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When it comes to American chain restaurants, few are as popular and prominent as Chilis. This Casual dining restaurant features Tex-Mex style cuisines, a full bar menu, and options for diners of every age and walk of life. There’s something for everyone at this neighborhood bar and grill!

Are you interested in finding a Chilis near you? Simply browse Chilis near me now on the map below and find a list of Chilis restaurants located near your current location. Need a bit more information on Chilis restaurants? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on this beloved chain!

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When was Chili’s first founded?

Back in 1967, Chili’s founder Larry Lavine innocently attended the first annual Terilngua Chili cook off hosted in Terilingua, Texas by a famous race car legend and Lavine’s own father in law, Caroll Shelby. It was at this cook off that Lavine fell in love with the idea of a Chili cook off and the Tex-Mex style of cooking. He in turn created Chili’s Bar and Grill to share his passion for food with those he loved most. On March 13, 1975, Lavine officially opened his first Chili’s Grill And Bar location in Dallas, Texas on the corner of Greenville Avenue and Meadow Road. Chilis was among the first restaurants of its kind, pioneering the idea of casual dining all while boasting a fun, quirky, and completely mellow atmosphere. The restaurant quickly became known for serving napkin soaking gourmet burgers, sizzling steaks, and for having a line of customers wrapping around the corner on any given day of the week. If you’re searching Chilis near me now, consider just how far this chain has come since its humble inception at a simple Chili cook off in Texas!

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Chilis is always a great option for a quality casual dining experience.

True or false: The first Chilis was a converted postal station in Dallas.

When one thinks of the post office or mail, Chilis isn’t typically what comes to mind. Strangely enough, the first Chili’s location was first opened in Dallas, Texas in what was once a local post office. The original menu includes favorites such as burgers, tacos, fries, and of course, chili. The menu was built to reflect the founder’s love of Tex-Mex cuisine, fusing Mexican fare with American favorites. Chili’s opened its second location in a remodeled flower shop in Houston, Texas in 1976. Not only did Lavine have a passion for food, he also seemingly had a passion for renovation. Despite its stellar and diverse menu, the first Chili’s locations only served one kind of beer: Schlitz. While the first location did serve the always popular margarita, the only brewery that would supply Chilis on credit was Schlitz. Now if you’re searching Chilis near me now, you’ll have a bevy of beer and beverage options to choose from.

Chilis Near Me Now – Chilis Facts

Fajita Fantastic

If you’re searching Chilis near me now, you may be hoping to get your hands on one of their famous sizzling fajitas. What you might not know is that Chilis reportedly sells more than 60.4 million pounds of Fajita meat every year. According to experts, that’s the equivalent of more than four US submarines in weight! Chilis obviously wasn’t the first restaurant to invent the dish, nor was it the first to slap it on a menu, but since 1980, fajitas have been one of Chili’s most popular signature dishes. Few entrees have had the longevity in this fickle industry as the fajita. In fact, when fajitas first debuted on the Chili’s menu, customers reportedly lined up around the block for hours just to get in on the sizzling dining experience. The company even printed up t-shirts that said “I survived the summer of Fajita madness” as a memento for all who took part in the dish’s inaugural year. Cooks have now lovingly dubbed fajita madness at Chilis as the “fajita effect.” As the first order of fajitas makes its way through the dining room, hearing the sizzle, smelling the meat, and seeing the food inevitably leads to a huge surge in fajita orders. The company believes in the Fajita effect so much that they even featured the dish (and the beloved sizzle) in its first commercials.

A Spike In Dessert

Do you want dessert with that? It’s a question so often asked at the end of every meal. When prompted by a waiter or waitress, so many of us are inclined to say no. Perhaps out of fear of looking a bit gluttonous. Chilis found that there wasn’t a huge surge in dessert orders until they installed table side tablets rather than having customers order drinks and desserts from a server. In addition to quicker service and higher tips, Chilis actually saw a 20% spike in dessert sales when they first installed more than 45,000 tablets in 823 Chilis locations in 2014. This means more skillet chocolate chip cookies and lava cakes without the side of judgement. These tablets have reportedly also lead to an increase in drink orders. Humans may just be more afraid of judgement from others when eating than previously thought!

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