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HEB, or Here Everything’s Better, is an American grocery store chain company. The business owns stores in both the United States and Mexico. Since being founded in the early 1900s, the company has grown to be one of America’s largest private companies. HEB is also among the largest retailers in America, and one of the largest food retailers too.

Today the company employs many thousands of staff members to work in its over three hundred locations across Mexico and America, with operations being controlled from its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. To find an HEB grocery store or supermarket in your area, just search for HEB near me.

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How did HEB begin?

In November of 1905, Florence Butt of Kerrville, Texas, opened the CC Butt Grocery Store on the ground floor of her family home in Kerrville. The business did not attempt to expand until many years later. In 1919, after returning from World War I, Florence’s youngest son Howard Edward Butt took over ownership of the business. He attempted to open a second location on four separate occasions, but none of these stores were successful, until finally in 1927, a successful second location was opened in Del Rio, Texas. Howard also later purchased three other stores in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. The company was renamed HEB to reflect Howard’s initials. Today the company remains in the Butt family, with Howard’s youngest son Charles Butt becoming president in 1971. Today Charles serves as chairman and CEO.

heb near me

A typical HEB storefront. HEB operates a few hundred stores, but hasn’t expanded from Texas and Mexico yet.

How large is HEB?

Today, HEB employs around 86 thousand staff members. The company owns 370 stores. The company only has a presence in Texas and Mexico. Attempts to expand business into other American states have not been successful so far. In 1996, the company opened its first store outside Texas, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, as part of a new type of store called HEB Pantry. The store did not prove to be popular enough with consumers, and by 2000 the HEB Pantry line was discontinued, and the Louisiana store was closed in 2003. HEB first entered the Mexican market in 1997, with a store opening in Monterrey, Mexico. By the end of 1999 there were six Mexican locations. There are 51 HEB locations in Mexico today. Today the Mexican headquarters of HEB are still in Monterrey. HEB competes with fellow American retailer Walmart in Mexico, as well as the local chains. HEB’s total revenue is over $21 billion per year.

Who are HEB’s main competitors?

As stated, HEB Mexico competes with Walmart Mexico. They also compete with other Mexican companies such as S-Mart and Casa Ley, and smaller grocery chains and businesses. In the United States, HEB is the thirteenth-largest private company, ahead of fellow food companies Gordon Food Services and Wegmans Food Markets, but behind C&S Wholesale Grocers. HEB was also voted “Progressive Grocer”’s Retailer of the Year in 2010. HEB is also twentieth on the National Retail Federation’s Top 100 Retailers. It is behind Walmart at 1, Kroger at 2 and Costco at 3, but ahead of Yum! Brands, Meijer and JC Penney. Because HEB does not operate in the USA outside of Texas, many of the larger grocery store brands and chains have an advantage over it.

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HEB Near Me – HEB Facts

Until the computer company Dell became private in 2013, HEB was Texas’ largest private company. In addition to all its stores, the HEB company also owns and operates several manufacturing facilities in Texas. These include one of the largest bread and milk processing centres in the American Southwest.

HEB sells several own-brand product lines in its stores. These include milk, ice cream, bread, snacks and ready-cooked meals. Several of these brands carry the HEB name, such as H-E-Buddy and H-E-B Mootopia. Others have unrelated names, like Central Market Organics or Hill Country Fair.

Central Market is a type of HEB store that differs from the normal stores by selling organic and international foods, including European-style bakeries and wine selections. There are eight Central Market stores in Texas, including two in Austin. HEB operates several other special types of stores, including H-E-B Plus. The Plus stores focus on entertainment and homewares rather than groceries and foods. There are currently a few dozen Plus stores across Texas.

Several HEB stores are combined with other third-party businesses, such as banks or cell phone kiosks. HEB has arrangements with Sprint-Nextel, Chase Bank, AT&T and Wells Fargo, among others. These other businesses share tenancy with HEB, and have a presence inside some of the HEB supermarkets. Apart from its true Mexican stores, the HEB company also operates many Latin-themed stores in America. These are named “Mi Tienda”, which is Spanish for “my store”. These stores offer typical Mexican food items such as tortillas. Some of the stores even have a Mexican restaurant named Cocina (kitchen) inside them! Cocina sells items such as tacos, tamales and chicharrones.

In 2010, HEB opened a new type of store. Named Joe V’s Smart Shop, the stores attempted to emulate fellow supermarket chain Aldi. The stores are smaller than the normal HEB supermarkets. They attempt to copy Aldi’s strategy of selling discount groceries. There are currently seven Joe V’s locations in Texas. Joe V was named after an HEB executive who helped to formulate the idea.

HEB is well known for donating five percent of its yearly earnings to charities. HEB donates to food banks in the areas surrounding its stores. In 2000, the company established an annual award, the Excellence in Education Award. Every year, Texan schools, teachers and administrators are recognized and awarded, including over $50 thousand of contributions in 2009. The company also operates a mobile food wagon, the H-E-B Eddie Garcia Mobile Kitchen, which it drives to disaster sites and offered free food and water to victims and emergency responders and volunteers. Following the explosion of a West Fertilizer Company fertilizer plant in the city of West, Texas in 2013, HEB donated $50 thousand to the American Red Cross.

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