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When it comes to creamy and delicious ice cream made responsibly, few compare to Braums! This Midwestern staple has been delighting ice cream enthusiasts for decades. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or prefer the ups and downs of a cup of rocky road, Braums has a flavor to suit every taste.

Ready to find a Braums location near you? Simply browse Braums near me on the map below and find a list of Braum’s ice cream shops in your local area. Need a bit more information on what makes this ice cream brand so special? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Braums Near Me – Braums Trivia

How many cows does Braum’s Dairy own?

Braum’s dairy is known for producing some of the best ice cream in America, but just how many cows does it take to keep this business churning? It is estimated that around 10,000 dairy cows call the Braum Family Farm home sweet home. It is one of the largest dairy farming operations in the world and the only know major ice cream manufacturer to milk and care for their own cows. Surprisingly, unlike many dairy companies, Braum’s does not try to increase milk production through the use of growth hormones or medicated rations. Instead, they focus on fresh, natural, and rBGH free milk. The brand also pride itself on not adding any antibiotics into their cow’s food. Cows are treated with the dignity and compassion they deserve. Much to the delight of animal lovers everywhere, the Braum’s brand cares about their cows. The farm boasts 17 free stall barns, each the size of two football fields. The operation expands over 35 acres of land. After being milked, the cows have a choice between heading out to pasture or riding a cow trolley back to the barns to relax. The cow trolley is basically a motorized walkway, much like the one you would see in an airport! If you’re searching Braums near me, you can rest assured that the cows that help make every pint of ice cream lead happy lives full of the freedom any animal reserves.
Braum’s cares about their cows—that’s a given

braums near me

Braums is known for fresh ice cream and great food bargains!

How many pounds of milk does Braums produce per hour?

With all those cows, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Braum’s produces a lot of milk each hour of the day! At the Braum’s farm, dairy workers keep milking cows constantly, only stopping to clean the housing areas out and clean up any equipment. A total of 800 cows are milked in allotments of 32 minutes. This means that around 30,000 pounds of milk is being produced in one hour. At the farm, each cow is milked twice a day. Don’t worry, the cows are given plenty of time to rest and relax in between milking. Each cow can produce around 100 glasses of milk per day. When combined, the entire dairy herd can fill more than 1 million glasses daily. Since freshness is the name of the game, all milk is delivered to retail locations within 36 hours of being produced. While searching Braums near me, consider just how much milk this single dairy can produce each day!

Braums Near Me – Braums Facts

The Braums Story

Every successful business has an origin story. A tale of humble beginnings or a small idea that turned into a larger than life venture. Braum’s ice cream is no exception. Henry H. Braum first began his family’s reign has the king of ice cream quite modestly. Way back in 1933, Henry purchased a butter processing plant in the town of Emporia, Kansas. A short time after, he began to process milk and ice cream as well. By 1945, Henry’s son, Bill, had officially graduated with a business degree from the University of Kansas. He returned from his studies to work with his father.

With the help of his son, Henry switched gears in 1952 and began to concentrate on only producing milk and ice cream. He also started a chain of retail stores in Kansas called Peter Pan Ice Cream Stores. In 1961, Bill decided to purchase the company from his father and established his first dairy and a herd of cows. In 1967, he sold the chain of stores but decided to keep the dairy. The dairy soon turned into the Braum’s ice cream you know and love today. From the grass fed cows to the fresh flavors that delight both the young and the old. As you search Braums near me, consider how a humble farm boy soon turned into a business that turned the ice cream industry upside down.

How much does an ice cream cone cost at Braums?

If you’re looking for a sweet fix and a bargain, look no further than Braum’s ice cream! Just how much will a cone set you back at Braum’s? Consider this as you search Braums near me. According to the brand’s menu, a small soft serve cone costs $1.39 and a large soft serve cone costs $1.99. Want a sundae? A large sundae only costs around $3.49. One of the best parts of Braums is their cost effective menu. Anyone, no matter how much money they have or where they come from, can stop by a Braums location and find something to suit their budget. Since Braums also sells food, you can also grab a budget friendly bite to eat! Whether you want a burger and fries or a hard dip cone, Braums has got you covered!

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