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From the first silent film to the first drive-in movie theater, movie viewing and cinema has become a beloved pastime around the world. Whether a family outing or a date night, look for a “Movie theater near me”” and enjoy some box office gold or a deep and provocative indie film.

With several movie theater chains like AMC, Regal, and United Artist in the U.S. and Odeon and Cineworld in Europe, you should be able to view your film genre of choice almost anywhere. Movie theaters have a rich history, with the concept of viewing theaters dating back to ancient Greece.

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Think your the only one that’s kissed in a movie theater, huh?
Actually, before movie theaters had seats where you could move the dividers and get cozy, Opera houses were pretty good places to be intimate with a significant other. They don’t call them private boxes for nothing!

movie theaters near me

Big AMC theater in Times Square, New York.

It may be in the best interest of a movie going patron to eat somewhere before they go to see a movie. Most food items at a movie theater cost more than fast food, causing popcorn, candy and soda to be the main money maker at movie theaters and a huge expense for the movie goer.

Where did IMAX come from?

IMAX was invented in Ontario Canada in 1967 by three filmmakers. IMAX is an incredible viewing experience for movie goers and has become a permanent fixture of movie theaters in over 50 countries. There was a television channel created by the IMAX creators, but it wasn’t as successful as its movie theater viewing experiences.

What was the first talkie film?

Talkies were the first movies to exist with in film audio and dialogue, a new phenomenon in the late 20s that came after the Silent film. The first talkie, “The Jazz singer” was an enormous success and paved the way for more talkies to hit the box office. It was also remade in the 1980s with Laurence Olivier as the protagonist of the film.

Did you know?

Some movie theaters are called Luxury theaters and have a bar that sells liquor and beer. Special seating offers cool perks like drink refills and leather seats!

When was the earliest 3D film created?

In the 1950s, the first 3D film was “Bwana Devil”. After that film, two others came in 3D as well, but the 3D craze of the 50s didn’t last long soon after that until the next surge in the 90s and 2000s.

Where was the first silent film ever shown?

Berlin Wintergarten theatre was the first to show a silent film, but it was destroyed during WWII. It was at one point considered a music hall and has been brought back to life in the 90s.

Did you know?

Some outdoor theaters have some pretty elaborate set ups. One in particular has projectors floating in a lake while people on boats watch the movies projected on them! Feel like catching a movie indoors? Check out “Movie theaters near me.”

Movie Theaters Near Me – Movie Theaters Facts

The first example of a projector was the Magic lantern. It was widely used in the 17th century to project pictures of different things for entertainment and sparked the later prototypes of the slide projector, often used academically.

The original design of a movie theater is now called a uniplex and is mostly used for art films. The multiplex or megaplex has become more common, with more than one movie playing at the same time in different screening rooms.

In 1981, AMC theaters features the convenience of cup holders in their seating.

Regal entertainment group is a very charitable theater company. Every summer, they donate money and also ask movie goers to donate a dollar to their “Stars of hope” drive. This money is donated to several charity organizations.

There are two online sites that sell movie tickets, Fandango and There is controversy of these site and brand loyalty, Fandango in particular, as Regal theaters owns a great deal of stock and often invests in Fandango. was created by AMC theaters, also calling into question the ticket sales of certain theaters.

The film that earned the most in ticket sales at the box office in history is “Avatar” by James Cameron. Coincidently, the second highest grossing film was also the James Cameron mega hit of the 90s, “Titanic”, earning over 2 billion dollars in one year!

The 2000s saw a lot of poorly rated films. “Catwoman” in 2004 was considered a major flop and even earned Halle Berry a Razzie award. “Gigli” with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was only in American theaters for three weeks before being pulled, and the LA times called it the most expensive movie flop in box office history. Ouch.

The company that is responsible for measuring the box office projections and movie sales is called Rentrak. Rentrak is a heavy hitter that really has no competition, and valued at $768 Million dollars on the stock market, it’s hard not to see why there’s no challenging company.

Production budget is never to be confused with box office gross. A movie could cost very little to make and be a big box smash! Wanna watch something new? Check out ” Movie theaters near me” and have fun!

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