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Your local Social Security Office is a wealth of tools and information when it comes to social security benefits. A trip to the office can help you straighten out issues ranging from social security benefits, social security insurance, disability, and survivor’s benefits. With a friendly knowledgeable staff and reasonable wait times, this office is of the utmost importance to the American public.

Are you interested in finding a social security office near you? Simply browse Social Security Office near me on the map below and find the closest social security office to your location. Need a bit more information on social security? Read on for facts and trivia on this storied American benefit.

Social Security Office Near Me – Find it on the Map

Social Security Office Near Me – Social Security Office Trivia

When was social security first created?

While searching Social Security Office near me, consider that social security hasn’t really existed for that long in the grand scheme of America’s history. The Social Security Act wasn’t signed into law until August 14, 1935 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In addition to containing several provisions to welfare, the Social Security Act created a safety net program designed to pay retired workers aged 65 or older a continued wage after retirement. Not only did the act give peace of mind to an aging population who wasn’t certain as to what retirement age would bring, bought it sought to address the long range problem of economic security for the elderly. Through a system of contribution, workers contributed their own funds to the benefits program for future use.

social security office near me

Despite being a remarkable program, many Social Security Office buildings are very plain an unassuming in appearance.

What is your social security benefit amount based on?

It can be confusing to American workers to know just what the amount they’ll earn on social security is based on. Benefit amounts are based on when an individual begins taking benefits, their full retirement age, and how many years they have worked up until the point of retirement. While an individual can retire at a certain age, the Social Security Administration definitely has rules as to when an individual has reached the age of “full retirement.” This age currently rests between 66 and 67 years old depending on an individual’s year of birth. If an individual takes social security before the age of full retirement they receive reduced benefits. Those who delay past full retirement age, up until age 70, can have their benefit amounts increased.

True or false: Social security numbers were introduced in 1936 to keep track of hobos.

If searching Social Security Office near me you likely have a social security number. Did you know that social security numbers were first introduced in 1936 so that the government could keep track of hobos. The government needed a system to keep track of the various earning histories of US workers (many of whom at the time took free train rides to less destitute locations) so that they could also receive benefits from FDR’s newly launched social security benefits program.

Social Security Office Near Me – Social Security Office Facts

How Your Social Security Number Came To Be

Were you born before 2011? If so, your social security number was generated using a very complex system. The first three numbers of your social security reflect the zip code of the social security office that issued the card. This is most likely somewhere near where you were born if you were put right into the system after birth. Like zip codes, the numbers increase from east to west across the entire US. The next two numbers are your specific group number. Group numbers are between 01 and 99 and were assigned in the order in which a person applied in a particular area. The last four numbers, also known as the serial number, were doled out as each social security application was officially processed.

When You Go So Does Your Number

While searching Social Security Office near me, you may be wondering just what happens to our individual numbers after we pass on. Are they like cell phone numbers that go on to be reissued to others? The answer is no. According to the Social Security Administration when you die, your number dies with you. It will never be issued again. The office claims that there are plenty of numbers to last for generations to come and that at this current time there is absolutely no need to reissue old numbers. Of course, if you’re assigned a new number while living, the old one will still be attached to you and you alone. It will be cross referenced on your record so that all of your earnings from both time periods can be credited to you and you alone.

You Can Change Your Number For Cultural Reasons

Maybe you’re searching Social Security office near me because it’s in your firm belief that your number contains bad juju. If so, you’re not alone. If you can prove to the Social Security Office that you have cultural or religious issues due to your particular string of numbers, you can request a new number. You’ll just have to provide (some pretty hefty) documentation from your religious group proving that the number is actually a cultural issue. Other reasons you can get a new number include the issue of identity theft, harassment due to a certain number, or someone else is using the same number. You know, in case your evil twin finally comes out of the woodwork to finally take what they feel is rightfully theres. Of course, the average American rarely changes their number or even remembers most of the digits on a regular basis.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I need to change my automatic deposit to a different bank. Would like a phone number for Crowley, Tx.

  2. Carlos cano Loaiza ss079602500 says:

    Buenos días es para cambiar mi dirección y saber si como ago para que me depositen el cheque de ayuda de 600 en mi cuenta

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    Need a direct direct number to social security office in Carlsbad nm 88220

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    I need a letter stating proof of income.

  5. Dwayne Fredrick says:

    I need to know why I have not received my back pay that I’ve requested several times.

  6. Dwayne Fredrick says:

    I need to know why I have not received my back pay that I’ve requested several times.

