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Capital One Bank is currently one of the 10 largest banks in the United States. Serving more than 45 million customers in the US alone, it’s no wonder this bank is a trusted and reputable name that American’s turn to time and time again. When it comes to banking, Capital One has something to meet every unique financial need you may have.

Are you interested in finding a Capital One Bank in your area? Simply browse Capital One Bank near me and find a list of Capital One locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Capital One? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on this banking juggernaut.

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Capital One Bank Near Me – Capital One Bank Trivia

When was Capital One Bank founded?

Capital One has a long and storied history of innovation and service to its customers. Capital One was founded by Richard D. Fairbank in Richmond, Virginia in 1988. At the time, Fairbank believed that by combining information and technology, he could create highly customized financial products that served customers in a way that traditional banks could not. This is why Capital One has always been on the forefront of technology. Since 1988, Capital One has emerged of one of America’s largest and most trusted financial institutions. It is their commitment to customer service, innovation, and constant growth that has allowed Capitol One to find success in the United States. Today, Capital One is one of the ten largest banks in terms of deposits. It is primarily located in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. If you’re searching Capitol One Bank near me in one of these states, you’ll be in great shape.

capital one bank near me

Capital One is all about serving its customers first!

What did Capital One begin as?

Unlike so many financial service firms, Capital One began as a “monoline” financial service. This means that a vast majority of the lending performed by Capital One was in the form of consumer lending, particularly credit cards. Though remaining a monoline institution can be a bit risky, it is also a highly profitable industry during good times. Unfortunately, it’s markedly unprofitable in bad times. Many consumer lending monolines in the past 20 years have either gone out of business or have been acquired by other financial institutions. Capital One has experience neither. Capital One attributed its success as a monoline to its ability to use data to build demographic profiles, which allowed them to personalize offers of credit cards directly to the consumers without the middleman. In 1999, Capital One looked to expand beyond credit cards and CEO Richard Fairbank announced moves to use Capital one’s experience with collecting consumer data to offer loans, insurance, and phone service. Now while you search Capital One Bank near me, you can pretty much choose from a large smattering of financial services.

Capital One Bank Near Me – Capital One Bank Facts

Capital One 360

One of the greatest advantages of banking at Capital One is the utilization of Capital One 360, the online banking division of Capital One. This online platform, was founded in 2013 after Capital One acquired ING Direct. When it comes to your banking needs, Capital One 360 will give you access to everything you expect from a bank through a seamless online platform. Key offerings include: Savings, Checking, CD’s, Mortgages, and Investment accounts. Capital One 360 offers personal, business, and even kid-focused savings account. Checking accounts are no-fee accounts that also offer debit card access. Capital One also offers unique teen friendly accounts that can help you to teach your teenager all about managing money and getting their finances in order at a young age. 360 also offers fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages with competitive interest rates. The unique online platform makes it easy for you to choose the right mortgage path without the pressures of an in person encounter. Utilizing Capital One 360 also means you will have access to the Capital One investment platform. You can build a portfolio of stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. You can also open an IRA. Consider your unique banking needs while searching Capital One Bank near me, you may find you can get everything you need right on the web.

Charitable Pursuits

It’s always nice when searching Capital One Bank near me or looking for the right bank, to know just what your chosen financial institution does to give back to the communities they serve. Capital One offers several charitable programs, including the “No Hassle Giving” web portal in which Capital One covers the transaction fees on customer and non-customer donations made through the site. Capital One also provides many opportunities for children and youth by helping to provide access to education and enrichment activities that prepare them for successful futures. This includes funds distributed to daycare, early childhood education, literacy, after school programs, and college access programs. Capital One also strives to strengthen low income neighborhoods by supporting national and local community development efforts through affordable housing, workforce development, and providing loans to aid in small business development.

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