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Few hotel chains have managed to set themselves apart from the pack in terms of quality and price as well as Days Inn. Despite a highly competitive market, Days Inn has managed to cut out a true market for itself and make a mark with customers who are both fledgling and loyal.

Are you interested in finding a Days Inn near you? Simply browse Days Inn near me on the map below and find a list of Days Inn locations located within a few miles of you. Need a bit more information on Days Inn? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on Days Inn hotel chains near you!

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Days Inn Near Me – Days Inn Trivia

When was Days Inn first founded?

Every hotel and chain has an origin story. A moment where a spark of genius or a simple idea rolled into an actual concept and finally a reality. Days Inn is no exception. As you search Days Inn near me, consider these important historical facts. Days Inn was first founded on Tybee Island, Georgia in 1970 by Cecil B. Day. Day proposed the hotel as a means of using a piece of land he had acquired on the island. He felt as if the hotel could both be useful and practical to the population at large. When the first Days Inn opened its doors, day could not find a maid to service the establishment, so he used his children to make up the room’s beds and tidy up. The children thought it to be a fun game and Day had a way to clean his rooms in a pinch. Upon opening, Day also faced setbacks in terms of furniture delivery. As the furniture was too heavy to make it over bridge that lead to the island, Day’s mother was forced to haul furniture piece by piece onto the island in her station wagon. Despite the massive amounts of criticism that Day faced from friends for wanting to start a hotel on what was basically a “non name island” with a fledgling economy, the first Days Inn was always 100 percent occupied by August of 1970. The property initially featured around 60 rooms at a price of just $8.00 per room. By the close of 1970, Day opened his second Days Inn location in Forsyth, Georgia. The property was constructed during a heavy rain storm, with one family staying at the property for a week before it was completed on Day’s insistence.

days inn near me

The Days Inn in Memphis, Tennessee.

What could 1970s lodgers take home from the hotel?

Nowadays, there’s not much you can take from a chain hotel other than some tiny sample sized bottles of shampoo and a pen. Things were a little different in the 1970s, where hotel guests were urged to take home a paperback bible from their guest rooms free of charge. Of course, they were always encouraged to take the little bottles of soap and shampoo, as every lodger always has and likely always will. Days Inn began to franchise their hotels (bibles and all) in 1972. Within eight years of creating a franchise system, Day was operating more than 300 hotels in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. As you search Days Inn near me, think about just how many Days Inn locations their currently are.

Days Inn Near Me – Days Inn Facts

Getting Walked At A Hotel

One thing that rarely happens at a Days Inn but is quite common at other hotels is the idea of getting “walked.” What is getting “walked?” It means being moved to another hotel or having your room be unavailable at check in due to hotel overbooking. Since the average no show rate at a hotel is around 10% daily, hotels often overbook rooms on purpose whenever possible. If you’re scratching your head, you’re not alone. The sales and reservations department at each hotel are explicitly encouraged to book the hotel to 110 percent capacity. This is so that with cancellations and no-shows, the hotel can essentially fill up every single room. But like most things in life, the numbers game does not always work out the way it is supposed to. This means that a few customers will end up getting “walked.” If the hotel is overbooked and no one cancels, a few patrons will wind up without a room. In this instance, the customer will feel rather frustrated and the hotel will have to pay for the entire night’s room plus tax at another hotel in the area. According to staffers, a hotel is most likely to get walked if: they booked online at a site such as Expedia or Priceline and is at a discounted rate; has never stayed at the hotel before and is passing through; only has the hotel booked for one night rather than multiple nights; is acting like a jerk or being unruly. Best advice while searching Days Inn near me; reserve directly with the hotel and stay for multiple nights if possible. If not, cross your fingers and pray you’re not one of the few who ends up getting walked.

Never Pay For the Minibar

Hey, we get it, you’re tired, you’ve been traveling and you could use a drink in the comforts of your own room. But if you’re searching Days Inn near me, remember, for the most part, you’ll never have to pay for the mini bar. Sure, there are prices listed and you will be charged, but most hotels agree that mini bar charges are without question the most disputed on any hotel tab. This is because the process of applying mini bar charges is incredibly inexact. Keystroke errors, double stock, restocking, and other missteps mean that most minibar charges are voided from the bill. Rather than hear a guest complain about how they never had a mini bar item or didn’t know it wasn’t free, hotel staff will simply remove the charges so everyone can get on with their lives and move on.

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