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Tires worn out and you need a new set? Did something happen to puncture a tire and it can’t be repaired? Maybe you are in the market for new winter tires, so you can go skiing. Whatever the reason you are looking for a set of new tires or to get your tires rotated, repaired or replaced, Discount Tire is there for you.

Just check out the Discount Tire Near Me Map below. It will show you the locations of all of the Discount Tire service centers in your area. Just click on a location and it will give you the address, phone number and hours of operation. It will also give you reviews from past customers, just to make sure that it is the location you want to go to, and a link to the company website. With a few clicks, you can also get directions from where you are, so you can find the quickest way to get your tire services taken care of.

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Discount Tire Hours of Operation

Discount tire has fairly consistent hours between its branches. Week days, you will normally find them open at 8am and closing at 6pm. Saturday’s they will be open at 8am and close at 5pm. On Sunday, you will generally find all of their locations closed. So, as long as it isn’t Sunday, you are in luck, as their hours are pretty much universal to all of the locations around the country.

discount tire near me

Discount Tire has a NASCAR car that it sponsors.


Outside of just selling tires, Discount Tire will cover all of the major services that your vehicle’s tires need.
Balancing – Balancing your car’s tires is important to make sure that your car rides both smoothly and gets a balanced wear of the tread. The good thing is, when you purchase tires from Discount Tire, they will do this using state-of-the-art computers to ensure the best balancing and the service is free, as long as it is with tires purchased from them.


Rotation is something that you want to regularly do to your tires every 6,000 – 8,000 miles. You rotate the tires to ensure that the wearing of the tire tread is evenly distributed between all of the tires. This is another service that Discount Tire offers free for tires purchased through them.

Flat Repair

Did you get a nail in your tire? Well, if it can be safely repaired, Discount Tire will make sure that it is done safely, so that you don’t need to purchase a new tire; however, if you can’t get it repaired, they will also do their best to help you out. They will only repair tires in accordance with RMA Recommended Procedures.

Air Check

Air Pressure Checking is another free service that Discount Tire offers. It is always important to check your air pressure for maximum performance of your car. Poorly inflated tires waste gas and over inflated tires are dangerous for various reasons. So, be sure to get your tires regularly checked for their air pressure.

Winter Tire Changeover

While tires may be called “all season” they really aren’t great in the winter. You need to be sure to get your tires changed over if you are planning on driving in temperatures below 47 °F (7 °C). Below those temperatures, the regular all season tires don’t grip properly and you will not be able to stop as safely. Driving on snow and ice is even more dangerous. Just like above those temperatures, winter tires don’t perform as well and wear down a lot quicker.


A TPMS notification is a notification on a vehicle that shows that your tire pressure is running low. If this light comes on, be sure to address it promptly as a number of things can be causing it from a flat tire to a poorly inflated tire.

Discount Tire Near Me – Discount Tire Facts

Discount Tire History

Discount Tire was started in 1960, in Ann Arbor, by Bruce Halle. When he started the place he didn’t have very much to work with. He had rented an old plumbing store and cleaned the place up. He only had 6 tires in stock and didn’t even own an air compressor.

With no business plan, and no advertisement besides a sign that he had painted and hung himself, no one really knew that he existed. It took several days just to get in a customer and several more before he finally sold a tire.
For the first while, Bruce had to do everything. He was the only salesman, technician, accountant, advertiser, cleaner and pretty much the workhorse of his business. Due to the fact that he had no air compressor to fill up the tires that he was selling, he had to rush the tires across the street to a nearby gas station to fill them up after they got sold and then bring them back.

Over the next several decades the company proved to be successful. By 1990 Discount Tire had grown to over 200 stores and celebrated its 500th store opening in 2002. Today, the company has over 900 stores in 31 different states, so it isn’t everywhere, but you have a great chance of finding a location when you search Discount Tire Near Me.
Discount Tire has managed to make two strong records to its name. First, it is the world’s largest independent tire retail company. That is right, the company is still owned privately and not listed on any stock market. Which means not shareholders to please besides the independent parties who hold it. The second record comes from its extremely long running commercial known as “Thank You”.

The ”Thank You” commercial managed to win the Guinness Book of World Records award for the longest running commercial in 2005. The Hollywood Radio & Television Society also awarded the commercial the World’s Best Broadcast Advertisement in 1997. The commercial is pretty simple and lasts only 10 seconds long. The commercial just has an elderly lady throw a tire through a Discount Tire store window and then there is a voice over that says, “If ever you’re not satisfied with one of our tires, please feel free to bring it back. It is short, simple and always enjoyable to watch. It is likely one of the most viewed commercial of all time given the length of its run.

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