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Your car is by far your greatest investment, which means a single ding or dent can take thousands of dollars off of the trade-in value of your vehicle. Luckily, having a dent removed is a fairly quick and inexpensive process. All you need to do is find the right auto dent removal service near you and you’ll enjoy a dent free ride in no time.

Ready to find an auto dent removal service in your local area? Simply browse auto dent removal service near me and find a list of qualified services in your local area. Need a bit more information on auto dent removal. Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more! Dings and dents don’t have to rule your life anymore.

Auto Dent Removal Service Near Me – Find it on the Map

Auto Dent Removal Service Near Me – Trivia

What is paint less dent repair?

Looking to save a bit of dough while searching auto dent removal service near me? Consider paint less dent repair. What is paint less dent repair? Often referred to as PDR, paint less dent repair, is a procedure that is used as an alternative to conventional auto body repair. While it isn’t always an option as a repair method, it can be used for a wide variety of common dents. Generally speaking, PDR Is used when a vehicle has been damaged by hail or a similar circumstance.

It can also be applicable in non-hail dent situations so long as the paint hasn’t been damaged. If the paint hasn’t been damaged in the dent, then PDR is still an option. If the vehicle’s paint is damaged, then PDR is not right for you. Of course, there are more traditional methods for repairing dents that have been tried and true long before PDR was even a notion. While traditional dent repair is more invasive and will cost a bit more, it still gets the job done right.

Auto Dent Removal Service Near Me

Don’t let hail damage get you down! A dent removal service is all you need.

On average, how much does it cost to have a dent repaired?

Depending on the skill and reputation of the service hired, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $120 for a dent that is 1-inch wide. It goes without saying, that this price can increase with the overall size of the repair, which would include an additional $10 to $30 for every extra half-inch.

With that said, a 12-inch dent could end up costing you anywhere from $160 to $450. This all depends largely upon the experience of the auto body shop, the location of the dent, and your car’s make and model. A dent that requires a paint touch-up will cost more and those that involve PDR will inevitably cost less. The cost will also depend upon your location. For example, you’ll probably pay a bit more in New York City than you would in a small town in Minnesota.

Certain locations may also prove more difficult for your local repair shop to find parts or have parts shipped into town. This can add additional costs to your bill and extend the amount of time that your car will be off the road and in the shop. As you search auto dent removal service near me, consider the costs and the time you’ll be investing.

Auto Dent Removal Service Near Me – Facts

How long does it take to repair a dent?

The average length of time it takes to repair a car dent depends on a few things, including the technique used to repair the dent. A traditional approach using fillers and paints will demand an average of 5 days in the shop. Of course, five days can easily turn into weeks if the damage is found to be more extensive than previously thought, such as the damage often sustained in a hail storm. Any dents that require sanding, filling, painting, drying, and polishing, will also require a great deal of time and patience. Now, if your car qualifies for PDR, you’re in for an entirely different experience.

According to some experts, a certified and reputable PDR technician can fix a heavily damaged car (one boasting at least 1,000 dents) in as little as 24 hours. This reduction in repair time has to do with the logistic and financial benefits for all involved in the process. This includes the dealers, body shop, insurance company, and most importantly, you! While searching auto dent removal service near me, keep these time lines in mind.

How invasive is dent repair?

Dent repair might seem like a pretty invasive and costly experience, but in reality, dent repair is often less invasive than other forms of auto repair because fewer parts are being disassembled and reassembled. Unlike collision repair, many dents can be removed without even having to remove the damaged piece. For example, if PDR is being used for a dent on a roof, only the headliner will be need to be removed in order to access the roof from the inside. Overall, that’s about as invasive as PDR gets.

Of course, if a roof needs to be repaired with conventional methods, the glass as well as the interior will need to be removed. This is to ensure that the vehicle is not further damaged during the repair process. All glass as well as the interior of the vehicle will also need to removed. With that said, most dents require very little in the way of part removal or highly invasive repairs. Just remember, the end goal is to have the dent removed. As long as that achieved, nothing else really matters. Start by searching auto dent removal service near me and finding a great removal service in your local area.

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