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It’s safe to say that life would come to a halt in the modern age without access to internet. Not only do most of us rely on the web in order to work and study, but TV streaming services also require a fast high speed internet connection without interruption. There are many internet service providers that can grant high speed internet access, but not every ISP is created equal. Some boast fiber optics, higher speeds, and lower costs. Others may lag or time out and be less cost effective. Finding the right service provider depends on your daily needs and your budget.

If you need an internet provider in your area you’ve come to the right place. Simply browse internet providers near me on the map below and find a list of internet service providers operating in your region. Need a bit more information on Internet providers? Read on for facts, trivia, tips and more. You’ll feel way more informed in your ISP decision!

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Internet Providers Near Me – Internet Providers Trivia

Can your internet provider see what sites you’ve been on?

Privacy and security are two concepts that most Americans value most when it comes to spending time online. Everyone has websites they like to visit and sites they enjoy shopping at, but not one wants to feel as if they’re being watched or tracked by their internet service provider. So can your internet provider actually see and track which sites you have visited? Not quite, but it’s frighteningly close to becoming a reality. Consider this as you search internet providers near me. While your service provider likely isn’t keeping track of how many times you’ve visited Facebook in a single day, they do track what IP addresses your computer contacts. This means that they can effectively figure out which websites you’re visiting on a given day. Your internet provider can also read pretty much anything you send over the internet that isn’t properly encrypted. Whether they actually read that information is a hotly debated topic. Most will claim that that information in never read, while others may use that information for security purposes.

internet providers near me

The right internet provider can keep your life running smoothly!

How do internet providers work?

It’s almost impossible to get by without the internet in the modern day, which means finding the right internet service provider is often integral to a high quality of life. How do internet providers work and what is their role in the world wide web? Consider this as you search internet providers near me! When you’re on a computer and connect to an ISP, you quickly become a part of their network. Most internet service providers will then connect to a larger network and become a part of their network as well. In a nutshell, the internet is really just a large network of networks. While most large companies have their own dedicated infrastructure that can connect to various regions, smaller ISP companies will connect to a larger network in order to provide higher speeds. The type of ISP you can choose often depends upon where you live in the US and what you’re willing to pay per month. Many ISPs are also cable providers which can create bundle deals for cable, internet, and phone.

Internet Providers Near Me – Internet Providers Facts

Different Types of Internet Services

As you search internet providers near me, you’ve probably come to the realization that not every ISP is created equal. There are many different types of internet service to choose from and making a good decision isn’t always as simple as it seems. What are the different types of internet? Firstly, there’s broadband. Right now, “broadband” is used as an umbrella term to cover always on types of internet connections, including: cable, satellite, DSL, and fiber optic services such as FiOS. These types of high speed internet services keep you constantly connected to the internet without interruption. There’s no logging in or powering on, the internet is always there and ready to go. The other option, though highly archaic in the modern day, is dial up. Yes, dial up internet still exists and some budget savvy people still pay for it. Unless dial up is your only choice as far as internet goes, experts always recommend that you go with a broadband service. What’s the fastest broadband connection you can pay for? Fiber optics. This type of connection operates over an optical network using light. Fiber optic lines are pure glass lines that are only about as thick as a human hair. They produce lightning fast connections. Right now, you can get fiber optics through Verizon AT&T and Qwest. These services often allow individuals to access speeds as high as 300 mbps down and 65 mbps up. The major advantage of a fiber optic network is the speed, which is far superior to that of a more basic copper wire connection. The only downside of fiber is that availability is limited. This means if you’re living in a rural or small town in the middle of the country, you’re probably not going to have fiber as an option. Fear not, DSL and cable connections can still offer high speeds at an economical price. Eventually, most regions will receive fiber optic connection but the transition has been slow and steady due to funding and infrastructure needs. At the end of the day, all you really need is a connection that suits your needs. If you’re only using the internet to browse the web, you can probably get away with a more modest connection. If you’re streaming TV, games, or YouTube, you’re going to want to spring for the faster service.

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