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One of the great joys of the warmer months is the emergence of farmer’s markets, fruit stands, and of course, strawberry picking. Most orchards, large and small, offer the opportunity for individuals or families to take to the fields and pick their own strawberries. Not only is this typically a pretty cost effective way of getting lots of berries, but it’s always good fun!

Are you interested in finding strawberry picking near you Simply browse strawberry picking near me on the map below and find a list of orchards and farms offering strawberry picking near your current location. Need a bit more information on strawberry picking? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Strawberry Picking Near Me – Find it on the Map

Strawberry Picking Near Me – Strawberry Picking Trivia

How did strawberries get their name?

Anyone who loves strawberries has pondered the origin of this unusual fruit name. After all, these red juicy berries don’t look anything like a piece of straw. So what’s in a name? Consider these facts as you search strawberry picking near me. According to legend, strawberries were first named in the nineteenth century by English school children. When the children picked the fruit, they would string them on grass straws and then sell them as “straws of berries.”

This theory typically holds up among many fruit historians, but another theory says otherwise. According to a secondary theory, the name was derived from the nineteenth century practice of placing a straw around growing berry plants to help protect the ripening fruit. This is still common practice in the modern day. A third theory proposes that the name strawberry was derived from the fact that berries are seemingly “strewn” about on the plants, which likely lead to the original name “strewn berry” which overtime grew into the name we know today. Which of these theories do you believe holds the most truth?

strawberry picking near me

Picking your own berries is fun and economical!

True or false: Strawberries are not true berries.

Sure, the name berry might be in the name, but according to fruit experts, strawberries aren’t true berries in the same way that blueberries or grapes are. As you search strawberry picking near me, consider what really makes a berry a berry. According to fruit purists, a berry has its seeds on the inside.

To be technical, strawberries have seeds on the outsides. Some botanists consider each individual seed on the strawberry to actually be its own separate fruit. The same can’t be said for a blueberry! Strawberries are technically the only fruit that wear their seeds on the outside in this manner. Each strawberry has around 200 seeds. No wonder they always get stuck in your teeth! Strangely enough, strawberries are actually members of the rose family. If you should happen upon a bush of strawberries, bend down and smell the plants. The plant and the berries smell just as sweet as they taste.

Strawberry Picking Near Me – Strawberry Picking Facts

Heart Seed Berries

Strawberries have had a purpose and a significance in civilizations that occurred long before our modern era. Native Americans reportedly loved strawberries, often referring to them as “heart seed berries.” These berries were collected and then pounded into their traditional bread made of cornmeal.

When European colonists arrived and discovered the great taste of the Native Americans strawberry infused bread, they decided to craft their own version of the treat. According to legend, this is how the strawberry shortcake was first conceptualized. Outside of America, the English and the French used strawberries in a more ornamental fashion. They used the beautiful berries to landscape their gardens and lend a colorful flair to their yards and porches.

In fourteenth century France, Charles V even ordered more than twelve hundred strawberry plants to be grown outside in the royal gardens of the Louvre museum. In France, strawberries were also seen as symbols of love and flirtation. Most wedding breakfasts in France served up a dish of thinned sour cream strawberries, borage, and powdered sugar. Even in the modern day, chocolate dipped strawberries are often given out as a gift on Valentine’s Day or for wedding anniversaries.

As you search strawberry picking near me, consider why you want to pick some fresh berries.

A True Test of Personality

One thing you might be fascinated to discover as you search strawberry picking near me, is how researchers have pitted strawberry lovers against non-strawberry lovers in terms of personality.

Recent studies into personality traits suggest that individuals who love strawberries are far more fun loving, health conscious, intelligent and happy than those who can’t stand strawberries. In fact, non-strawberry lovers were described as being weird, boring, stuffy, fussy, and unhealthy. Of course, no one person can be defined by their strawberry preferences alone.

There’s much more to any of us than a love of strawberries. However, it is something to consider the next time you’re trying to make a new friend or find a hot date.

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