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When it comes to stocking your office with pens, paper, printer ink, and more, you need a reliable resource to procure your office supplies. While finding office supplies has never been easier, finding the right price point is a tad more difficult. After all, you want your work life or home business to run as smoothly as possible without any outlandish costs cutting into profit.

Are you interested in finding office supplies near me? Simply browse office supplies near me on the map below and find a list of office supply chains within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on office supplies? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on office supplies!

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When did the ideology of writing on paper first come about?

Few things are as important to the office environment as paper. From printing and copying, to writing out memos, paper is quite arguably the most important office supply. But just when did the ideology of writing on paper first come about? Consider these facts as you search office supplies near me. According to historians, a Chinese inventor actually invented paper in the second century. Cai Lun, is not only attributed with inventing paper and improving the technique, but he made it possible for individuals to use a variety of materials to create paper. Elements such as tree bark, hemp, and rags suddenly had the potential to become paper, something that was largely deemed impossible up until this point. Not only is Cai Lun’s contribution significant to the history of office supplies, his writing techniques also made it possible for the everyday individual to take on a variety of tasks necessary for business. Lun’s invention also allowed for information to be transferred easily from one person to the next, which revolutionized the way we learn, grow, and tell stories. Without this invention, so much of history would be lost and many businesses would not operate nearly as efficiently as they do today.

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When was the pencil first created?

From the time we’re old enough to hold a pencil, we’re taught to write, draw, and express ourselves through word and picture using pencils. But so many of us have never stopped to consider when these instruments of writing were first created. According to historians, the first pencil was invented 1564. This is when graphite ore deposits were first found in England. The discovery of these ores allowed for different shades for people to write and draw in- including 9H and 6B. At first it was simply the graphite itself that was used to write with, but quickly a casing was developed in order to give comfort to the user and prevent the graphite from leaving marks on fingers, skin, and clothing. Such casings are used to this day on both typical graphite pencils and colored pencils. As you search office supplies near me, think about how the things that are so common to us today, were once marvels of invention that changed human life forever.

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18th Century Office Supplies

As you search office supplies near me, think about the essentials you use in your office or workplace everyday. What holds the most precedence? Are there some things that are used more frequently than others? In the 18th century, the greatest need for those in business was the need for keeping paper together and attached. This lead to the revolutionary invention of the stapler, which was first handmade in France for King Louis XV. The stapler not only allowed for a greater degree of organization and filing, but it made it more difficult to lose important documents. In the very same century, the paperclip emerged as a less permanent solution for keeping papers together and organized. Invented by Samuel B. Fay, the paperclip was initially not intended for paper at all. Instead, they were used for attaching tickets to fabric. The paper clip we know and love today is primarily used to keep paper documents attached, though some argue that there are actually 101 ways to use a paperclip. One man even gained media attention when he traded his paper clip for more items and ended up gaining a house. The first ballpoint pen also came around during the 18th century, when John Loud crafted the first ballpoint pen in order to write on leather garments. There’s no much writing on leather garments today, but there is a lot of note taking!

The World’s Greatest Office Need

The greatest strides in office supplies came in the 19th century. This is when items such as super glue and packing tape were invented. Of course, the greatest invention of all came in the 20th century with the advent of the computer. Nearly every office supply can now be implemented digitally. You can draw, manipulate, sculpt, paint, and plan all using software programs that make design and office life that much easier. Email, messenger, and Google Docs have also eliminated the need for communication via paper, which has cut costs for many businesses who used to rely on paper and ink supplies to transfer information. Though many everyday office supplies can now be rendered on the computer, this does not diminish the use or need for traditional supplies. Some things must still be done by hand, and many people simply prefer to take notes or write memos out rather than on a computer. If you’re searching office supplies near me, then you know that so much of the office environment today is chosen by the employee or owner. Some may prefer more digital means, while others still take an old fashioned approach. How do you deal with your day to day office life?

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