  7. Carlos Martinez says:

    I like to make an appointment in Lawrence ma. Office

  8. Jeannine Beasley says:

    I am wondering why my SS benefit for 2018 was around $10,000 more than 2017 & 2019.

  9. Jeannine Beasley says:

    I would like to make an in-person appointment at my local SS office. Is that possible?

  10. Joseph Scott says:

    I am having monies deducted from my SSI account . What for ??

  11. elizabeth snyder says:

    My husband passed away and I need an appointment to talk to someone. Phone number is 214-476-5255 or home phone is 903-560-0057.

  12. Gloria Maddux says:

    Recently moved to Georgia from Virginia. I receive social security benefits. Do I need to advise or make a change with SSA?

  13. Corazon B.Sevilla says:

    where can i find the scheduling via skype of pensioner checking update status?

  14. Brandy Adair says:

    I’m trying to login in and check the status of my direct deposit and it won’t let me

  15. janet lee pryor says:

    recently I married and I need to change my name with Social Security as soon as possible . Im not sure if walk-ins at Franklin Square are permitted or do I need an appointment. Also, not sure if a name change can be completed through facetime or the like.

  16. Julio De Jesus says:

    I m 92 years old and a Korean Veteran. My question is where is the $1200.00 stimulus check that President Trump send us thru your offices? I have known of various person that have not received and know nothing about the whereabouts of the checks

  17. GLENN D SORENSEN says:


  18. john hooker says:

    I need too change my. Bank Account ? Back too Woodforest National
    Bank ?

  19. isabel says:

    i badly need a social security number. when will offices reopen? i live in oak lawn illinois

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    Husband dies! SS knows will they automatically give me husbands monthly amount (slightly higher) or do I have to go to SS office?

  21. Alberto says:

    Need to change my mailing address

  22. Darlene kasmouski says:

    I need to schedule a appt.

  23. Doris Bowsher says:

    I need to change my bank account asap and can’t get thru the info on line Neither can I get into my email account

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    Which office is closest to 02538

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    I am trying to reach someone name M.Wells at 4109661441 concerning some paper work I received my name is Samantha Colburn 9144133860.Does she have a email I can contact her on

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    Need to get my sons SS# to add him on my taxes

  27. jobeth allison says:

    i need the hotsprings office in arkansas a email to contact a working about my file !!! It is real enportant i have been on the phone trying to get InTouch with two diffent workers on e that done my paper work & another one that said she would take care of it & that was last fir.

  28. Linda M Ziemer says:

    Are local social security offices open at this time?

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    I need a updated award letter

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    Did not receive my ss check

  33. Delores Hilton says:

    Did not receive my ssn check

  34. Cornelius j. Fabre Jr. says:

    ON THIRD ST. 318 32 9029



  36. Janice Spayd says:

    I want the address of the Social security office in Smyrna or Dover area.

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    I need the address to the social security office for villa park dupage count

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    I need a new ss #. My current # is my ss. #

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    where is the closest office in my zip 08054?

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    Where is the social security office in Dekalb county illinois

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    i like to make an appointment regarding enrolling for Medicare.
    I live in Chicago, Illinois 60652

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    How can I get my deceased husbands 1099 for tax purposes

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    I want to know if i can apply for sassa people wth 1 eyes their are able to apply for grant

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    I would like to know what my February are going to be.

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    I need to make an appointment to visit the social security office of Sarasota, Florida. What number do I call? I have no idea about Medicare or social security, completely confused, and tried signing up on line and they said no records of me.

  46. Denise says:

    Do I need an appointment to Come to your Torrance Calif location to have some questions answered! Or can i walk-in?

  47. Kevin Kram says:

    Even though we have been divorced, we still live together. We have never stopped living together, now as of yesterday, she passed away. We lived together for about 42 years. Can I claim suvivors benefits ?

  48. Kathy smith Social Security office in Thousand Oaks California I need an appointment please senem says:

    My husband died
    I Have been on hold for one hour 26 minutes to get through to your Social Security office in Thousand Oaks California I need an appointment please send me an email my name is Kathy Smith my phone number is 805-657-9055

  49. Mary says:

    What are office hours?

  50. Deena Houser says:

    I need to apply for additional help with medicarer

  51. narendra puran says:

    my dad was living in the us permanently but now hes returned home to guyana the problem is hes 69 years old and he sent his documents up to the usa for his brother to apply for his pension but its been over six months and no word yet

  52. john mccarty says:

    My wife and I have not received our benefits letter for 2020

  53. Aleathea Thomas-Diallo says:

    This is the worse website I have ever seen or tried to navigate through.

  54. J H mynahan says:

    NEEd office location near 15218

  55. william Salter says:

    How do I change my address ?

