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Before many individuals buy a home and settle down, they are renters with the flexibility to move from year to year. Renting is lucrative for many reasons, which is why it is often a more attractive option if you’re of a certain age or just not looking to invest in a home. Not only can renting afford you the luxury of picking up and leaving at the end of a lease, but you save money by not paying property taxes or putting out money for expensive repairs. Renting is a great option that can help you find a home you love without the headaches of a mortgage.

Are you interested in finding places to rent near you? Simply browse places for rent near me on the map below and find a list of places to rent in your neighborhood. Need a bit more information on renting? Read on for facts, trips, trivia and more!

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How much should you spend on rent?

One of the most difficult aspects of finding a rental property is knowing how much is too much when it comes to rent. Even if you feel as if you’ll have enough to afford that big three bedroom loft, you might not be making a sound financial decision. After all, you don’t want to pay rent and have nothing left over at the end of the month for utilities, groceries, transportation and entertainment. So how much should you spend on rent? Consider this as you search places for rent near me. According to experts, rent should not be more than 25 percent of your gross monthly salary. For example, if your income is $4,000 a month after taxes, then your monthly rent should cost no more than $1,000. While there might be some wiggle room depending on how well you budget and what you’re willing to give up, this rule of thumb can keep you from making things unnecessarily tight. After all, no one wants to be rent poor just to have that extra bathroom. Know your needs and where your level of comfort is per month. Stick to this rule of thumb and you’ll never be in over your head.

places for rent near me

Asking the right questions can make all the difference when finding a place to rent.

What questions should one ask before renting a house?

Renting might be a more flexible option than owning a home, but there are still many questions you must ask your landlord and yourself before renting a house. For starters, research the area. Ask about schools, crime rates, accessibility to transportation or major hubs, and nearby amenities. Second, always discuss pets early on. Ask your landlord about their specific pet policies. For example, many will allow small pets under 25 pounds but won’t allow larger dogs or more than one pet in the house. If you sneak pets into the rental without permission, you might find yourself facing some hefty fees should your landlord find out. Third, check water pressure, heating, cooling, and anything else that might need to be replaced or could cause potential problems in the future. As you’re not responsible for these costs or the repairs, it’s advisable to get everything checked out early on. This can lead to far less headaches and accusations in the future. Fourth, ask a landlord if they’re willing to repaint the walls before you move in. Painting can be a huge headache and expense. Most landlords are required to paint before a new tenant moves in. Know your rights and get what’s rightfully yours. Fifth, conduct a thorough inventory of the house. Take photos of any blemishes, flaws, or issues that exist within the home prior to you moving in. This can keep you for getting blamed when you leave. Ask your landlord about their policy on getting your security deposit back at the end. Lastly, ask about exactly how much money will need to be paid in advance. You don’t want any surprises when it comes to the financial side of things! As you search places for rent near me, know what you want and the right questions to ask. You’ll end up with far less anxiety during the rental process.

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Expect Inspections

Many renters foolishly believe that once their landlord hands over the keys, they won’t see much of them during the rental period. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. Consider this as you search places for rent near me. When renting any kind of property, be it a house or an apartment, you should always expect occasional drop ins and inspections. It’s not at all uncommon for landlords to pop in unexpectedly to perform occasional inspections to discern exactly how well you’re taking care of the rental property. To avoid any issues, regularly clean your home and don’t let minor spills become major stains. One stain is all it really takes for an entire room’s carpet to need replacing. This is a major cost that will definitely cause you to lose your security deposit. You’ll also receive a less than glowing review from your landlord when it comes to getting a recommendation for future renting endeavors. When you set out to rent a home or apartment, make a checklist of everything you’ll need to consider during your rental period. Be cognizant of how you hang photos, treat floor surfaces, and decorate. These are things that might not seem like a big deal in the short term, but can end up costing you a lot in the long term.

Does Credit matter?

If you’re searching places for rent near me, you’ll quickly find out that most landlords or property management companies will run a credit check prior to handing over the keys. What you might not know is that having a good credit score does not guarantee that your application will be accepted. Your credit score is a great way for a landlord to gauge how responsible you are when it comes to paying bills on time, but it doesn’t necessarily show what kind of tenant you’ll be. Some landlords will pass over a great credit score for a mediocre score that comes along with a glowing recommendation from a previous landlord. Some landlords also have a screening checklist in place for applications. Before you even spend money on application, see if you’re the type of tenant your landlord is even looking for. For example, many landlords have implemented a minimum income requirement to help weed out those who might struggle to pay rent. The requirement is almost always that you make two and a half times the rent. If you find out about these requirements and don’t meet them fully, you should skip the application and move on to greener pastures.

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