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As America’s oldest car brand, Ford has always struck a balance between form and function. Whether you’re looking for a truck that will get the job done or a family sedan that will get you around town in style and comfort, Ford has a car that can suit your needs.

Are you interested in finding a Ford dealership near you? You’ve come to the right place? Simply browse Ford dealership near me on the map below and find a list of Ford dealerships located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Ford? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on this iconic automotive juggernaut!

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Ford Dealership Near Me – Ford Dealership Trivia

Who founded the Ford motor company?

Most Americans know of Ford and their commitment to both innovation and customer satisfaction. What many Americans don’t know is the namesake behind the brand, the beloved founder of Ford. Who exactly founded Ford? None other than Henry Ford. Henry Ford was born on a farm near Dearborn, Michigan in 1863. Right from the beginning, he had a fascination and a talent for engineering. He pursued engineering as a hobby in boyhood, eventually landing a job at the Detroit Edison Company in 1890. When Ford wasn’t working at the Edison Company, he was constructing experimental gasoline engines and tinkering. In 1892, he successfully completed his very first gasoline buggy. Despite his accomplishment, the perfectionist in Ford was highly dissatisfied with the buggy’s weight. He sold it in 1896 to help fund the construction of a new car project. Ford’s superiors found his hobby to be both distracting and useless, forcing him to quit in 1899 despite his promotion to chief engineer. After receiving some financial backing from private investors, Ford went on to establish the Detroit Automobile Company. He later withdrew after a disagreement over the numbers and the prices of the cars to be produced. Ford wanted a business that combined a lower profit margin on each car with greater production volumes. He would eventually find this with the Ford Motor Company. As you search Ford dealership near me, ruminate on how this brand changed the automobile industry forever.

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Finding a Ford dealership is as simple as searching Ford dealership near me!

What year was the Model T first produced?

Anyone who is familiar with Ford and searching Ford Dealership near me, has likely heard of the now iconic Model T. The question is, when was the Model T first produced? Ford introduced his durable and practical Model T car in October of 1908. The car was an immediate success, with demand being so high that Ford had no choice but to enlarge all of his production facilities to make room for more models. Over 10,000 Model T cars were produced in 1909. Once the assembly line concept was applied to the manufacturing of the Model T, Ford was able to produce even more at a much quicker speed.

Ford Dealership Near Me – Ford Dealership Facts

A Wartime Effort

Ford has always been an instrumental player in the American economy, especially during times of national duress. As you search Ford dealership near me, consider how this brand helped the US to win the war back in 1917. When the US first became involved in World War I, the Ford motor company generously placed all of its resources at the disposal of the government. This move meant that for the duration of the war, Ford not only produced Model Ts for back at home, but it also produced automobiles, ambulances, and trucks. In addition to producing automobiles, Ford also produced Liberty airplane motors, Eagle submarine chasers, and Whippet tanks. They also produced a fair amount of munitions. Ford’s role in the war effort not only established the brand as a true power player and influencer in America, but it placed Ford in a position of greatness amongst the American public at large. Despite the war, Henry Ford decided to retire from the company in 1918, naming his son Edsel as president. Edsel was immediately ceded controlling interest. Though he stepped down as president, Henry still continued to direct company strategy. He also put a great deal of time and effort into developing a farm tractor known as the Fordson.

A Tough Market

Anyone on the market for a new car knows just how difficult it can be to make a good decision and choose the right car to suit your family’s needs. Odds are if you’re searching Ford dealership near me, you’re currently steeped in that decision making process right now. Ford knows all too well just how tough the car market can be. The brand faced many challenging years in the early 2000s and early 1990s due to the massive influx of foreign cars such as Honda, Toyota, and Kia. Though Ford was an American icon, many Americans found themselves flocking to their cheaper and more tech savvy counterparts. Honda and Toyota surged while Ford figured out exactly how to maintain relevance. Today, Ford has found a bit of a sweet spot, carving out a place for itself by relying on innovation, quality, and safety.

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