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Frozen yogurt is a treat made using yogurt or other dairy products. It is similar to ice cream, but is usually a little less sweet, and is lower in fat because of the use of milk instead of cream. It usually consists of milk solids and fats, plus sweeteners, yogurt cultures and also coloring and flavoring. Also known as frogurt or by the trademark name Froyo, the treat is very popular, particularly in the United States.

The dessert’s popularity stems from the desire people had for a dish that was sweet and tasted like ice cream, but wasn’t as unhealthy. Many different places sell frozen yogurt, from supermarkets to special ice cream stores and cafés. To find a place to buy frozen yogurt near you, you can simply search for “Frozen yogurt near me”!

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When was yogurt invented?

The exact origins of yogurt are unknown, but there is evidence of it was far back as 5000 BC in Mesopotamia! It is believed that the bacteria in yogurt may have originated on the surfaces of plants, and been transferred to milk through unintentional exposure. In Ancient Greece, the people sometimes ate a dish called ‘oxygala’, which is believed to be a form of yogurt. It was often eaten with honey, similar to the way that Greek yogurt is eaten today. The earliest yogurts are believed to have been fermented by bacteria inside goat skin bags. The Persians believed that the biblical Abraham owed his longevity and fertility to the regular consumption of yogurt.

frozen yogurt near me

There are tons of variations of frozen yogurt that you can get!

Where does the name yogurt come from?

The word is derived from the Turkish word ‘yoğurt’, meaning ‘to knead’ or ‘to curdle or thicken’. In English, the word has several spellings, including yogurt, yoghurt, and yoghourt, among others. In different parts of the world, it is pronounced with either a short o or a long o sound. Both pronunciations and each of the different spellings are considered acceptable.

When was yogurt first frozen?

Frozen yogurt first started to appear in America in the late 1900s, as health food trends began to spread. People wanted to be able to eat sweet foods similar to ice cream, but wanted to be able to eat healthily at the same time. During the 1970s, people were dissatisfied with the early frozen yogurt offerings, believing them to taste too similar to yogurt.

How popular is frozen yogurt?

In 1981, the popular American frozen yogurt chain TCBY opened in Little Rock, Arkansas. Unlike previous stores, TCBY yogurt was dispensed from a soft-serve ice cream machine at the point of sale. During the 1980s, TCBY became the largest frozen yogurt franchise in the world. Other companies began to follow suit, and by 1986, frozen yogurt sales reached $25 million. After other brands began to emerge and grow in the 1980s and 1990s, frozen yogurt rose to 10% of the total frozen dessert market. By the mid 1990s, total sales had reached over $300 million!

How is yogurt made?

Special bacteria called yogurt cultures are created in order to make yogurt. These bacteria ferment the lactose in the milk, which produces a substance called lactic acid. The lactic acid then acts on the proteins in the milk, which gives yogurt its flavor and texture. Typically cow milk is used, because it is widely popular throughout the world, but in some places, milk from camels, yaks, goats and even water buffalo is used.

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Frozen Yogurt Near Me – Frozen Yogurt Facts

TCBY originally stood for This Can’t Be Yogurt, but then a lawsuit from a competitor named I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt forced them to change their name. They decided to keep the initials, but change their meaning to The Country’s Best Yogurt. Every year, TCBY offers mothers in America a free frozen yogurt on Mother’s Day, and a free frozen yogurt for fathers on Father’s Day.

Isaac Carasso, of Ottoman Salonica (today a part of Greece) first industrialized the production of yogurt in 1919. He started a small business in Barcelona, Spain, to sell yogurt. The business was called Danone, meaning Little Daniel, named for his son. This business flourished, and expanded into the United States, where it became known as Dannon.

Frozen yogurt is so popular in the United States that it even has its own month! Since 1993, June has been known as National Frozen Yogurt Month. Frozen yogurt also has its own day, February 6th. Many yogurt stores celebrate both the day and the month, by offering free or discounted products.

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is a big fan of frozen yogurt; so much so that she had a frozen yogurt machine installed into the Supreme Court cafeteria!

Each version of Google’s Android mobile operating system is named after a frozen dessert or treat. Version 2.2, released in 2010, was named “Froyo”, after frozen yogurt.

People with lactose intolerances often find dairy very difficult to digest, however yogurt is often easier on the stomach than milk, and so those people may find that they can still enjoy some yogurts and aged cheeses.

Yogurt is usually quite high in protein. On average, a cup of yogurt may contain 10 grams of protein per 8 ounce serving. Soy yogurt is even approved by the USDA as a meat alternative for school lunches!

Lactic acid, which can be found in yogurt, is often promoted as being good for healthy skin, and clearing up acne and wrinkles.

Genghis Khan, the Mongol warrior, is said to have enjoyed a type of yogurt, made from fermented horse milk, called kumis. He encouraged his men to consume it, believing it would make them not only healthier, but also braver in battle.

Yogurt is mentioned in many ancient texts, including the Bible! As mentioned before, Abraham was believed to have owed his longevity to the consumption of yogurt, but in Genesis 18:8, the Bible describes Abraham serving some people food, which is believed by some to have been yogurt and milk, and in fact in some versions of the Bible, yogurt and milk are explicitly mentioned in this section

If you want to find frozen yogurt near you, simply search “Frozen yogurt near me”!

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