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For the weary traveler, a hotel can offer all of the comforts of home and then some. In any trip, having a good home base between tours and exploring is an absolute must. Whether you prefer small and quaint or sleek and modern, there’s a hotel near you to suit every need! Interested in finding a hotel near you quickly?

Simply browse “hotels near me” on the map below and view all of the available hotels in your area. Looking to find a bit more information on hotels? View our list of the best hotels in the United States. No matter where you roam, searching “hotels near me” will allow you to find your special temporary home.

Since early biblical times, facilities offering guests hospitality during travel have been an abundant and necessary component of prominent towns. The Greeks built upon this idea by offering thermal baths designed for rest and recuperation. Later, the Romans built mansions to provide accommodations for road weary travelers. But it was truly the French who perfected the art of the hotel in the 17th century.

Hotels have come a long way since then, offering guests amenities and services that can make your home away from home an experience you’ll always remember. From choosing your own pillows to having a late night steak dinner delivered straight to your door, there’s nothing like staying at a nice hotel!

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What is the biggest hotel chain in the world?

While searching “hotels near me” you’ll likely be met with an onslaught of common chain hotels. While the quality of these chains can vary, for the most part, these hotels can offer great amenities at a budget price. The biggest hotel chain in the world is the Wyndham Hotel Group. With 7,645 properties located around the world, this company hits the top by having a large number of properties and a high customer satisfaction rate.

Something that every hotel chain covets. Spanning over 66 countries, this chain first began in 1981 in Dallas, Texas. While founder Trammell Crow likely dreamed of success, he might not have envisioned just how big his idea would eventually grow.

What is the largest hotel in the US?

While bigger may not always be better, in the case of the largest hotel in the US, bigger means more amenities and perks! The largest hotel in the United States is unsurprisingly located in Las Vegas. The MGM Grand is the third largest hotel in the world and the biggest in the United States.

Boasting 5,690 guest rooms and amazing luxury amenities; the hotel property boasts a whopping five outdoor pools, man made rivers, and waterfalls, all within a 6.6 acre area. MGM also owns a 380,000 square foot convention center, the MGM Grand Garden Arena and the Grand Spa. If you ever find yourself in Vegas, give this luxury juggernaut a try!


An inviting guest room radiates warmth and comfort. Insiders site that when creating a proper guest room, lighting, linens, and outstanding service are the key to success!

Where was the first hotel in the US located?

While the French perfected the art of the hotel early on, it wasn’t until 1793 that the American’s got in on the hotel game. The first hotel in the US was built in Washington DC in 1793. The property was dubbed the Union Public Hotel and offered business travelers a place to unwind.

The first hotel chain established in the US came about in 1929. Western Hotels, now now known as Westin, established their brand with 17 hotels in the Pacific Northwest region of the US during this time. They also established the first hotel management company in the country. America’s first airport hotel was built in 1929 in Oakland, California.

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One Hotel To Rule Them All

While browsing “hotels near me” you might be wondering what the tallest hotel is in the United States. Standing at 1,389 feet tall (that’s nothing to sneeze at), the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago is 92 stories high. Aside from being the largest hotel, it’s also the third tallest building in the US. The Willis Tower, also located in Chicago comes in as the second highest building in the world. One World Trade in New York City is number one.

Room Rates Past and Present

Browsing “hotels near me” will likely give you a bevy of mixed prices and quality ratings. While you may experience sticker shock with some hotels, others offer high quality digs at an affordable price. With the average daily rate at $110.89, hotel prices have climbed exponentially since 1940 when one could rent a room for the low price of $3.21. For the price of a latte at Starbucks, you could’ve stayed at a pretty decent hotel. Even if hotel rates have gone up just over 50 percent since 1940, $110 is just the average. Meaning that their are more affordable options on the market for a budget savvy traveler!

Top Three Best Hotels in the US

Sorting through travel sites for the right hotel can be tiring, which is why browsing “hotels near me” is your best option. Not only will you find a hotel in your ideal location, but most of the leg work is done for you! Ready to find out if you’re near one of the three best hotels in the US? Read on.

1. The Inn At Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton, South Carolina

For the traveler looking to relax, unwind, and find a little “me time,” The Inn At Palmetto Bluff is the perfect home base. Located just eight miles from beautiful Hilton Head Island, this hotel offers amazing access to great restaurants, shops, and of course nature!

2. The Lodge at Sea Island, Sea Island, Georgia

According to prior guests of this hotel, you can’t beat the luxury offered at these fancy digs! With access to championship golf courses, top restaurants, and a few famous food trucks, staying that Lodge is truly an exercise in self pampering!

3. The Sherry-Netherland, New York, NY

If you’re looking for a place where classic elegance, superb architecture, and old school luxury reign supreme, look no further. The Sherry offers modern conveniences in digs that could rival the Kensington Palace! If you’re going to pamper yourself, why not go all the way with a night or two at The Sherry? Of course, the price tag may be a bit of a hinderance!

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