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Hair can change your entire look with just a few simple tweaks. From color to curls, hair can often be an individual’s best and most personal fashion accessory. Hair stores are meccas for color, dyes, extensions, and salon quality products.

Are you interested in finding a hair store near you? Simply browse hair store near me on the map below and find a list of hair stores in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on hair stores? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on hair stores and hair health!

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Hair Store Near Me – Hair Store Trivia

When did hair stores first originate?

The original hair stores were not stand alone stores dedicated to products, wigs, and extensions. Instead, they were salons that also offered wigs and other hair care products. Consider these facts while searching hair stores near me. Hair styling is believed to date all the way back to ancient Egypt, where hairdressers were so revered they held social prominence with many classes and sects. Many used to decorate their cases to keep tools lotions, scissors and styling materials fresh. In ancient Rome, wealthy individuals turned their servants into their personal hairdressers. In addition to doing hair, they were also tasked with dyeing and shaving. The Greeks were very into beard trimming, which lead to the first barber shop in 2986 BC. Barber shops quickly became so common that the Romans even had a name for barber shops, “Tonstinae.” These early shops introduced the process of waxing, manicures, and pedicures. Strangely enough, it was mostly men that participated in these early beauty techniques. The demand for hair care only grew through time. By the time the 18th century rolled around, haircare was all about wigs. So hairdressers had no choice but to turn into wig makers as well. When wigs fell out of popularity in the 19th century, salons were deemed a bad place. By the 1600s, Europe men were tasked with styling women’s hair. One of the most popular hairdressers of the time was Champagne, who opened a hair salon in Paris and styled the hair of wealthy Parisian women until he passed away in 1658.

hair store near me

Many salons also double as hair stores in the modern age.

When did hair stores and salons gain popularity?

During the roaring 20s, beauty and hair finally became a prominent part of everyday life. This time period saw almost 25,000 hair salons open in the US. From the 1900s to the 20s, pins, hair dryers, perms, and hair color became increasingly popular. This age also saw the arrival of beauty and hair stores. Popular icons of the time rocked short bob hairstyles. Women like Coco Chanel were known for setting beauty trends and influencing cuts. At the time, many salons refused to cut women’s hair past a certain length. This lead many women to seek refuge in barber shops who would perform the edgy bob cuts for them. By the time the 1940s came about, beauty and hair stores were commonplace.Women loved browsing aisles of hairspray, relaxers, polishes, and other styling products. In the same vein, beauty salons became the go to place for women to escape from the boring perils of everyday life. They indulged in pampering and of course gossip with neighbors and friends.

Hair Store Near Me – Hair Store Facts

What to Buy

If you’re searching hair store near me, you may fall into the belief that the only thing worth buying at a hair store is hair care products, wigs, extensions, or dyes. Fortunately, most hair stores also double as beauty supply stores, which can be an untapped mecca of great and well priced beauty goods. What should you buy at your local hair or beauty supply store? One item you may not think of but tends to come in handy are disposable mascara wands. Not only do disposable mascara wands last a long time (they come in large packs), but they can be used in a multitude of ways. Many women use them to color on the pigment from a brow pencil or eyeliner to enhance browns. Others dip them into hair bleach for a baliage treatment. Many women also rub the wands into their favorite lip balms for a bit of exfoliation on the lips. Another great item to buy at the beauty supply store is towels. You may be thinking that you can buy towels anywhere, but the professional towels offered at beauty supply stores have something unique to offer. The towels offered at beauty supply stores are ultra lightweight, absorbent, and perfectly sized to fit the head. They are also designed to withstand staining from hair color, bleach from skincare items, and are fade resistant.

Most Popular Hair Store

Few people can search hair store near me without wanting to visit Sally Beauty Supply. In fact for many, Sally is the one stop shop for every hair and beauty need. Sally Beauty Supply began as a single operations store back in New Orleans in 1964. In 1969, consumer products company, Alberto-Culver, purchased what quickly grew to an 11 store operation. Mike Renuzulli, a former pharmacist, was employed as the brand manager. Nowadays, Sally is known for offering everything from hair care products, salon instruments. tools, beauty supplies, and skincare. They also employ knowledgeable employees who can help you to solve every beauty and hair issue you could ever possibly come across. Maybe your next trip to a hair store should be Sally Beauty supply!

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