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When our beloved four legged friends get sick, it is a veterinarian we turn to for care, compassion, and treatment. Veterinarians perform various roles ranging from diagnostic testing, treatment of the ailment, therapies, and even surgery or wound care.

Are you interested in finding a Veterinarian near you? Simply browse veterinarian near me for a comprehensive list of veterinarians in your area. Need a bit more information on veterinarians? Read on for facts and trivia on veterinary care in the US!

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Veterinarian Near Me – Veterinarian Trivia

True or false: The history of veterinary care goes back to 3000 BC.

This fact is 100% true! If you’re searching veterinarian near me, then you are likely pretty interested in finding out just how far back humans have been treating animals. The answer is; pretty far back. The story of veterinary medicine has roots in 3000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia when a man by the name of Urlugaledinna professed himself to be an “expert in healing animal ailments.” From this point forward in history, there are references to veterinarians and veterinary practices mentioned in historical texts, literature, and even in medical journals. Proving that healing our animal friends has always been a major priority of mankind, even when humanity was just learning how to treat people medically.

veterinarian near me

A certified vet performing a diagnostic test on a puppy.

What year was the influential London Veterinary School Opened?

Though the first veterinary school ever opened in France in 1761, it was the London Veterinary School that set the standard for veterinary practice both in Europe and abroad. The college was officially started in 1791, when veterinary science was truly developed and a professional group formed to study animal medicine. Initially all veterinary care centered on horses and it remained that way for several years thereafter because of the need of the army. Over time, interests grew to include cattle and livestock. Eventually dogs and companion animals became the major focus.

What unique specialities can a veterinarian possess?

Rest assured that while you’re searching veterinarians near me you can find a vet with a wide range of specialities. Much like a medical physician, a veterinarian has lots of options to specialize in certain areas. Once certified as a veterinarian, vets can choose to undergo intensive training on specialities such as cardiology, radiology, dentistry, dermatology, oncology, internal medicines, surgery, and preventative animal medicine. With so many specialty veterinarians there will always be a doctor to meet your pet’s unique needs.

Veterinarian Near Me – Veterinarian Facts

The Various Roles of a Veterinarian

Like every job in the world, a veterinarian never performs just one role. Though everyday has a routine, there is almost always an incident or emergency that will bring a different set of problems or difficulties to the day. From emergency surgeries to delivering a litter of puppies, a veterinarian must learn how to multi-task and quickly assess urgent situations with a logical mind. With great judgement, a veterinarian can make a decision that is good for your pet in matter of moments. While emergencies happen, veterinarians place a major focus on preventative care to help keep emergency situations from ever arising in the first place. Veterinarians also pride themselves as being the best source of care for an animal that has been injured or hurt. If you’re searching veterinarian near me, you can bet that whoever you find will offer top care to your favorite fuzzy companion.

The Essential Element of Veterinary Care

While there is so much technical medical skill that goes into being a veterinarian there is one thing that school can’t teach these animal providers: compassion. Amongst professionals and pet owners, compassion is rated as one of the top traits a customer looks for in a veterinarian. Though veterinarians are often delivering good news or helping pets to make a full recovery, they often have to deliver bad news to saddened pet parents who are losing their best animal friends. Compassion is such an essential and integral element for anyone working with animals. Most would agree that it’s one of the greatest traits a vet could possess.

A Day in the Life

If searching veterinarian near me, you might be wondering what a day in the life of a vet is really like. On a typical day, a veterinarian who works with small companion animals in a small practice can expect to: diagnose animal ailments and determine their problems, vaccinate animals against various diseases, medicate animals that are suffering from an ailment or affliction, dress wounds, set fractures, perform surgery, give advice on animal nutrition, give guidance on animal behavior, give breeding recommendations, and sadly euthanize animals when necessary. A day in the life of a vet is never boring and is far from average.

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