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Hunger doesn’t always strike at a convenient hour, especially while traveling or if you’re a part of the work force. Now more than ever, restaurants are catering to the hours of a diverse population, with many staying up 24 hours a day to help serve those who keep strange hours.

Are you interested in finding a 24 hour restaurant near you? Simply browse 24 hours restaurants near me on the map below and find a list of 24 hour restaurants located within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on restaurants? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information!

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24 Hours Restaurants Near Me – 24 Hours Restaurants Trivia

True or false: Restaurants have been around forever.

When you think of ancient times, you may think of food being taken or found in a very crude and archaic manner. The thought of a restaurant may be the furthest thing from your mind. However, many historians believe that restaurants in some capacity have existed forever. The concept of selling food for profit to individuals who are seeking food outside of the house goes all the way back to the ancient civilizations, including ancient Rome, and China. In these early civilizations, street vendors sold bread, wine, and several other types of dry goods to individuals who were living in urban areas. Rural areas did not have access to these sorts of amenities just yet. Fast forward several centuries into the Middle ages and you’ll find the earliest form of a modern sit down restaurant in the form of a roadside inn. Roadside inn’s looked a lot like the restaurants we know today, but the menu choices were strictly the chefs choice. Every patron had no choice but to dine family style and share food. There was no menu to choose from and you basically received whatever the cook felt like making that night. If you’re searching 24 hours restaurants near me on the map below, consider just how much restaurants have evolved since their earliest inceptions in ancient times.

24 hours restaurants near me

More restaurants than ever are offering late hours.

True or false: The French Revolution lead to the invention of fine dining.

Odds are if you’re searching 24 hours restaurants near me, you’re not looking for a night out at a fine dining establishment. While diner food, fast food, and 24 hour restaurants may not seem to have much in common, without fine dining the modern restaurant could not have evolved into what it today. Thanks to the French Revolution fine dining became a regular thing. After Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette tragically lost their heads during the uprising, the aristocracy eventually crumbled. Chefs that were once employed by the wealthiest noble households soon found themselves hitting the streets in need of a job. Many of these displaced workers had no choice but to open up their own restaurants and establishments to simply have a job cooking. This lead to the advent of prix fixe meals and fine dining. These chefs once cooked for royalty. Suddenly, anyone could feel like royalty for an evening at a restaurant. Eventually this French style of dining spread to Great Britain and eventually across the pond to the United States.

24 Hours Restaurants Near Me – 24 Hours Restaurants Facts

Strange Offerings

Anyone searching 24 hours restaurants near me knows that much of what will appear as an option after a certain hour is fast food. Fast food establishments have been pretty dependable in terms of having flexible hours, but they haven’t always boasted a dependable or even predictable menu. For example, did you know that McDonald’s once prominently featured a grilled pineapple sandwich? Probably not. Back in the 1960s, McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc ran a promotion for the pineapple “hula burger” during lent, especially in select areas with a high catholic population. The sandwich consisted of a sesame seed bun, a grilled pineapple ring, and a slice of American cheese. It was a nice attempt at offering those at lent something other than fish sandwiches, but the Hula burger simply didn’t dance into the hearts of customers. McDonald’s has always been known for some strange fast food attempts including spaghetti, pizza, hot dogs, and even lobster. Unsurprisingly, all of the items failed. What people want out of their fast food chain is some good burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, fries, shakes and more. Skipping the spaghetti isn’t exactly a hard decision!

Spending Big Bucks

We’re a society that’s built on time management and getting things done, unfortunately that means that cooking a meal at home isn’t always an option. With family, errands, and work, many Americans find themselves reaching for the phone or heading to a restaurant to procure some dinner. So just how much do Americans spend eating out everyday? According to the USDA, Americans spend over $2500 eating away from home every single year. As a bonus, Americans drop more than $8 billion on dining out just on Valentine’s Day alone. Statistics also show that on any given day in America, some 50 million individuals are opting for fast food rather than a sit down restaurant. If you’re searching 24 hours restaurants near me, consider how the American lifestyle often makes it difficult to have wholesome home cooked meals rather than eating out.

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