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Also known as a wrecking yard, salvage yards are the home to many dismantled and wrecked vehicles which are brought in so that their usable parts can be sold or salvaged for use in operating vehicles. Many salvage yards boast unbeatable prices and selections that can make life that much easier if you’re seeking a hard to find part.

Are you interested in finding a salvage yard in your area? Simply browse salvage yards near me on the map below and find a list of salvage yards in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on salvage yards? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on salvage yards.

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Salvage Yards Near Me – Salvage Yards Trivia

True or false: Salvage yards will purchase damaged cars.

This fact is 100% true! Consider these facts as you search salvage yards near me. When one considers a salvage yard, they often think of a place which they can pick up car parts, find an old door or fender, and perhaps find some old classic car goods. What you may not think of is the vehicle sitting your garage or driveway that’s beyond repair. Many individuals hold onto cars that were in accidents or have fallen into disrepair due to the cost of fixing them. Often these vehicles sit stagnant without much purpose. Not only do they take up room on your property, but they can leave you feeling a bit sullen. Luckily, you can visit your local salvage yard and ask if they operate a cash for cars program. Most salvage yards in the US will buy damaged cars, allowing you to walk away with cash in hand. This not only benefits the salvage yards, as they can gather some newer vehicle models for parts, but you get cash for your clunker.

salvage yards near me

Salvage yards are your best bet for cheap auto parts!

True or false: Salvage yards offer used auto parts for cheap.

There are few things more important about a salvage yard than their stock of auto parts. If you’re searching salvage yards near me in the hopes of finding a unique part of a classic car or simply want to save some dough on repairs, always check your local salvage yard first. Since salvage yards purchase damaged cars from individuals, dealers, and police auctions, they also offer used auto parts to the public both on site and many times online. To ensure the quality of the parts, most salvage yards will rigorously test parts before putting them up for sale. This means that you’ll easily find auto parts for drastically less than more expensive new parts.

When should one salvage?

According to experts, if you own an ancient clunker or damaged car, salvaging is the easiest way for you to make some extra cash and get the car off your hands. As a rule of thumb, if your car is more than 10 years old, costs more to fix than it’s likely worth at a car dealership or used car lot, doesn’t run, or has been an auto accident, it should head straight to the salvage yard, rather than a lot. Not only is getting these types of cars off the road beneficial to other drivers, but you’ll be partaking in an eco friendly and mutually beneficial act.

Salvage Yards Near Me – Salvage Yards Facts

Auto Salvage for the Environment

Auto salvage is typically very beneficial for all parties involved. The reason? Auto salvage is great for the environment. If you’re donating to charity, selling to a junkyard, or scrapping, you’re having a positive impact on the environment. By reducing the impact that many vehicles have by recycling parts and pieces, rather than having them sit in ruin or stay on the road, you’re helping to keep cars out of landfills. Aside from this, you’re also helping others save money when shopping for auto replacement parts. Car parts are often very expensive, especially when purchased new. This can keep many individuals from making repairs on their vehicles due to cost. When you scrap your car, you’re helping those that cannot purchase new parts fix their automobiles for a low cost. Recycling parts also lowers the amount of energy used to create new goods and materials, most notably seal. Sure, salvaging a vehicle is almost always environmentally beneficial, but it’s not always profitable. While you will almost always walk away with cash in hand when salvaging, a variety of factors can influence how much you’ll make when salvaging your car. Factors include: year, make, model, condition of the vehicle, if the vehicle runs, demand for those particular parts, the price of scrap at the time, and the time of year. While salvaging may not make you rich, it will help the environment and clear some space in your garage.

Fast Facts About Auto Salvage

If you’re searching salvage yards near me, you may think you know everything there is to know about auto salvage. Think again! Though this industry may seem fairly cut and dry, there are many facts and instances that effect the auto salvage industry. Read on for fast facts on auto salvage and salvage yards in the US!

1. While recycling auto parts may seem like a fairly modern practice, historians believe that salvage has been around since the 1940s (perhaps even before).

2. More than 86% of all used auto parts are recycled or reused. That’s good for the pocket book and the environment.

3. Individuals who partake in auto recycling and purchase or sell to salvage yards, help to keep more than 25 million tons of car parts out of landfills.

4. In North America, enough steel is recycled from used cars every year to create around 13 million new cars.

5. The European Union has a mandate that 85% of a vehicle’s materials must be recyclable. Japan went even further and requires that 95% of all parts be recyclable.

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