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Looking for the right furniture to suit your unique tastes? A trip to Ashley Furniture might just help you to find the new furniture you’ve been looking for. From sofas and love seats to dining room tables and dressers, Ashley Furniture has been known for producing high quality and trend driven furniture for decades.

Are you interested in finding an Ashley Furniture near you? Simply browse Ashley Furniture near me on the map below and find a list of dealers in your area. Need a bit more information on Ashley Furniture? How about some tips on finding the best furniture deals? Read on for facts, trivia, tips and more!

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Ashley Furniture Near Me – Ashley Furniture Trivia

True or false: Ashley furniture is the world’s largest furniture retailer.

Ashley Furniture has always been known for producing quality pieces that don’t break the bank, but are they actually the world’s largest furniture retailer? Consider this as you search Ashley Furniture near me. According to statistics, Ashley has been the world’s largest furniture manufacturer since 2005. They sell more than 6,000 different items both in stores and on their online website. Looking to save some money on your next furniture purchase? This retailer always launches major sales on the following holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day, New Years, and President’s Day. If you’re looking for deals year round, just check the Ashley website. Unlike at their physical stores, you can find closeout deals everyday of the year online. Sofas, furniture sets, tables, and more are all discounted by up to 75 percent. That’s a big savings no matter what budget you have!

ashley furniture near me

Ashley Furniture is one of the world’s most prominent furniture retailers.

What is the best month to score furniture deals?

Though you’ll always find great deals on furniture during Federal Holidays, there is one month that boasts more savings than any other. What is the best month to buy furniture? Read this as you search Ashley Furniture near me. According to buyers, most furniture retail stores, including Ashley, markdown most of their furniture during the month of February. This is the time of year when retailers are making room for their annual furniture launches which typically occur in March or April. If you’re looking to buy new furniture and still want a trendy piece without breaking the bank, try and hold off until February if you can. Of course, when you buy furniture is entirely up to your needs and the needs of your family. Just know that federal holidays and the month of February are typically the best months for one to buy furniture. Waiting could just pay off in the long run when it comes to furniture!

Ashley Furniture Near Me – Ashley Furniture Facts

Always Consider Your Lifestyle

Buying furniture is a great way to update your home, but not every style will be a good fit for your particular lifestyle. As you search Ashley Furniture near me, consider your lifestyle and exact needs before stepping foot in the furniture store. Experts recommend that you always let your lifestyle determine exactly what colors and fabrics you choose, not a trend board on Pinterest. For example, if you own a very large hyper dog who loves to climb on furniture, bringing home a white suede couch probably isn’t going to be the best idea. If you have a family with pets or kids, always stick with dark colors and stain resistant fabrics. The most durable fabrics for high use are linen or tweed. If you have pets you’ll want to avoid leather as it can easily be scratched by longer nails or a lot of activity. When buying furniture you should also be cognizant of your color choices and how they’ll age over time. Think about how you might feel about that orange chair or floral printed couch in a year. If you think it’s something you might tire of rather quickly, move along to a more neutral palette. While it can be tempting to go bold with your furniture, stick to neutral pieces that can easily be updated with bright pillows or accents. You can change your throw pillows for $20, it will cost you several thousand more to change out your couch.

Always Test the Cushions

If you’re searching Ashley Furniture near me in hopes of finding the perfect couch, there’s one thing every expert recommends doing: test the cushions. While you can score some great deals by purchasing furniture online, it’s always best if you can see a couch in person and test the cushions. When buying a couch, always look for firm cushions with a removable cover matching on both sides. Firm cushions tend to hold up better over time than very soft ones. Fully covered cushions will cost you a bit more than ones with pattern on one side and a plan backing, but they will last far longer and wear more evenly because you’ll be able to flip them every couple of months. Always go with removable covers so you can take them off to wash them a few times a year.

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