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Whether you’re looking to pack, ship, or print, a visit to a Fedex store can quickly meet all of your needs without breaking the bank. An offshoot of Kinkos, Fedex stores are known for their expertise, high quality of services, and ability to quickly solve any packing or shipping needs. Are you looking for a Fedex store in your area? Simply browse Fedex store near me on the map below and find a list of Fedex locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Fedex? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on your favorite pack and ship store!

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Fedex Store Near Me – Fedex Store Trivia

Who founded Fedex?

Like every great National company, Fedex was born of a simple idea back in 1971. Consider these facts as you search Fedex store near me. According to brand historians, Fedex was founded as the Federal Express Corporation in 1971 by a 28 year old dynamo from Memphis, Tennessee known as Frederick W. Smith. Smith was a former marine pilot during the Vietnam War. He originally laid out the ideas for his plan to create an overnight delivery service in a term paper that was written while attending a Yale University economics class. Smith felt as if air freight had different requirements and regulations than air passenger service and that a company that could specialize in air freight could find a lucrative business for themselves. At the time, Smith’s teach dismissed the idea, giving him a B on his paper. This didn’t deter Smith in the slightest, who had his eye on the prize. To Smith, speed was more important than cost and having the ability to access smaller cities was of the utmost importance. He created strategies that would include shipping all packages through a single hub. To accommodate these packages, a private fleet of aircraft would be built. By having company owned planes, the brand would not have to adhere to commercial airline schedules or commercial shipping regulations. These were costly and had a tendency to slow down the entire shipping process. A single hub could permit a tight control over the packages and would ensure that every item could make it to its destination overnight.

fedex store near me

Now known as Fedex Kinkos or Fedex Office, you can find even more at your local Fedex Store!

Who were some of Fedex’s first big customers?

By the time 1971 rolled around, Fedex was boosting company profits of more than $8 million and sales of more than $110 million. This is when the company began to attract some big names outside of the 31,000 regular customers it was already serving. Soon enough giants such as the US Air Force and IBM, were contracting Fedex to ship spare parts and to take care of any items that needed to arrive quickly and efficiently to any given destination. Fedex was also tasked with shipping organs for transplant, blood, drugs, and other items that required quick transport with a great degree of care and responsibility. At this point in time, Fedex was servicing some 75 airports and 130 major cities. As you search Fedex store near me, consider how this juggernaut has grown and changed since its early roots back in the 1960s.

Fedex Store Near Me – Fedex Store Facts

The Creator of the Tracking Number

In the modern day, it’s almost unheard of to not have a tracking number on any piece of mail, package, or delivery item. Whether you’re going with UPS, USPS, or even DHL, you’ll always receive a tracking number. But did you know who actually created the tracking number? Consider these facts as you search Fedex store near me. A little known common fact is that Fedex is actually the creator of the tracking number, something that is now massively standard in the shipping industry. This was Fedex’s way of keeping tabs on packages. The process was first only used internally as a way to ensure quality control. It worked so well internally that the brand soon expanded the service to customers in 1979. These early prototypes included handheld computers that would scan barcodes with wands. If you wanted to know where your package was, all you had to do was call up any Fedex representative on the phone and they could tell you exactly where it was and when it might be delivered to your home. In the modern day, it’s as simple as checking your email for a tracking number, clicking a link, and viewing the entire journey of your package from beginning to end.

Better Service Through Technology

It goes without saying that if you’re searching Fedex store near me today, you know just how technology has changed lives and helped businesses. Back in the 1980s, Fedex held the slogan, “better service through better technology.” To back up this claim FedEx began buying up the massive 800MHz spectrum in North America. They quickly built towers and managed to craft a nationwide wireless data and communications network that was all tied perfectly to the Fedex mainframe. What did this mean for Fedex? It meant that drivers could quickly and efficiently share tracking information from devices right inside of their trucks. This not only allowed for a great degree of quality control, it allowed for customers to have some piece of mind when ordering items for delivery. What’s more impressive is that this was long before mobile carriers even offered a cellular data network, meaning that Fedex had its finger on the pulse of technology long before so many others!

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