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If you’re looking for banking services like refinancing a mortgage or building credit, try the bank labeled the #1 most ethical bank, U.S. Bank! They are one of the top bankers in the nation, and offer a services for all kinds of financial growth situations.

If you are need of some smart investment advice and planning, need reliable checking and savings accounts, or are just in the market to start a business and need a loan, U.S. Bank can help you. Search for a “U.S. Bank near me” and find 1 of the 3,133 banks available!

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U.S. Bank Near Me – U.S. Bank Trivia

Did you know?

Charles Lindbergh used U.S. Bank to fund one of his famous flights!

us bank near me

The U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

Who is Robert Morris and what does he have to do with banking?

This man had a great deal under his belt. He signed the Declaration of Independence, he funded the revolutionary war, he was the chairman of several committees in the government, and one if his other big accomplishments was forming the first commercial bank, the Bank of North America in Philadelphia. He is also considered the founding father of credit!

Before we had the banking system we have today, the regulating of banks was all a state issue and of no concern to the federal government. When the National Bank Act happened, that all changed and allowed a uniform system through the nation.

Why do more accountants work in NY?

If you make it into this high growth career field, hope to move East to the big apple. Accountants in New York make over 70,000 a year! Not bad at all!

Did you know?

The Word “Check” was derived from chess, when a playing piece was put into a check, a limited amount of choices. Need to cash a check? Check out “U.S. Bank near me.”

The first credit card was made by of course one of the top credit card companies around, American Express.

Think that weird copper smell comes from your coins?

Nope. The metal smell from handling change is actually the oils from your skin after touching the metal. Who would have thought?

True or False: Paper money carries microbes around for 17 days.

True! The scary thing about the money that you carry around and touch every day, is that it’s more filthy than a toilet! Many varieties of bacteria and Viruses live on money, both paper and coins. many forms of Staph, E. Coli, and H. Pylori. Yuck.

Ever worry about obtaining a counterfeit bill?

There are two sure fire ways to check your bill’s authenticity. One, be sure to check for the shiny holograph of Abe Lincoln’s face. Also look for a thin line that will tell you the value of the bill when you hold it up to the light. If you don’t find these things, they it isn’t real money!”

U.S. Bank Near Me – U.S. Bank Facts

To know a bit about U.S. Bank, you have to know about the founding of the company as well. It was not considered U.S bank for quite a while, and was the product of several different bank mergers beginning in the late 1800s. In the process of many small banks combining and purchasing more banks, Fire Star bank finally bought the First bank and kept the name U.S. Bancorp.

U.S. banks is in 25 states, but offers global services as well. Some of the services they provide are split into financial category types. Some payment services provided are debit, credit, and checks and gift card processing and healthcare payment. The corporate banking portion is in charge with foreign finance, small businesses, housing, and lager commercial businesses.

In regards to the protection of wealth, U.S. Banks serve wealthy individuals as well as corporations and non profits. They help with funding, stocks, trusts, and investments with these types of clients. They also work with home lenders and perspective buyers, and students also.

U.S Bank deals with a lot of checks. The money carriers handle 15 Million checks everyday and the company processes Billions of checks a day. They are considered the fifth largest check handling bank in the Country.

There are several loan and line of credit options for U.S. Bank customers. Buying a new home? Looking for that new car smell? How about a cross country road trip? With Home Equity, Car loans, RV loans, and even boat loans, there is really nothing you can’t pay for. Looking into opening a line of credit perhaps? Check out a “U.S. Bank near me” today!

Being one of the best banks is this company’s main goal. It was ranked #3 in best customer service, and ranked #36 out of 235 banking companies around. It’s no surprise that they are doing so well!

Banking on the go has never been easier in this day and age. U.S. Banks has a lot of great online banking options like online bill paying, mobile banking, account access, and even investment services are done online.

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