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For anyone on the hunt for home goods, kitchen wares, and even makeup products, Bed Bath and Beyond is a mecca of well priced goods. With a variety of brands, endless arrays of color options, and the latest and greatest in gadgets, it’s no wonder this brand has only grown in popularity in the last 10 years.

Are you interested in finding a Bed bath and Beyond near you? Simply browse Bed Bath And Beyond near me on the map below and find a list of stores located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on this home brand? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Bed Bath And Beyond Near Me – Find it on the Map

Bed Bath And Beyond Near Me – Bed Bath And Beyond Trivia

When was Bed Bath And Beyond founded?

Like so many great American companies, Bed Bath and Beyond started as a simple idea that kept just kept growing. The driving force behind the juggernaut that is now Bed Bath and Beyond was a partnership between founders Leonard Feinstein and Warren Eisenberg. The duo founded the brand in 1971 after they had garnered more than 10 years of retail experience in the years prior. The duo dreamt of a small chain of speciality linen and bath shops that would offer high quality goods to those with a more discerning taste. The brand began in suburban New York. The original name was simply Bed n’ Bath. During the early 1970s, Feinstein and Eisenberg were noticing a few shakeups in the retail world, especially in the department store sector. They sensed that soon speciality stores would be in danger as well. To ensure that their stores didn’t suffer, they took a designer approach to linens and housewares. They also sought out large retail spaces in high traffic areas such as strip malls. They began to carry brands such as Cannon, Wamsutta, and Fieldcrest along with lower priced linens and bath towels. The rest is Bed Bath and Beyond history! As you search Bed Bath And Beyond near me, consider how this store has changed the housewares world.

bed bath and beyond near me

Every Bed Bath And Beyond features a similar store layout.

When did Bed n’ Bath add the Beyond?

Few names are as recognizable or iconic in the retail world as Bed Bath and Beyond, but when did the brand change its name to include the word “beyond?” In 1987, Eisenberg and Feinstein changed the name of their organization to Bed Bath And beyond in order to more accurately describe their newly founded superstore format. They no longer just offered bed and bath products at this point and had expanded into kitchen, living room, and even outdoor spaces. By 1991, the name took hold and Bed Bath and Beyond was green lighting new superstore locations in areas of new Jersey, California, Virginia, Maryland, and Florida. Sales immediately skyrocketed to $134 million that year and remained steady in the years to follow. As you search Bed Bath And Beyond near me, consider what is really in name!

Bed Bath And Beyond Near Me – Bed Bath And Beyond Facts

Merchandise Layout

One thing you probably already know if you’re searching Bed Bath and Beyond near me is that every item in the store is laid out and placed in a very preconceived manner. The stores are well organized for a reason. In fact, the merchandise layout of the store is often deemed one of the reasons why the stores have remained so successful. Related product lines in every Bed Bath And Beyond are always grouped together. This gives the impression that the store is almost comprised of several individual specialty stores rather than being one giant superstore. To encourage impulse buying in both casual and serious customers, seasonal items and holiday items are always arranged up front. Further back in the store, products are grouped on enormous vertical displays that go all the way up to the ceiling. These arrangements were designed to make it easier for customers to locate each product while simultaneously reinforcing the perception that Bed Bath And Beyond offered an extraordinary range of goods.

Saving Money At Bed Bath and Beyond

No matter who you are or why you’re searching Bed Bath And Beyond Near Me, odds are you like to save a little bit of money! So how can one save money when shopping Bed Bath and Beyond? Firstly, always shop on a Monday. Every store restocks their sales on Mondays, so if you want first dibs on the best sale items, always stop by on a Monday rather than a weekend. Second, sign up for the mailing list. It can be annoying to receive a bevy of ads in the mail, but signing up for the mailing list at Bed Bath and Beyond pays off. The brand almost always sends out coupons for a percent off your total purchase. What’s even better? The coupons that are mailed to you never expire. Unfortunately those you can get on your phone do expire. There are currently several ways to get Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. This includes Facebook, email, and even text message. By downloading the Bed Bath And Beyond app you can get instant access to coupons and keep track of every store deal. You can also use multiple coupons at a time. The rule is one coupon per item. If you have more than one coupon for 20% off a single item, go ahead and stack them. You might just save some extra dough!

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