’re not alone. It’s actually very common. In fact, many nutritionists recommend finishing your lunch with a little piece of chocolate or another sweet treat. By finishing off your lunch with something sweet, it marks a set “end” to the meal. This actually lets your body know that it’s done eating and will help you to avoid afternoon snacking. So go ahead, indulge after lunch. In fact, if you’re searching lunch places near me, go ahead and search coffee places near me right after. You might just snag yourself a sweet pastry or delicacy to hold you over until dinner time.

Is it Lunch or Dinner?

Did you know that in the eighteenth century, lunch was originally called “dinner?” This is often when the largest meal of the day was consumed. In fact, lunch is regularly still dubbed as dinner in countries such as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and some parts of England. Don’t be surprised if while searching lunch places near me in certain parts of the world if you don’t get as many results as you desire, it might just be known by a different name than you’re currently used to using!

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