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Are you hungry and looking for the right meal? Do you need something in a rush and don’t have time to slow down? Well, Jack In The Box has got you covered for both. Just check out the Jack In The Box Near Me Map below. It will show you all of the nearby locations. All you have to do is click on one of them and you will get the phone number, address and hours of operation for the restaurant. You will also get a link to the company website and reviews from past guests. After you are done selecting where to go, you can continue reading with some more information about the company and some fun facts that you might not know about.

Jack In The Box Near Me – Find it on the Map

Jack In The Box Near Me – Jack In The Box Trivia

Jack In the Box Hours of Operation

Well, if you are asking the question, how late does Jack in the Box stay open? You are probably going to be in for a surprise. If you have a late night burger craving, this chain is the one for you. You see, generally speaking Jack in the Box locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, no matter how late it might be, you should be able to go in and get yourself a Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger or maybe enjoy one of their many breakfast items.

jack in the box near me

Since the 1990s, Jack, the ping-pong ball headed mascot has become thebeloved voice of the Jack in the Box chain.

Jack In The Box Food Selection

Jack in the Box is generally a fast food joint of the burger variety. This means they have got burgers, fries and milkshakes; however, their burgers come in a huge number of varieties that you may find rather interesting. Their beef burgers alone come in 11 different types from classic cheeseburgers to Siracha burgers. They also have chicken burgers, a wide breakfast selection and even tacos. If you want a nice mix of their selection, such as, a burger, tacos and fries, you should check out their Jack’s Munchies Meals. They will be sure to fill up an empty stomach.

Jack’s History

Jack in the Box is one of the oldest fast food chains in the United States. It started back in 1951 in San Diego, California. The first restaurant was opened by Robert O. Peterson, operated other restaurants as well. The restaurant was small and didn’t have much in the way of seating. There was a nice picnic table, and since it was San Diego, the winters weren’t the scariest thing to worry about for outdoor eating. By 1960 the chain had expanded into Arizona, starting in Phoenix and within 3 years broke into Texas. It was growing well and the chain started having a good following of customers.

In 1968, the parent company of Jack in the Box, Foodmaker had controlling interest bought by Ralston Purina Co. The new ownership proved to be positive and Jack in the Box continued to prosper. By 1979 the chain had reached over 1000 locations nationwide; however, since that growth the company has changed its approach and started to consolidate, initially closing 200 stores. The company ultimately ended up with only around 600 locations for awhile.

Due to the extreme difficulty the company started to face a lot of challenges and had to remodel itself. To do this, it went about remodeling the stores a minimizing their decorations. They changed the logo, by blowing up the old one in a commercial. The previous Jack character that was so iconic got faded out and the logo became a simple red box with the company name inside. Jack did not come back until 1994, when he became an actual character and voice for the company as their chairman in commercials. This stage started to bring growth back to the company and they continued to expand but stayed within the western and southern states. At this time, you will only find Jack in the Box located in 21 different states, but with over 2000 locations. If you are in one of these states, you are sure to find a Jack in the Box when you search Jack in the Box Near Me.

Jack In The Box Near Me – Jack In The Box Facts

Jack Trivia!

How well do you know Jack? Are you really positive you have a good grasp on him? Well, here are 5 fast facts that we will use to test your knowledge of Jack In The Box?

1) True or False: The first Jack in the Box location have a real Jack in the Box toy on its roof.

It is a tough one and the answer is very much so true. The first location that opened up in San Diego had an over sized, almost giant, Jack in the Box that was opened up on the roof of the location. It made it very visible to see from a distance.

2) How much did the first burger cost at Jack in the Box?

Now, this question might be a bit tough. Remember, we are talking 1951. That was around 65 years ago, so inflation has happened since then. Got a number ready? Well, the first Jack in the Box Burgers cost only eighteen cents.

3) True or False: Jack in the Box was the first fast food chain to use a 2 way intercom for a drive-thru.

If you guessed true, you are absolutely correct. Jack in the Box revolutionized the way drive thru restaurants work. Today, you wouldn’t dream of going to a drive thru and not placing your order using a 2 way intercom before driving up and paying for your food. It is pretty standard for the industry; however, back in 1951 it was revolutionary and it was one of the reasons the restaurant did so well. It didn’t take too long for the idea to spread.

4) True or False: The first commercials for Jack in the Box featured, then child actor, Rodney Allen Rippy with his catch phrase, “I can’t eat it all.”

And the answer is false. Yup, while it is true that Rodney was a key part in the early boom of Jack in the Box which occurred in the 1960s and early 1970s that wasn’t his catch phrase. The phrase that people got to enjoy on the television and radio was “It’s too big-a-eat!” His commercials would help bring about the success of the company before it started to see rapid retreat.

5) If you consider all of the fast food chains out there, which place would you guess Jack in the Box is in when it comes to number of locations?

Did you guess number 3? If you did, you would be wrong. Number 3 would be Dunkin Donuts. If you are curious, number 1 is held by Subway, by a large margin. No, Jack in the Box falls around number 21 on the list, though they have grown a bit since the list by QSR50 was compiled in 2014. If we are looking at just burger locations, instead of all fast food, you would find Jack in the Box in number 6, which isn’t too bad at all.

Well, now you can simply look for Jack In The Box Near Me on the Map and see all the nearby locations.

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