  56. DIANE GRIFFIN says:

    need to make appt receive a letter regarding security benefits ask to make appt

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    Is hearing loss in both a medical disability

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    where is the nearest social security office to Voorhees n.j.

  59. E. Ziegler says:

    I have received two phone calls today saying their is a suspension notice on my SS# due to fraudulent activity on my card. The call came from 512-846-7909. Let me know what is going on.

  60. gladys blekney says:

    im loking for a way to make an appt. at SS office at office on Sarno blvd in melbourne fl

  61. Barclay McLeod says:


  62. Barclay McLeod says:

    I want to talk to somebodybody

  63. Wanda Galia says:

    Question: “Can people on Social Security live abroad (Italy) and still receive Social Security Benefits? If so, what are the requirements? Please advise! I love the United states, but I would like to spend some time in Italy, the land of my ancestors. Thank YOU!

  64. Bongsook Lee says:

    want to make appointment with ssc council

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    Need address of South Jordan, Utah Social Security office

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    I need the social security card that has letters , so the bus drivers wont have my social security numbers. I’d like the social security number with letters on it. I know my regular cards numbers , but when I get on a bus I havd to show them that I am on social security.Please help me.TY

  67. Mark Lowerre says:

    Can I make an appointment at the nearest Social Security office to correct the start date of my Medicare Part B date that appears on my Medicare card?

  68. Denise Wall says:

    I need a phone number for the alexandria,la office.

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    Need phone number for Social Security office in Ft. Lauderdale.

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    I need a ss office location near Sun City West AZ 85375-1957

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    How do I reset my pass word?

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    I need kown where the nearest social security office. In kansas city Kansas

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    So you have to have a My Social Security Account in order to apply for retirement benefits?

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    Where are you located at in Columbia mo

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    I need assistance right away. My bank account was hacked and was told I should contact Soc. Security so I could receive my Soc.Sec. check to be deposited into my new checking account.

  76. Barbara Ann Grondzki says:

    I moved from Woodstock, Ga to Cedar Bluff, Alabama 35959
    and need to have my Social Security Check transferred to my REGIONS Bank Acct at 0275107066. I closed my accounts at the Sun Trust Bank. I receive my checks on a Wednesday so I don’t want it deposited to Sun Trust Bank Acct #061000104 1000186961057because I closed my Account. THANK YOU!
    Barbara Grondzki

  77. Richard Saunders says:

    I need a new card

  78. Betty Tinker Bagley says:

    What are your hours of operation?

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    I want the office of ss in pompano Beach

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    I didn’t receive my social security check yet

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    I live in Pennsylvania. Can go to West Virginia to get a social security card rplacement?

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    need address of social security office in Omaha Ne.

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    what is the address of the social security place on 63rd and cottage grove


    Where is the social security office in Cherry Hill,NJ and what are the hours?

  85. Dorothy Shomo says:

    Where is the Social Security office in Dearborn, MI and what are the hours?

    Where is the Social Security Office in Dearborn, MI and what are the hours?

  86. Nancy Anglese says:

    do you have a phone number for the sterling illinois social security office? I need to call and get an estimate of “survisorship” benefits on my husband. Thank you.

  87. Reca L. Wright says:

    I would like to schedule an appointment to change my legal name as a result of marriage at the Cocoa SS office.

  88. Judith Delucchi says:

    Please have phone # for Walnut Creek Social Security Office

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    I like an appointment to file for SS benefits from my ex husband

  90. Amy Salvage says:

    How do we change our address for our Social Security Benefits check?

  91. Elissa cheng says:

    Strange phone call referring to my state of affairs
    Concerning my ss number

  92. Doug Caines says:

    How can I contact social security regarding retirement if I am outside the US. the 800 number only works within th US

  93. Sandra Brown says:

    need to make an appointment

  94. Patricia Burgess says:

    Need a copy of a W-2 for year ending 2018

  95. Lateshia Edler says:

    Hi my son Nicholas edler need a SSI check something wrong with my son he had learn disability inside of him

  96. Gail says:

    Where is the closest SS office to Cornwall NY 12518

  97. frank t fox says:

    need to make appointment

  98. gladyspierceq says:

    I need a mailing address
    for the Social Security office in El Paso, Tx.

  99. eloy saavedra says:

    need to make an appointment today 6/21/ 2019 this afernoon

  100. eloy saavedra says:

    need to make an appointment

  101. Kristine Scott says:

    address of social security office on Front Street, San Diego

  102. Brenda Johnson says:

    I want to know, Is the Social Security Office phone numbers (810)746-7168?

