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A trip to the gun range or shooting range is an excellent opportunity for gun enthusiasts to let loose and practice their shot in a safe and controlled environment. Nearly every gun range is overseen by one or more supervisory personnel members, often deemed a range master or range safety officer.

Are you interested in finding a gun range near your current location? Simply browse gun range near me on the map below and find a list of gun ranges in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on gun ranges in the US? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on gun ranges.

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Gun Range Near Me – Gun Range Trivia

What is an indoor shooting range?

If you’re searching gun range near me, you may be wondering what the major differences are between shooting ranges. There are various types of shooting ranges, but the indoor range is hands down the most popular. Indoor ranges usually have a back wall with a sloped berm or bank, which reinforced baffles that are situated along the roofline and side walls. Every indoor gun range has proper ventilation which aims to pull smoke and lead particles away from the shooting line and discharge them from the building to reduce the risk of lead poisoning. Ranges that lack good ventilation risk exposing employees and users to lead dust from bullets and cartridge primers. This dust can be inhaled, but it can also settle on the skin or the clothing. In addition to these safety measures, indoor ranges also seek to reduce noise levels of over 140 dB sound pressure level. To combat this, many indoor ranges ask patrons to double up on ear protection by using both earmuffs and earplugs. To protect any bystanders from sound exposure, many modern ranges also implement air locked corridors for a greater degree of soundproofing.

gun range near me

Indoor firing ranges often feature greater safety measures.

True or false: Outdoor shooting ranges are used for longer-distance shooting up to or exceeding 1,200 yards

This fact is true! As you search gun range near me, you’ll come across many options. Outdoor shooting ranges are often used to accommodate longer distance shooting that is up to or exceeds a length of 1,200 yards. Outdoor shooting ranges are specifically designed to help contain all fired shots. This means that a high retaining wall behind the target line is a must. This is called a back stop or stop but. It is often an earth mound or sand bag barrier that is specifically designed to with funnel shaped traps to catch and prevent misaligned shots. It also limits the number of errant projectiles or shots that may ricochet or exceed the boundaries of the shooting range. To protect all those involved, many outdoor ranges restrict the maximum caliber size or have separate on site facilities to accommodate those looking to use high powered firearms such as the .50 caliber.

Gun Range Near Me – Gun Range Facts

Health Risks

Like so many recreational activities involving guns, there are some health risks that accompany outdoor gun ranges. Many studies over the past few decades have revealed that outdoor firing ranges can expose gun owners to lead and that the often startling noise can cause health issues, specifically among employees and instructors who are exposed to these things on a daily basis. Because outdoor ranges require less cleaning and maintenance than their indoor counterparts, many of these issues often go unaddressed. Despite the natural ventilation of outdoor firing ranges, there are many risks. Many outdoor ranges have implemented ballistic baffles overhead and concrete walls/structures that can actually cause air to stagnate and increase exposures to both lead and noise. To lessen noise emission, some range operators have taken to adding transmission barriers, absorptive materials, and natural vegetation, all of which can lessen noise emission. Consider these risks as you search gun range near me.

Targets Used

When visiting either an indoor or outdoor gun range, you’ll notice a variety of targets. Civilian targets are typically comprised of paper or plastic coreflute, often with a canvas or hessian back. Competitive targets are often a solid black circle on an all white background, with the black circle often containing scoring rings. Targets of other shapes and sizes are often used in pistol and handgun shooting or training. For a more immersive and difficult experience, reactive targets can quickly allow shooters to easily identify bullet strikes. This not only allows shooters to improve their skills by comparing aiming points, but it gives insight into where the actual bullet made contact and impacted the target.Individuals who choose to shoot with military rifles in competition see targets that suit military standards and distances. Of course, a number of countries have recently limited the use of automatic and semi-automatic weapons by civilians. What kind of target will you need after searching gun range near me?

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