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If you’re having car problems or would just like a worry free maintenance guarantee, Pep Boys can meet all of your automotive needs in one place. Pep Boys makes it easy to take care of your car and extend the life of your precious investment. Not only does Pep Boys offer the basics, but they also supply aftermarket car parts, tires, and a variety of other car services that many more basic auto garages can’t compete with.

Are you interested in finding a Pepboys near you? Simply browse Pepboys near me on the map below and find a list of Pepboy’s stores in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Pepboys? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Who founded Pep Boys and who are the Pep Boys?

Many American has often wondered just who exactly the Pep Boys are or if they are even based off of real people. So many brands have a quirky name, but the name itself bears no relevance on those who founded the brand. Pepboys is not one of those brands! Consider these facts as you search Pepboys near me. Pepboys was first founded by friends Emanuel (Manny) Rosenfeld, Maurice (Moe) Strauss, Moe RAdavitz, and W. Graham (Jack) Jackson in the early 1920s. The four Philadelphia natives had met and became friends during World War I, when they each completed a stint in the US navy. In 1921, just 15 years after mass production became prominent in the auto industry thanks to Henry Ford, the four friends put up $200 a piece to open a small auto parts store in the hometown. Strauss, who had already made two highly unsuccessful attempts at starting businesses started out only as a silent partner, fearing his influence would take down yet another business venture. He was also employed at another store and was not exactly eager to give up a steady income, especially if the auto parts store failed. The friends rented out a very quaint storefront in Philadelphia. The shop was so small that only a very short name was suitable for the store’s marquee. Folklore suggests that the brainstorming session lead to the adoption of “Pep,” which was taking from Pep Valve Grinding Compounds, one of the first product lines offered in the store. Pep Auto Supply looked good on the shop front, but didn’t last long. The store was renamed Pep Boys in 1923.

pepboys near me

Pepboys is one of America’s most popular automotive chains.

Who drew the iconic Pep Boys caricatures?

If you’re searching Pepboys near me, then you know the brand is as famous for their corporate caricatures as they are for their automotive services they offer. What you might not know is who exactly was commissioned to draw those caricatures in the first place. According to brand historians, it was Harry Moskovitch who was commissioned to draw the Pepboys as cartoon caricatures. Manny, who was a reformed cigar smoker was depicted with a Charlie Chaplin style mustache on the left. Moe, was in the middle and Jack’s grinning caricature was initially on the far right.

Pepboys Near Me – Pepboys Facts

How the War Changed Pepboys

It goes without saying that nearly every business and individual alive during the 1940s was affected by the events of World War II. Pepboys was no exception. During World War II, automotive production pretty much came to a halt in order to focus on producing materials for the war itself. The collective focus was no longer on the individual but on the nation as a whole and providing for the boys overseas. Seeing as most individuals weren’t buying new vehicles (since they weren’t being manufactured) businesses such as Pepboys took a hit. How did Pepboys curtail their losses during this tense time in American history? Well, Murray also known as “the Merchandiser” made the wise choice to stock all of Pepboys shelves (especially on the West Coast) with non automotive products. Suddenly Pepboys was selling products such as work clothes, bicycles, and even lawn and garden equipment. The west coast division of the store also experimented with wholesaling products and even exporting automotive products to other areas of the world. When the war came to a close, Manny Rosenfeld was named president and Moe Strauss was put on as chairmen of the board. For the next three decades, the company grew slowly and cautiously, aiming to avoid any kind of debt in the event of other global events that could impede the automotive market. As you search Pepboys near me, think about how events such as World War II affected anyone and everything on a global scale, even the automotive business.

A Unique Perspective

One thing you’ll quickly find while searching Pepboys near me is that the brand holds a unique perspective on selling automotive parts. This is truly what has always set Pepboys apart from the pack. Currently, Pepboys is the only aftermarket retail and service chain in the United States that has the unique capacity to serve all for segments of the automotive market. What exactly are the four segments of the automotive aftermarket? The do it yourself market, the do it for me market, the buy for resale market, and the replacement tires market. While most automotive chains will touch on one or two of these markets, Pepboys caters to all four.

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