  103. Ingrid says:

    I just called SSA main number and waited over 20 min, then the system was down and operator couldn’t help me. Ok. Things happen. Problem is she wasn’t even listening to my questions. I kept having to ask same question over again. She was about 20% on the phone with me and 80% doing something else (way more important to her.)

  104. angelita STRAUSE says:

    need phone number for SS office near me My zip code is 78239

  105. Rich Johnson says:

    Need address for SS Offices in Oakland & Berkeley, CA

  106. cheriyl zinski says:

    need phone number for office near me my zip id 98107

  107. Elizabeth A Scheibein says:

    I would like to make an appt for the EHT office

  108. Dorothy S Alair says:

    I want to make an appointment at the Bradenton FL 34208 office
    in the month of August 2019.
    I would like to come in on August 2nd between your hours of 9-4.

  109. Connie Hopwood says:

    I need the number of the direct Social Security Office in San Marcos Ca!! I think it starts with an (888)area code!!

  110. marshall james parrish says:

    social security office hours

  111. Sandy Farnsworth says:

    I just want to know the hours at the Besumont Social Securiry office!!

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    address of leesburg florida social security office

  113. Victor says:

    I need to apply for SSN for my schooling in USA

  114. Edwin Kuny says:

    I would like to make an appointment with an agent in the San Marcos, TX Social Security Office

  115. Dwain Galle says:

    Wish to have direct deposit change to saving account. Hoow to

  116. Rodger Bottrell says:

    I have been getting calls, supposedly from the social security admin. And the voice mail says I am going to be prosecuted for fraudulent activity. They want me to call them back. I wonder if this is some kind of scam. I haven’t called yet.



  118. Bernadina M Bittlingmeyer says:

    I need to know if there is a scam. Someone called and said they are going to suspend my social security number if I don’t contact them.

  119. SCOTT SIMS says:

    Hello I just got this bill in the mail from medicare and I don’t need this. Can I make an appointment and so I can get this stoped until I really need it.

    • C Rothseid says:

      I am sure this is a scam. I have received numerous calls from (941) 727-3242 advising that my social security number has been suspended. Please contact me so that I can be assured that everything is okay.

  120. Maria Simmons says:

    I want to make an appointment to the social security office on 115 Freeport st in Dorchester as soon as possible please thank you.

  121. alfreda fields says:

    the number that has been left on my voice mail is incorrect will someone call me back.

  122. John J. Baldwin says:

    I have been trying to apply for Medicare on line, but the system says it does not recognize me even though I do have a Social Security card.
    Can I apply for Medicare at the Columbia, MD office?

  123. Gary Collins says:

    Hello, my father just passed away on December 13-2018 I was $ 20,000 in dept so I took out a loan for $ 15,000 about a year ago and paid off my loan and credit cards and I have $ 1,500 left. I am on housing and Social security and have proof of everything. There’s still $ 18,000 in stock that I haven’t touched yet I can’t get around much as I have advanced heart failure, avascular necrosis and other problems, is there anyway I can get one of your workers to visit me? My truck is not running and can’t get around. Please help, I paid all my bills online so have proof, just don’t know what to do next. Thank you,

  124. Dennis Silva says:

    would like to schedule a app on line at ss office

  125. bonnie says:

    can’t get to website where I can make an appointment at the social security office

  126. Trevlin M, Strong says:

    I need to change my banking information. I live in Comanche County Texas at 4724 Hwy 1496. I have tried on line and just got stuck waiting for 20 minutes before I hung up. Where can I get a form to change this information.

  127. Anne L Scott says:

    Hours of operation for Lewes, DE SS office

  128. Judith Milliken says:

    I received call from someone claiming he is from Social Security Administration. Cell No 410-753-2823 Pikesville, Md. Stating there were issues with my social security account. I am from Mass. I said nothing and hung up. I am wondering if this is legitimate or not? Should I be concerned?

  129. Charlotte Dixon says:

    I have not received my w2 from Social Security, How do I get it or a copy//I live in Granite City Il 62040.

  130. lOIS gREEN says:


  131. John Mark says:

    Is there a Social Security office in Hanover Pa. & where is it located ? Thank you.

  132. Fred Leimer says:

    I would like to retire, but your website is shit, just like your “service”.

  133. Louie Leon says:

    To Concern : My wife would like to know about the Medicare part A ONLY ,SHE WENT THE OFFICE here in Watsonville Ca. 95076 and they said that she needs to back to the job where she works and ask about this matter ,but the paper said she needs to go to the SS OFFICE FOR THIS INFORMATION .mR. lOUIE lEON @831-588-6759 ,PLEASE ME ON THE MATTER .

