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Sometimes when you’re in the mood for delicious seafood, the best place to turn to is Red Lobster, There’s quite a variety of dishes from you to choose from at this restaurant. It’s been around for quite a few decades and it has become quite a favorite among people. From young to old, people can’t help but enjoy what Red Lobster has to offer the world.

If you’re in the mood for some delicious seafood or if you’ve never tried Red Lobster before and you’re interested in giving it a try, just search Red Lobster near me to find your nearest location.

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When did the first Red Lobster open?

The first Red Lobster was open by friends Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby in Lakeland, Florida on January 18, 1968. The reason these two friends opened up a seafood restaurant in Florida was to actually see if a seafood restaurant would succeed far from the coast and succeed it did. It was such a hit that by 1970, they had two more locations with two other under construction and all three of their locations were turning a profit. Darden knew though that if they wanted the chain to expand farther, they were going to have to sell it. So what Darden did was sell the company to General Mills later that year and they kept Darden on board as an executive. General Mills would go on to transform the fast food-style restaurant into a sit-down casual-dining restaurant and would open up nearly four-hundred locations by 1985. Red Lobsters would remain a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants until May 2014, where it was sold to new owners Golden Gate Capital for $2.1 billion.

red lobster near me

You can find some rather delicious seafood here!

How did Red Lobster get its name?

There are quite a few different ideas on how the restaurant supposedly got its name. Darden’s wife, Mary, said that the name popped up during a brainstorming session. She said that it’s because red means that it’s fresh and when you put the names together, what would go better together? There are other sources though that say the name for the iconic restaurant may have came from printer creating Reb Lobster’s first menus and that it was a play off the name, The Green Frog which was Darden’s first restaurant. If you’re interested in trying out some seafood, don’t forget to search for your local restaurant. This restaurant came before Red Lobster and Darden actually opened up The Green Frog when he was just nineteen years old. While the restaurant was rather successful, It would only take about thirty years before he would come up with the plans and open up the doors to Red Lobster. Just search Red Lobster near me to find your nearest location.

Red Lobster Near Me – Red Lobster Facts

Sometimes you don’t go to Red Lobster for their seafood but just for their delicious biscuits. You know the ones. The warm, biscuits sometimes are worth making the trip to the restaurant. Did you know that the Cheddar Bay Biscuits didn’t actually show up until the 1980s? They were introduced in 1988 as an alternative to the restaurant’s hush-puppies. Executive cook Kurt Hankins thought of creating these biscuits as they were such a family-friendly comfort food and they were so well-liked during the test runs that the cheddar biscuits were introduced nationally. They didn’t get their name, Cheddar Bay Biscuits, until about five years after they were officially introduced. Red lobster bakes a new batch of biscuits every fifteen minutes and they can serve up to as many as one million biscuits per day.
Did you know that Red Lobster actually has the title of popcorn shrimp inventor. They don’t really tell how the popcorn shrimp came to be but it’s known that they had their part in it. In the 1970s, shrimp had become quite a popular seafood choice which is right when Red Lobster was growing its chain. While it was first served as shrimp cocktail, the new breaded and fried version introduced a new way to eat this seafood favorite.

While Red Lobster has quite a few endless promotions that help them make money, the endless snow crab promotion made Red Lobster lose money. They held this $20 endless snow crab promotion in 2003 and it was quite similar to their endless shrimp. They underestimated how many people the promotion would bring in though and how long they would stay or how much crab they would order and it caused an enormous amount pf money to be lost. Chain president Edna Morris left Red Lobster following the snow crab incident even though the company insists the timing was just coincidental. They haven’t tried another snow crab special since. If you’re interested in trying out some other type of special they may have going, just search Red Lobster near me to see what promotions they may have going currently.

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