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Having food delivered may just be one of the greatest inventions in all of human history. After all, there is nothing more simple than dialing in or placing an order online and then having it arrive less than an hour after the fact. This is why delivery places in the US are booming and will continue to boom well into the future. We are a society that wants our food to be convenient, fast, and all together easy to procure.

Are you interested in finding delivery places near you? Simply browse delivery places near me on the map below and find a list of delivery places located within a few miles of your current location. Need a bit more information on delivery? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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When and where did food delivery originate?

Some believe that the act of delivering food developed already in Ancient times with the Greeks, while others will argue that the food delivery we know today is more recent than you’d think. So how did delivery service originate and where did the idea come from? According to some historians, delivery service first originated during World War II in the United Kingdom. The service began as a necessity. During the war, a large number of homes and kitchens were destroyed due to bombing raids and heavy fire. This left a large number of the population without anywhere to cook food or prepare a meal. Given that most meals were cooked in the home at this time, many families were left scrambling, unsure of what to do or how to get a meal together. At this time, the Women Volunteer Service prominently began to deliver food to both servicemen and individuals who were left without a kitchen due to the effects of war. By 1947, the service was formerly and properly started. At this point in time warm and pre-cooked food was delivered to people in prams rather than vans. Citizens were thankful for the invention and even more thankful for a hot meal. Consider these facts as you search delivery places near me.

delivery places near me

Finding delivery places near you has never been easier!

Where did food delivery spread next?

Though food delivery started in the United Kingdom during war time, it didn’t take time for the concept of food delivery to spread to the United States. Food delivery first appeared prominently in the Pennsylvania city of Philadelphia. Many patrons couldn’t get enough of having hot food delivered right to their doorstep. Apart from delivering food to those who required it and needed the food to survive, these American delivery services also aimed to deliver food to households that were very poor or filled with individuals who were bound to their homes. The government oversaw these early delivery services, making sure that an exact quota of every house would be fulfilled so that individuals did not go hungry. This method soon spread throughout the states. New York and even Columbus were quickly on board. Other parts of the world also came to hear about the success of food delivery and its many benefits. Food delivery finally arrived in Australia in 1952. While searching delivery places near me, consider just how common food delivery is in the modern day.

Delivery Places Near Me – Delivery Places Facts

Ordering Your Food

Odds are if you’re searching delivery places near me you’ve had food delivered before and are aware of just how convenient food delivery can really be. What you might not know is just how many methods currently exist for procuring your food and placing an order. At the beginning, restaurants that delivered food, typically only allowed the patron to place their order over telephone. While this wasn’t much of a hassle, it required the exchange of a lot of information over the phone. You’d have to provide your order, address, cross streets, and any other identifying information that could help a delivery person find your home. Phone ordering remained the primary method of placing a delivery order up until the 2000s. By the time the 90s rolled around, many were able to take credit card orders over the phone. The only hang up, giving your credit card number to a random restaurant over the phone. Not exactly secure! The 2000s ushered in a totally new way to order your food: online order. Online ordering seemed the pinnacle of convenience. You could put all of your information in online, take your time ordering your food, and even change your mind a dozen times without having to annoy a real life person. The restaurant would then receive your order, prepare it, and bring it to your home in a designated amount of time. Many wondered where we would go from there. Well with smart phones came ordering apps. Suddenly one could order a Domino’s pizza through the Domino’s app and even track the progress of their pizza. The same went for Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. Aside from brand associated apps, there were apps such as Seamless and Grubhub. These apps allow you to choose from every participating restaurant in an area and place your order online. Seamless simplified the ordering process and even included access to your past orders, favorites, and reviews to the restaurants you were ordering from. Unfortunately, Seamless is not currently available in rural areas, though they hope to expand into more suburban and rural areas in the coming years. Fingers crossed for an easy delivery for all!

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