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When looking for a bargain on clothing or home goods, the first stop you should make is your local consignment shop. Consignment shops are known to offer a great variety of goods at low prices. You can even earn some cash yourself if you have quality or gently used items that you’re looking to unload.

Are you eager to find a consignment shop near you? Simply browse consignment shops near me on the map below and find a list of consignment shops located within a close proximity to your current location. Looking for a bit more information on consignment shops? Just keep reading for interesting facts, trivia, and history! You might just learn something new!

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Consignment Shops Near Me – Consignment Shops Trivia

When did second hand clothing surge in popularity?

Consignment shops, thrift shops, and secondhand stores have always had popularity in America, but it was the beginning of the nineteenth century when second hand shopping truly surged. This is when second hand garments constituted the clothing market for a major portion of the population in both Europe and North America-except for the very rich of course. In a post World War II era of growth, affordable mass produced garments, a greater degree of income distribution, and growing purchasing power diminished second hand stores a bit, but a large segment of the population still had to frequent consignment shops and secondhand stores. Nowadays, secondhand clothing is more popular than ever, the market now offers a large variety of retro, vintage, and special garments. In developing nations, secondhand clothing is imported from the west as the prominent source of clothing.As you search consignment shops near me, consider how second hand clothing is a very responsible and and great way of scoring excellent clothing finds without breaking the bank or blowing your entire paycheck.

consignment shops near me

Consignment shops tend to offer a variety of items ranging from clothing to home goods.

True or false: At a consignment shop, you don’t get paid until the item sells.

Unlike thrift stores or second hand stores that offer cash for unwanted goods, a consignment shop will not pay you until the item sells. Consignment is when a shop sells goods for an owner. The owner keeps ownership of the item until it sells, if it sells at all. Not every item you give to a consignment shop will sell. In fact, many of them won’t. It’s all about what’s currently in demand and what people are looking for. As the owner of the item being sold, you’ll pay a small fee to the shop as a compensation for them selling your item. While this typically isn’t the best way to rid yourself of extra clothing, it can be a great way to sell big ticket items and home goods. Clothing is better off being donated to an agency such as the Salvation Army or sold to a thrift shop for a lower cut of profit. Say you’re going to cosign a bicycle for $20. Generally, when they sell your bicycle, they take around 50% of the price you’re asking. That means you’ll receive $10. If the bicycle wouldn’t sell at all, you would take your items home for no charge. Of course, some consignment shops will charge a consignment fee for taking up space and holding the item. Many will also charge an activation fee for initially putting the item onto the sales floor.

Consignment Shops Near Me – Consignment Shops Facts

Is Consignment Worth It?

In some ways yes and in some ways no. There are a few things to consider as you search consignment shops near me, especially if you’re planning on selling. If you’re planning on buying, consignment is a great way to get some goods that are in great shape for way less than market value. If you’re selling, a consignment shop can be both a good and a bad option. Consignment shops don’t tend to keep a ton of inventory, so one positive aspect is that your item has a lot less competition to contend with than say at a flea market or thrift store. Unfortunately, most consignment shops don’t have a ton of traffic coming through the door each day, unless it is located in a certain kind of area. This means it can take quite awhile to see any results or turn around for these shops. They’re not a great idea in generally if you need cash rather quickly. Consignment shops are worth your while if you’re not in a hurry and have quality items to sell. In terms of clothing, only go the consignment route if you have high end brands-think Coach or Louis Vuitton. Don’t waste your time trying to consign Forever 21 or H&M. Odds are you won’t make it out of there with more than a buck or two. If you’re planning on selling furniture, you’ll need either antique furniture or nearly new high end pieces. Anything that’s mass produced or coming from a place such as Ikea is not worth trying to sell. Auctions at consignment shops are hit or miss, meaning you might make out and you might not. As you search consignment shops near me, consider why you’re visiting and your exact needs. These stores are excellent for buyers, but not so much for sellers.

Know your Area

If you’re searching consignment shops near me, then it’s highly important for you to know the area you’re visiting. Low income areas won’t necessarily have quality or high end items. If you’re looking for name brands, it’s best to avoid consignment shops in these locations. It may be worth doing some driving to go to a higher income area. Some consignment shops have admitted to even selling brand new merchandise. Some will buy out a boutique or store when they go out of business, pick the inventory, and flip it to the customer. This can mean scoring a variety of name brand or brand new merchandise for less than 60% of the original cost. In other words, it’s all about location, location, location. Visit higher income areas and you’ll make out like a bandit.

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