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Wegmans may be an east coast only chain, but that hasn’t stopped the national accolades from rolling in by the dozen. Most consider Wegman’s to be the best grocery store chain in the United States, despite only having 85 locations spread out over Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. With excellent prices and an amazing selection, there is no shortage of things to love about Wegmans.

Are you interested in finding a Wegmans near you? Simply browse Wegmans near me on the map below and find a list of Wegmans locations near you. Looking for a bit more information on Wegmans? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more.

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Wegmans Near Me – Wegmans Trivia

Is it easier to get into Harvard than to work at Wegmans?

Getting into Harvard is often seen as the pinnacle of success. After all, a majority of individuals who apply to study at the hallowed halls of Harvard won’t be accepted. But did you know that it might just be easier to get accepted to Harvard than it is to get a full time job at Wegmans? Consider these facts as you search Wegmans near me. According to store insiders, everytime a new store opens up its doors, the demand for job almost always exceeds the number of open positions. Back in 2013 when a new location opened in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania the store received some 10,000 applications for only 500 available positions. That’s around a 5 percent acceptance rate! When you compare it to Harvard’s 5.8 percent acceptance rate, it almost seems like Wegmans might be the tougher position to secure. Who knew?

wegmans near me

Wegmans is one of the nations best supermarket chains!

True or false: People get pretty irritated over the missing apostrophe.

If you’re searching Wegmans near me, then you’ve likely heard a bit about the missing apostrophe. After all, grammar fanatics agree that there should be an apostrophe at in between the “n” and the “s.” This would make the most sense, but that hasn’t prompted Wegmans to make a change. In fact the company once had an apostrophe but stopped using it in 1931 when it was seeking to simply its logo and streamline its overall image. They decided to correcting their own grammar over a few complaints would be a pretty expensive proposition. According to some estimate, adding the proper punctuation to store signage would set the branda back some $500,000 or more.

Are Wegman’s employees offered scholarships?

Been to a Wegmans lately? If you have, you’ve probably noticed that the people working there seem happier than most. In fact, you’ll run into a lot of smiling faces while perusing the aisles of a Wegmans. Why might the employees be so happy? Consider this while searching Wegmans near me. Aside from offering competitive pay, benefits, and other perks, Wegmans also offers scholarships to eligible employees. Since 1984, Wegmans has doled out more than $100 million in scholarships to more than 30,000 workers. To determine who is qualified, the brand looks at transcripts, employee performance, and time requirements. Once an employee is chosen they can receive up to $8,800 over four years for tuition and school related expenses.

Wegmans Near Me – Wegmans Facts

The Freshest Produce

Anyone who shops at Wegmans or is searching Wegmans near me knows that this supermarket often boasts the freshest produce around. In fact, you might think it’s just a placebo effect, but Wegmans produce seems to look and taste better than what is offered at other markets. According to brand insiders, the typical Wegmans store turns over its produce selection some 100 times a year. In contrast, the average supermarket only turns over their produce some 18 to 20 times a year. That’s a pretty massive difference. At Wegman, very little ever stays on the shelves long enough to turn bad.

Culinary Innovations

One of the things that draws people to Wegmans is their fresh prepared meals and hot foods bar. Who exactly comes up with the recipes and innovations offered at every Wegmans location? A culinary innovation center, that’s where! Consider this as you search Wegmans near me. Back in 2009, the brand successfully launched a $36 million culinary innovation center in Rochester, New York. It’s in this center that all of the marinated meats, sauces, and prepared items are made. All of the recipes are developed in the culinary innovation center, a process that can often take more than a year from start to finish. Without this culinary innovation center, the foods you love to take home and enjoy with the family would not be a reality. Who knew culinary innovations could be such a rousing success!

A Self Sustaining City

One thing many people enjoy about Wegmans is that it often feels like a self sustaining city rather than a grocery store. Within the confines of any Wegmans you’ll find a bakery, a deli, a pizzeria, a French patisserie, a cheese shop, a caterer, a butcher, a sushi counter, a coffee shop, a florist, a pharmacy, take out food, a sit down restaurant and a home goods store. That’s all in addition to the groceries you need to pick up for everyday life! As you search Wegmans near me, consider how Wegmans is actually a lot like it’s own little city.

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