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There comes a time in a some relationships when it’s time for a couple to part ways and move on in different directions. Divorce can be messy or amicable, depending on each person feels about the situation. No matter what kind of divorce you find yourself having, you’ll need a good lawyer to guide you through the highs and lows.

Are you interested in finding divorce lawyers near you? Simply browse divorce lawyers near me on the map below and find a list of great divorce lawyers in your area. Need a bit more information on divorce lawyers? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

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How many lawyers should you meet before choosing one?

If you’re searching divorce lawyers near me, then you may be tempted to simply choose the first lawyer who seems to meet your criteria. It might seem like a good idea in theory, but experts warn that you should never jump to hire the first lawyer you meet. No two lawyers are exactly the same and skills can differ greatly from one lawyer to the next. Most recommend that you interview at least three divorce attorneys before making a firm decision. The ideal attorney will have the legal knowledge and the experience that you need, can help you to understand the process, and communicates, negotiates well, and will solve problems with some degree of creativity. You’ll also need to find a lawyer who is experienced in your specific court system. This is why you’ll need a divorce attorney who is local to you. Even if you don’t feel as if your divorce is headed to trial, your attorney will need to be experienced with the family law judges in your jurisdiction so that he or she can help you to find the best legal strategy for your case. So how do you find the best attorneys? Ask your friends for personal recommendations first! They might have the best insight into if a lawyer can give you the best bang for your buck.

divorce lawyers near me

Finding a great divorce lawyer can help make the process of divorce far more bearable.

What are some major red flags when hiring a divorce attorney?

When searching divorce lawyers near me, you’ll need to know which red flags to look for when it comes to hiring an attorney. Not every lawyer is fit for the job and there are definitely some things to look for when discerning whether or not a lawyer is a good fit for you. To start, if an attorney talks about high profile clients, divulges lots of confidential information based on other cases, be prepared for them to do the same thing to you. Your case will likely go on to be fodder with the next client and so on and so forth. If they aren’t respectful towards other divorce attorneys you’re interviewing, that’s a significant red flag as well. It means that they likely won’t respect you or your situation either. If during your consultation your lawyer seems distracted by phone calls and emails, can’t seem to focus on a single word, and won’t give you the benefit of their full attention, go with a different lawyer. They likely won’t give their full attention to your divorce case either. Make sure that any lawyer you choose can act with ethics and high moral standards. You always want someone who gives you the respect and attention you deserve. It might be their way of making money, but it is your life.

Divorce Lawyers Near Me – Divorce Lawyers Facts

Be Realistic

Divorce can be a messy and emotional situation that can leave those involved feeling frustrated. It might seem like it’s a good idea to vent to your lawyer and make your feelings known. Remember, to be realistic. Your divorce attorney’s job is to represent you to the best of their ability during the process of divorce. It might seem like they want to listen to your anger, frustration, and pain, but that’s simply not in their job description. Many lawyers have cited that they hate having to play the role of therapist or life coach in addition to being your lawyer. Since your attorney has high rates and is always clocking time, you’re only wasting your own money by venting to your divorce attorney. It’s important for you to realize that the role of the divorce attorney is to help you get what you deserve in your divorce and to help dissolve the marriage amicably. A shoulder to cry on is not in the job description! As you search divorce lawyers near me, remember the true role of your lawyer.

Know What You Can Afford

Make no mistake filing for divorce and searching divorce lawyers near me can be costly. Not only are you tasked with hiring a lawyer, but there’s often other financial strife to attend to during the process of divorce. This is why it’s important to figure out what you can afford very early on. No one wants to pay thousands of dollars to hire a great divorce lawyer, but there is such a thing as being a bit too frugal and foolish. It’s important to find the perfect balance of legal services you need that fit into the price range that you can afford. You’ll also have to be very honest with yourself in terms of what you can or cannot afford. As previously mentioned, divorce can be an emotional and turbulent time, which can lead to rash decisions. Don’t let your feelings get the best of you. If you are living paycheck to paycheck and have very little in your savings account , getting a high powered and expensive divorce attorney likely isn’t worth your time. If you own multiple properties and make more than six figures, you can probably chose whichever divorce lawyer you truly want.

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    • DebbieHawthorneSlemmer says:

      I’ve been with my husband for around 36 years altogether. I had a little girl before I met him. At first things worked, then they didn’t. To the point I had to make a decision. He would leave me within any explanation 3-4 times over the course of those married years.i have three grown children now and I always had a mental and physical abuse from him but I stayed for the kids.Things I hoped would get better, as we got older. But to no avail. Nothing really HASNT changed for the better and I’m 63 and not doing too good physically. I’m ready to be on my own. I have no close family anymore and my husband hasn’t actually showed me any real feelings anymore.I want to end this in a “good” way. I want him to be happy ,because I know he’s not! I had a surgery go bad in 2014 and almost died.Things were never the same anymore. I’m also no angel either. I can admit I’m wrong. Where Dave fights to win! I never want to go to bed arguing but this the way it usually is all the time. I lost my family ie. mom and two brothers. Father don’t care for me at all.He remarried. I need legal help, NO BS. I’M A HOMEMAKER SINCE 1989. I don’t feel loved or cared for anymore so it’s time….NOW. THANK YOU DEBBIE HAWTHORNE SLEMMER