  134. Cecilia Mercon says:

    I will leave to Manchester, U.K. In March 2019 to work as a missionary with refugees. I will not need the Medicare. How can I proceed

  135. Patricia M. Tack says:

    I need the address for a Social Security office near me.
    My address is: 148 Beale Avenue
    Leechburg, PA 15656

  136. johny walker says:

    dear sir/ms:

    my wife is 71 and I,m 75, we live in Winston salem n.c. in the clemmons are. I would like to find out if I die does my wife get my s/s check and if she dies first do I get hers?also does n.c. have adeath law that taxes the person affected? also does the head of house/hold have to have a will if there is no property or stock or ownership or houses involved?

    thank you for your time.

    johny and jean walker

  137. Joyce L Padilla says:

    Someone is working with my SS number how can I fix it? For the last two years IRS has taken my refund.

  138. John R Hinds says:

    I will be 65 on 12/15/2019. I know I have to apply for Medicare 3 months prior to my birthday. Sept 15 is on a Sunday in 2019. Do I apply on Sept 13 or Sept 16?

  139. Ronda says:

    I live in Spring Branch, TX. What is the office nearest to me?

  140. Stewart Pumphrey says:

    I need to start my retirement on 7 Jan 2019. I have already turn in plan A and need to start Plan B

  141. Jerry Ellis says:

    I just received a call stating my social security office was processing a fraud case against me. I think it is an attempt at fraud. I tried to contact the ss office. and they stated I could talk to someone after an hour wait. I’m 77 I may die before they answer, Just a notice to be careful, the bad guys are out there.

  142. Wahibe Karl Anthony says:

    I live in Huntsville Ontario. and am trying to get your office ib Buffalo NY. I am applying for my wife. My U S M C service # is 037-36-7198 Can you help me Please.

  143. veda says:

    need social security off website for Lufkin texas

  144. JOHN J HOPKINS says:

    What is the address of the social security office near me in cherry hill?
    MY zip code is 08052 Maple Shade.

  145. judy C. thorpe says:

    How do I change my address?

  146. Ellen M. Zeena says:

    I am in need of extra funds. I receive 926$ per month. I receive half of my ex-husband’s social security benefits. He is in a nursing home. I am 78 and have many health issues. I no longer can pay all my bills and must change many of my costs. My Visa bill is over $7000. I have no money left for anything. Life is difficult Please help me to understand if there is any thing more I can receive. Thankkk you.emz

  147. Charles Gilbert says:

    We have change banks . I want to know what to do about our SS checks the said that they would take care of it. Is that true

  148. Tonya Liea Tillery Camp says:

    Need an appointment, cant get through to an agent over the phone for the Carrollton,Ga office.

  149. Jacki says:

    Would like to schedule appt,mer

  150. George D. Dunbar says:

    What are the working hours at the Manila International Social Security office?

  151. Terri Ann Evans says:

    I send a form from Ecuador to social security administration POBox7162 Wilkes barre pa 18767-7162 D h L states they problelly be sending it back because they need address and no POBox I need urgently address the form I send is SSA-7162-OCR-SM

  152. Richard L. Neva says:

    There is no address for my local Social Security Office in Binghamton, New York. This was a waste of time!

  153. Keith Davis says:

    Why is my social security disability money taxable



  155. Bertha l. Smedley says:

    Appointment on line

  156. Nelson Esmurria Torruella says:

    I don’t remember my SS number and lost my card what can I do?

  157. peggie Broadhead says:

    Columbiana, Shelby, Alabama Social Office Phone Number

  158. Susaan says:

    I need an appointment to change my address so I can find a primary care physician asap

  159. Angela Galston says:

    What is your guys fax number in Madison with thank u

  160. Angela Forrester says:

    My son gets benefits because he is autistic. I just learned of treatment in Mexico that I would like to try. Its a 3 month tre?atment. Will his benefit be suspended if he stays out of the us for 3 months

  161. Mary Carter says:

    Need to summit review for EBT card in response to Letter received from ACCESS CENTRAL MAIL CENTER (NOTICE OF ELIGIBILITY REVIEW) Please contact me by e-mail for I am in a wheelchair and it is very difficulty for me to travel.

  162. Linda Sunkel says:

    I would like to know why Social Security earnings are taxable when you start getting payments in retirement when we have already had to pay taxes on those dollars when we initially earned those dollars? That money should be tax-free to all recipients. We are being taxed to death in this country. I understand being taxed on deferred dollars like 401K, but not on something that you have already paid taxes on once already.